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I'M BACK BABY! at least for the summer....Anyways I'm back so time to get to work! I got to work a lot so don't expect a lot of chapters but hey lets have some fun!

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I'll Be Taking Your Heart Now!

My love for persona 5 grows like an addiction to fast food and pornography! Both leaving you full but empty at the same time while exclaiming their love for you! But enough of depressing metaphors that don't actually serve as metaphors! You came to read a badly written fanfic about HORSES! SO LET US START THE GAME!


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Thank you very much for giving me your Watch! I really, really appreciate it and I hope I can keep doing my best to deserve it!:twilightsmile:

Hey thanks for the follow!

Heh! Welcome to the high-risk, high-stakes world of Pony fan fiction writing.:raritywink:

1862209 well after the first time around and stuff....kinda learned my lesson the hard way there.:twilightblush:

you guys are seriously dedicated to this stuff I have to admit I wasn't expecting so many rules for a fanfic website. I'm cool with it though

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