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Young Celestia and Luna get a brand new board game in which they create their own universe. Will Celestia have fun? Will Luna be allowed to play her custom content? And, most importantly, will they get their (parents') money worth out of the base set, or will they succumb to buying endless expansions, mini-packs and randomized boosters to get the full experience?

Inspired by the recent uproar in the gaming community regarding loot boxes and shady business practices. May contain microtransactions.

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it was inevitable

Hello everyone and welcome to Straight Outta Loot Box! :twilightsmile:

I'm pretty close to the gaming industry as a whole, both at work and in my private time, so I was following the recent drama around Battlefront II with great interest. At some point, possibly after midnight, something sparked and this story was born. Why, how, for what purpose, I can't tell - what I know thought is that the last time I got so soon from the idea to publishing was around Expulsion, which turned out quite well. Is that the case with this story? I leave the judgment in your hands.

Please enjoy and let me know what you think!

That's a lovely video, thanks for reminding me of it! *laughs as well* :pinkiehappy:

I loved the story as soon as i read the chapter title, but i hate it for the bad memories.

Why is this so hard:fluttercry:

I went to read this, but I was told I could only do so if I got it from a loot box.

I miss the days of not having to worry about dlc, microtransactions, pre-orders, and now loot boxes.

Alternatively, you can spend 4528 hours reading my other stories to fully enjoy the content I am (sometimes) putting up. All jokes aside though, thanks for attempting to give it a read. :rainbowwild:

Indeed is was. In fact, this story meant to be a shitfic and a shameless cash-in at the ongoing drama, but it turned out rather cute, hopefully.

8565130 I couldn't resist making the comment. I'll definitely get around to it, though I'm currently working on two things that I really, really want to get done.

I started gaming in the mid-90s. Those were different times, to be sure. I cope by thinking of all the good things that came out of the industry since then... or simply boot up Heroes of Might & Magic III or another old-timey classic. :raritywink:

No worries, I'll be honored if you decide to let me know what you think of this story.

8565154 Huh, honored? Well, I'm honored that you think it'd be an honor if someone such as myself gave you feedback on a story... why would it be an honor exactly? :twilightblush:

This was an amazing story and I would love to see a sequel

Hi Evilhumour, thanks for dropping by! I wouldn't call it amazing myself, but I'm happy to hear you liked it. :twilightsmile:

I have the highest respect for the people who spend their precious time and leave a word under my stories. That's why I try to respond to every comment - it's the least I can do to show my appreciation, maybe save for writing more stories!

8565280 Well then, I will be sure to go one step farther than to leave a comment. Check the bookshelf I've just added this to.


If that's not amazing, then I'd love to see what you call amazing.

Now I really want to go play Civilization.
But I have no friends to play with...
And if I did I would most likely end up invading them...
*Laughs in Warmonger*

I honestly want to see more! This was awesome :pinkiehappy:

Amazing, meaning stories that managed to surprise me after a few months/years since writing them. Stories that can be rediscovered many times, like that one fic about a batpony, that one fic about Sunset and Sonata, or that one fic about changelings. All different reads, all worth returning to from time to time.

"Stories That I Intend On Reviewing" - sounds promising!

Thanks! Happy to hear you enjoyed this silly story of mine! I don't suppose it will generate enough interest to warrant a sequel, but if that's the case I definitely have some ideas. :raritywink:

No, no warmongering! That was the main problem I had when I was playing Civilization V with friends - when we were at peace turns were passing quickly, but when there was a war between some of us, the rest was bored to death due to long waiting times. The game was becoming too lengthy compared to your usual vs. AI mode.

On another note, I did not base the game Celestia and Luna were playing on any existing title. In fact, I vaguely remember there was already a fic about them playing Civilization.

This was a fun subversion of the chess master trope.

Something like that. In one of the drafts this story had a working title The Great Game of the Gods, but it ultimately felt too pompous for a comedy snippet like that.

There was a lot less loot box jokes (and the like) then I was exspecing. still, very enjoyable.

Yup! The story was inspired by the overall drama, but I didn't want it to end up being a collection of puns and sarcasms about the industry, conveniently wrapped in a comedy sack (or, wrapped in a loot box, if you will). Sorry it didn't quite meet your expectations!

This was great. A sequel is needed ASAP.

Good read, would like a sequel!

This was fun, I would love to see more.

8568159 8568220 8568338
Whoa, you three really enjoyed the story! Good news is that I have some loose ideas for a silly continuation. Less good news - I think I'll be having my hands full of a Christmas-themed story, and since we're but a month away, I feel it makes sense to focus on that.

Nevertheless, thank you kindly for checking this one out and leaving words of encouragement! :raritywink:

I found it very clever, and enjoyed it a lot. It needs a sequel, but after Christmas. Thanks for writing it

Hey Fistfire, thanks for giving it a read! After Christmas I'll figure out which one of a half a dozen open projects should get the attention. ;)

Brilliant, a real masterpiece. This is the best kind of satire, the kind that highlights the insanity of our corporate's current culture. I was expecting pure Destiny/Star Wars-bashing, and you gave me cute fillies playing board games! Brilliant.

Hey, thank you for dropping by and giving it a read. I'm glad you enjoyed! The world is crazy indeed, but sometimes that craziness can be a source of inspiration - it certainly pushed me into writing this one! :raritywink:

I had to pay $5 to post this comment.

Too bad I only got 25 cents royalty of it. Damn middleponies and their fees. Also, posting a response costed me 50 cents - so I'm actually losing money here!

Thanks for checking out my story. :)

I appreciate your enthusiasm! Unfortunately I have nothing sequely in the works at the moment. :twilightsmile:

This story is a trap. You read the first paragraph thinking that it'll be fun, and it really is. The wordplay is magnificent and the graphics and attention to detail in every single letter is superb.

Then the microtransactions come in as a huge "Screw You!"

Its a shame because it ruins what would normally be a fantastic fanfiction.

After that first paragraph settles you in, gets you nice an cozy, you'll quickly find that you will have to pay 20$ to unlock the dialogue, and an additional 30$ to unlock the remaining paragraphs.

These kind of predatory business practices won't go away unless we put our feet down. Vote with your money, people.

Meanwhile in the pony Sims, sorry spike you can’t have your pet Phoenix because you don’t have the pets expansion pack. Zecora nenevsr appears because no one bought the zebrica stuff pack with three new chairs But thankfully Twilight got the cystal palace and tree of harmony expasnsions for 60 dollars each.

I hope Twilight knows that evetually there will be a next game (or in this case, a gen), and all her stuff may go obsolete pretty fast!

But totally read a pony Sims story it be hilarious Cadacne and shining Whoo hooing in a hay bail at sweet Apple acres. While granny sets the kitchen on fire. While Apple boom digs up magical pebbles that curse her

That could be funny. Is there a story here on the site in which ponies are playing, or are being played as the characters of a The Sims game?

I have reviewed this here.

And it only took me over a year to finally get it from a loot box. :raritywink:

Haha, thank you so much! It’s perhaps not the finest story of mine, but I remember I had fun writing it. It’s a strange piece - I wanted it to simply mock the lootboxes during the drama, but it turned out to be a story about the two sisters and their differences. Oh, well. :twilightsheepish:

“I may have mailed someone with envelopes that weren’t white. You don’t want to know,” Luna murmured.

Black mail. :rainbowlaugh:

Sequel! Please!

Hello! It warms my heart to see you so enthusiastic about the story - unfortunately, there will be no sequel to this one because I no longer actively write pony stories. But thank you for reading this one and I hope you'll enjoy my other writing too! :)

Aww! Okay, I will read your other stuff.

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