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Time and Space are forever fluctuating, little nudges in just the right place, a touch of some outside power, and it can change the course of an entire world, even the multiverse itself.

Enter the MLDC-Verse.

Where the powers that be, a great Presence, has ordained that the powers of the DC universe flow into the MLP universe.

It starts from Equestria Prime, the main canon universe. Equestria Prime is protected by its own dimensional field of energy which keeps outside influence from changing it completely, however, that is not to say that those from other worlds can't visit it or interact, but overall, the powers that be keep the Prime world from being influenced. Unless one of its denizens are taken away outside the dimensional barrier.

From there it splinters off, worlds born from a combination of the DC universes power and the magic of the Equestrian universe. Blinding and creating multiple worlds, each close together, but yet so far apart.

This universe will grow, more and more, hopefully. And perhaps we'll see even more mysteries to come.

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Huh I forgot this group existed

415193 oh cool
The barrier thing Is what confused me as discord maintains that barrier around the Shazam universe...
Which clearly didn't work on time turner seeing as sunset/twilight, scootalon, and starburst are from three different universes

And each one some how has a relation to twi: sunset=dating twilight=twilight scootaloo=marefriend of adoprivet mother starburst=mother

Just thought that was interesting

BD out

414915 "Equestria Prime is the original world, or Canon-Verse where the main story of the TV show goes on. It's the origin, the beginning and the end of all MLP multiverses good or bad. And so serves as the heart of the MLDC-verse, worlds that have spread from that point and continue on, taking on the traits of the DC Universe and taking whole different routes from the original.

So wait...
Does each Equestria have it's own human world?
Also is the Shazam story on Equestria prime?

BD out

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