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Welcome to Peer Help! I made this group because I, as well as many other aspiring authors, have had difficulty finding (active) peer review groups. I want this group to be a constantly active group, with a friendly vibe; anyone should be able to feel safe when coming here. You may also post help for any help you might need, such as an editor, proofreader, co-authors, artists, inspiration for a drawing or story, etc. Now that we have the basics out of the way, onto the rules.

Group Rules
1. No hateful, racist, or intentionally hurtful comments of any sort are allowed. If you see any hateful comments, report the user to a group admin. Hate will not be tolerated on here, and anybody violating this rule will be banned from the group, no questions asked.
2. No drama. If you are caught stirring up drama, you will get one warning, unless said drama involves any sort of content that violates rule number 1, in which case, you will be banned, no questions asked.
3. No spamming. Do not spam the same thing over and over again, or try to constantly plug any other websites you can be found on, such as twitter, tumblr, wattpad, etc. If you want to include that information, do so in your introduction on the introduction page. You have two warnings, and if you are caught spamming a third time, you will be banned.
4. One good turn deserves another. If a user in this group helps you in any way, you are expected to return the favor. Of course, this rule will be hard to enforce constantly, since admins are only human, and can accidentally overlook things sometimes, you are expected to follow this rule by yourself, this isn't really a rule, so much as it is a general expectation. You will not be banned for not returning favors, but be warned: word might spread, and that might make it hard to find users willing to help you. It shouldn't be too hard, anyways; it's only common courtesy.
5. If an admin asks you to do, or not to do something, you are expected to do as they ask. If you believe an admin is abusing their position, then please PM me and I will take care of it as quickly as I can.
6. You may not ask for any sort of monetary payment for helping others through this group. All help and services done through this group are done for free.
7. If you review somebody's story, you are not to insult their ability as a writer. There's a difference between constructive criticism, and just flat out insulting somebody, and that difference shouldn't be too hard to see. In other words, do not comment on somebody's ability, but instead give advice on how to improve their ability.
8. No NSFW pictures or outside links to NSFW works may be posted. The only possibly NSFW works that can be posted here are FIMFiction stories.
9. All site rules will be enforced, no questions asked.
10. Essentially, just try your best to be the decent human being that you are capable of being. Conflict only arises from conflict. In theory, if nobody causes conflict, no problems should arise.

These rules are subject to change, so make sure to check back often for any changes.

Now that you know the basic rules, onto the main purpose of this group: peer help. If you want a story reviewed, simply add your story to the Peer Review folder, where any member may read and review your story; if you want a more detailed review, you may add your story to the Admin Review folder, where, as the name implies, Admins will review your story. (Side Note: Anybody can access this folder, so nothing is stopping any member from reviewing a story in here. Anybody is welcome to review stories in this folder, it's just designated as an 'Admin Review' folder because it's easier that way for our admins to find people who want our admins to review their stories.) You may also post a request for review in the forum, but it is preferred that you request advice or review for certain parts of your story that you're struggling with in the forum, rather than the story as a whole. Please note that any stories in the Admin Review folder will probably take longer to review, as there are more peers overall than Admins. Please also note that the longer your story is, the longer it will take for it to be reviewed. You may request for an incomplete story to be reviewed, as well, just note that since the person reviewing the story doesn't know what you want the final product to be, they will, for the most part, only be able to give advice on technical parts of the story, such as grammar and spelling. All reviewers, please give your reviews as formatted by the guidelines below.

Story Review Guidelines
Click on this link to view an example of what a review should look like. Post the review in the comments of the author's story, and/or send it to them via PM.

Other Peer Services
You may ask for other services other than reviewing your story, as this group aims to help users in any and every way possible. If you need a proofreader, editor, or co-author, artist, etc, please post a request on The Help Board with a detailed description of what you need help with. If you would like to recruit somebody for a service, look in the Helper's List below. Please note that you may ask for help with anything, whether it be real life advice or help with a story, just make sure that what you post doesn't violate any of the group rules.

If you would like to offer your services publicly to this group's members, please PM me or another group admin, informing us of what your services are, so we may post your Username on the Helper's List. You may also post on The Help Board , offering your services there. You may also post a thread in the forums if you would like to offer your services.

Helper's List

Plagueboy23 (Founder, Admin, Admin Reviewer, Proofreader, Editor, Available as a Co-Author)
Lime Overtime (Admin, Admin Reviewer, Artist)
BrotallySwagical (Admin)
Ringmaster1336 (Admin, Admin Reviewer, Available as a Co-Author)
SapsDrow (Artist)
More admins and helpers will be added to this list soon!
If you would like to become an admin for this group, PM me.

Now that you have read the group's description, feel free to introduce yourself on the Introduction Page. Welcome to Peer Help!

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Hey, i have just released the 4th chapter for my story, Blood brothers to the end, and would appreciate someone running it over and giving out any pointers, that would be great, thanks!

Seems pretty sweet, plus BrotallySwagical's post brought me here haha, i hope i can help in any way!

403106 Thanks! Let's make this group an awesome community!

Nice idea for a group! :pinkiehappy:

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