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Episode J: The couragous Captain Lone Starr, regal Princesss Vespa, loyal mog sidekick Barf and helpful robotic companion Dot Matrix have taken a well-earned vacation after they saved Planet Druidia's supply of fresh air and defeated the evil Spaceballs. But far away on an unknown planet, the Spaceballs have survived. Undaunted by their latest setback, they hatch a new plan to steal air from another innocent world. And the only ones who can stop them are flying away in a winnebago... wait come back!

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Comments ( 59 )

You rated a SPACEBALLS crossover for EVERYONE?! Not to be rude, but are you nuts? That movie had the F-word in it. And a bunch of sexual references. Neither of those things are for Everyone. I suggest rating it Teen.

3114334 My mistake! Must've slipped my mind.

3114337 That's alright. Just thougt I'd point it out.

3114369 Very much appreciated, thank you.

Will we see any of these guys?

Spaceballs: The Comment

I haven't read it yet.
But it's already fucking brilliant

First thought when I saw this?

"Oh shit. There goes the planet..."

You've done us a service my friend. For I never thought anyone would have the balls to do something like this.

3115795 Spaceballs- The Best Comment Chain Ever.

3116045 Amen to that brother!

Spaceballs: the Agreement

3116224Spaceballs: the Reply to the Reply to the Reply

Spaceballs- The Decision Between Running or Laughing

3116135 Not anyone, sir. Anypony. Ask anyone around me and they'll tell you that I have the balls.

Spaceballs: The

Spaceballs: Spaceballs

3117237Spaceballs: the MLP crossover

Spaceballs: The...the... crap.

3117336Spaceballs: the unoriginal comment

Spaceballs: the extension of the reply chain.

Spaceballs: We've gone too far

3118162Spaceballs: the perpetually continuing comment chain

3119003 The: Spaceballs

3119925Spaceballs: the running joke

3118518 Spaceballs: We've not gone far enough.

Spaceballs crossover yay!

Spaceballs: Fuck That


Spaceballs: The thread going to plaid.

3121898 *sees avatar*
Note to self: need to write MLP- MechWarrior crossover. Elementals of Harmony?

>new fanfic
>on hiatus

3122977 I'm trying to reach 100 stories and I didn't want to give anypony the wrong impression...:fluttercry: It's going to be a while before I start working on this one.

Samuel L. Jackson?! Holy Shit! This is going to be EPIC!

Well... this exists...
Either this will be a success, or the giant vacuum-robot will come...

Alright, let's see where this takes us.:moustache:

Samuel L. Jackson will be in it?:raritystarry::raritystarry: Heck yes!:yay: You've earned yourself a like and fave.

This needs to continue!!!

Finally read this. I love Spaceballs. I like ponies. I do hope you continue it sometime.

Brah, why haven't you continued this? You can't write the first Spaceballs crossover fic and NOT continue it. That's a bad Barro! Bad!

Spaceballs- The Quest for more comments

This work MUST be continued!


Spaceballs: The Comment Chain Continues

Spaceballs: The Revival of the Great Comment Chain

Spaceballs: The Request for More Words.

I would LOVE to see this complete man.

3125618 If a giant robot/spaceship with a vacuum cleaner shows up, then it'll be a SUCKcess...unless Lone Starr uses The Schwartz to switch the vacuum from suck to blow again.

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