This group's sole purpose is to be a place where one and all come to share good and interesting stories and discuss them with people who also enjoyed, or disliked, the same stories you did. You neither have to be an author yourself nor refrain from discussing your own stories. Anything and everything is allowed. One restriction applies, though, and that is that the story has to be good and/or interesting to more than just yourself. We all know that there are some times when a story really should not have been written

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For everyone that has joined now or in the future, I'd be mighty thankful if you start the discussions in the group forum. If sub-threads can be created then do so in the three that are there already for individual stories or authors. If it's not possible then just the comments will be fine. Make sure to type the story names in bold, underlined and italic to indicate the start of a discussion, which can be continued as replies to said comment.
I look forward to any and all discussion

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