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This story is a sequel to Star Wars: The Blockade Runner

A very Derpy Star Wars story.

Holocommunicators, datapads, cell phones, the galaxy is full of ways creatures from all corners can communicate. But some of them just enjoy the sensation of an old-fashioned hoof-delivered letter, and all are happy to receive one from the famous Derpy Hooves. A cheerful parcel from the Ponyville postal service is the perfect way to start the day... and for some, it's the perfect vector for an attack.

The mail is sacred to Derpy, and when her responsibility is threatened, she's determined to restore the sanctity of her job. What follows is a search across the galaxy to discover the source of the dastardly plan to sabotage Ponyville's postal service with something a lot worse than junk mail.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 9 )

Intriguing, Imperials have been smart enough to recruit pony operatives, but the Alliance has Derpy. I wonder if anyone is planning to "mail" a bomb to any Imperial commanders...

But the Rebels wouldn't do that. They'd never resort to such underhanded tactics... would they?


Why...why are there bears in space?

Have to agree with the squad leader, the Imperials can't learn that the ponies helped the Rebels. I love the idea of Ursas in the asteroid field.

Not going to lie, I read ALL the comments I get or at least most of them, including yours and the addition of cuteness and more pony-related stuff was influenced by your feedback. And it actually makes a lot of sense and I'm seeing more positivity from it, so that's a good thing. Your comments are helping me deliver more of what people like and I appreciate that :pinkiehappy: Kudos to you, Howard!

Basically, because my published stories are ongoing, I have to keep notes short. In my Dan Vs. story, I noticed people were liking Pokemon more but Star Wars not as much, so added more Pokemon and less Star Wars. The recent updated added a decent amount of Pokemon so I'm considering adding more. Just letting you know how I do things, in case you were curious. Thanks again, pal.

8869760 Thanks for sharing the process!

Jan punched him the stomach. His squad then surrounded him and together, they beat the crap out of him.

Hehe, Brett's learning his lesson.

Yep, after surviving the Imperials, the asteroids and a hungry pack of disgruntled Ursas, the biggest danger is still his own squad that probably hates him at this moment. And apparently, no one is at the helm of their cruiser. But at least Derpy is getting the respect she deserves for saving all of their asses almost intentionally.

It's kind of a theme. The gritty, realistic 'by any means necessary' Rebel Alliance constantly has to be saved by a young mare that only really wants to make others happy and is just doing her job, which she enjoys. She doesn't care that much about the war or politics or any other nonsense- there's mail to deliver and muffins to bake.

We like to think innocence is just something cute. That it gets lost over time. Sweet things of life fade as the gritty reality sets in. But not all of it does. Some of it remains. Humanity, the fact that we can be happy, the fact that we can forget the world for a moment in the smile of someone we love... that is Derpy. A mare who would look right at the void and smile.

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