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There are a few Jakes on this website. I'm the ginger one.


"You want me to tell you about the Pumpkin Terror case?"

"Eesh, that was a crazy one. It all started when Princess Celestia gave me the strangest brief... pumpkins growing on trees? In Appleloosa? Really?"

"Turns out, when I got there, it was much more than some childish prank. Something big was going on, a something that threatened the whole town."

"Good thing I had two of Appleloosa's finest to lend a helping hoof—from the very start, things went wrong, and I ended up with a countdown on my life..."

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Comments ( 6 )

~Don't masquerade with the mare in shades, oh no!~ :yay:


Why do the 80s and Bon Bon seem to gel together so well?

Well she is an 80's child, after all, :trollestia:

Blame it on Linus. If he hadn't used a blood sacrifice to summon the Great Pumpkin, none of this would have happened :rainbowlaugh:

Great start thus far, Jake! :pinkiehappy:

I know I'm probably the only person who will see this story and know what I'm talking about, but god I miss fighting the Fir Bolg in Croatia and Dark Astoria... :pinkiesad2: :applecry:

More Secret Agent Sweetie Drops stories are always a good thing. I look forward to more of this one.

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