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Luna's finally ready to get back out there into the world of Equestria, ready to see what's become of ponykind in the past thousand years. Except... she's not quite ready to go out on her own, amongst ponies that know only tales of nightmares and betrayal about her, and the one pony she knows personally is a little busy running a kingdom and raising the sun. When the offer for companionship comes from an unlikely place, Luna learns two great lessons. One, the risk to get to know a pony can lead to great rewards. Two, socks make everything better.

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Comments ( 44 )

Little late to read now, But i'll save it for tomorrow. sounds rather interesting :twilightsmile:

Ah ,yes, always loved this one.

Oh, now I know I've read this before...

ASTFGL I'm not the only one who's written LunaShy.
I'll... go be in somebody else's bunk.

Luna squeeing out at the kitten is embarrassingly cute and touching!:twilightsmile:

I DAAAAAAWWWWW'd at Luna's idea of how to make the cat happy. :pinkiehappy:

That was a sweet story :fluttercry:

:yay: OK the tea coffee thing was amazing! I have had mornings like that! Thanks for the story!

Cute story. Only thing I had a problem with was how curt Twilight was. Otherwise awesome.


It's one of those things I'd change in retrospect. This whole thing was a little rushed but I can't be bothered to redo it, y'know?

I understand. I can't even tell it was rushed though. Really enjoyed this read, good job!


Well, "rushed" compared to other fics, that get a good few drafts and back and forths between me and the editor; this only had a rough and final draft. Still, thanks :)

Ooooooo Ponies wearing socks... :raritystarry::scootangel:
Now this I hope someone would draw for this story.

I am also tracking and watching this excellent story, please do continue.

KimonoPony aka Kimonoskunk


Thank you, however, please double check the fic information.... this is a completed work.

I LOVE this story. I still come back and re-read it every so often :)

Why did I just find this now? Holy crap this was so damn adorable it could almost be a crime for how fatal the resulting HNGGGGG could be... x_X
No seriously, I loved this. :heart:

wow great story! i can definetly relate to the not being abele to get up in the morning. PS i loved how celestia was a bit of a troll:trollestia:

celestia pulled a rarity
spike (translation this is what ive been waiting for get out now third wheel)

"..." whatever Fluttershy said, it was beyond Luna.

^The best line in fanfiction history.

Also, this was absolutely adorable. Good work.

just to be clear... the reason I clicked on this was at least 20% sock related
(edit: and it was well worth it! awesome story, thumbed and faved :D)

Lunashy. Now there's one you don't see often in shipping. And, by GOD, it was perfectly written. If this is rushed, what the hell do you put out when you give it time!? :derpyderp1::derpyderp2:

Seriously, bravo! Amazing story! :yay:

This is still one of my favorites.

I just realized this fic released on my birthday:pinkiegasp:
One of my first, and one of my favoritesdl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Bonbon_OMG_LOVE.png

That ratio of 150 likes to the 1 is bloody amazing.
Too bad the author hasn't logged on in foreverdl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Vinyl_sad.png

Nooo~~ It's completed! D: In seriousness, this was a great story to read, honestly. I love Lunashy~~

Brony2893 told me to read this glad I did, I just feel so happy now I could fly.

1491343 Thanks for suggesting this, I really enjoyed it.

Great fic! I've never read any Fluttershy and Luna shipping fics, but this was really good!:twilightsmile:

This was great.

I could have sworn Celestia was being a jerk, but it finally made sense toward the end. Fantastic portrayal.:trollestia:

"You can't end it like that, you silly pony." she said to nobody, before trotting away, looking as serene and knowing as always.

Nova is best kitteh! And Luna is best Princess! :yay: :heart:

Flutershy giggled again, but when Luna turned to her she clammed up.

Heh... Flutershy. :coolphoto:

"Scientifically, I'm relatively certain socks make everything better."

Can't argue with science! :twilightsmile: :moustache:

It was such a beautiful little tale... and I'm still having issues with it. I'm sorry, I'm just horrible.
Your characterization of Luna was interesting, Fluttershy felt spot-on, at least until the end, when she suddenly doesn't have any problems with casual sex or sex in general. That's not my main problem here, though. This is:


So... she's got a crush on Twilight. Okay. And... she's shaking that off just like that, in merely a few hours, because Twilight reacted 'not in the nicest way ever' once? Wow. Now that's what I'd call 'fickle'. Adding insult to inquiry, she... well it probably sounds mean putting it that way, but... she just takes the next best thing? 'Oh lookie here, she's got a big heart, too!' - that wasn't a certain, rather stealthy Changeling-Queen out for some love and not caring about what kind of or whose love it would be, was she? And come to think of it, why did Twilight act like that?

Anyway. Aside from all the nitpicking, it's still a nice little tale. So...

Thank you.

She named the kitten Nova. In stellar terms, that basically means "death".

That is so metal.

I love Luna...this is a perfect depiction of Her...

I am reading more. Cats are great.

What a sweet story!

Luna wearing socks...
Why is that such an attractive image?

Wait, that's it? There's got to be more! I need there to be more! This is too good to end here! Sigh. It's always the really good ones that never get finished.

Definitely one of my new favorite shipping fics. Loved every bit of it.

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