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There are a few Jakes on this website. I'm the ginger one.


Sweetie Belle? There's a monster under your bed and it's far from friendly. A Boogeymare, one might call it. Scared? You should be. But have no fear! Sweetie's here!


Oh dear, this might get a tad awkward.

(Written for the 29th Jan 2016 Writeoff under the prompt "Look, I Can Explain...")

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Comments ( 4 )

Wow, this new no-mod approval thing makes fic posting crazy fast now.

The new introduction does a nice job of ramping up the early tension, and the rest is still as fun and thrilling as it was in the Writeoff. Nice work.

Some of the most adorable Sweetie Belle I have seen in a long time.

Great story! I loved how you wrote Sweetie Belle!:twilightsmile:

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