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A fun side story to Dan Vs. The Magic of Friendship(Season 1).

Following the events of James Cameron's Avatar, Pandora has returned to a state of relative peace. Jake and Neytiri lead the Ometicaya in their quest to find a new home. The Navi across Pandora look to a brighter future, but they also keep close watch of the sky, haunted by the war's memory still fresh.

Meanwhile, the Resource Development Administration finds itself with a bad quarterly statement and upset shareholders, some more upset than others. Although some see the operation on Pandora as a total failure, others have seen it as a learning opportunity, one that has more to teach still...

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A series of Clone Wars stories in Equestria for fans of the Clone Wars show, video games, comics and ponies.

War has engulfed the galaxy! With heroes on both sides, the bitter conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems threatens to consume countless star systems. From the Core Worlds to the farthest reaches of the Outer Rim, the Clone Wars have affected countless lives. The fight rages every day between light and darkness.

The planet Equestria has been fortunate enough thus far to have avoided conflict. But soon, the ponies find their luck has run out, as their planet becomes the next battlefield in the greater war. Far from the rest of the galaxy, both sides fight for the fate of Equestria, knowing that even a single act can change the course of the war forever...

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The crew of the USS Orville was excited to visit Equestria. Much like the other planets they've visited on the far reaches of space, it promises to be another thrilling encounter full of wonder and intrigue.

And then they go and screw it up. Now, the crew must do their best to make up for it or they risk alienating one of the Union's most valuable vacation spots and the source of its delicious breakfast pastries. We can't have that.

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This story is a sequel to Star Wars: The Blockade Runner

A very Derpy Star Wars story.

Holocommunicators, datapads, cell phones, the galaxy is full of ways creatures from all corners can communicate. But some of them just enjoy the sensation of an old-fashioned hoof-delivered letter, and all are happy to receive one from the famous Derpy Hooves. A cheerful parcel from the Ponyville postal service is the perfect way to start the day... and for some, it's the perfect vector for an attack.

The mail is sacred to Derpy, and when her responsibility is threatened, she's determined to restore the sanctity of her job. What follows is a search across the galaxy to discover the source of the dastardly plan to sabotage Ponyville's postal service with something a lot worse than junk mail.

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This is a short side story to Star Wars: The Snuggle Protocol.

The Empire has blockaded Equestria. Critical pony supplies are dwindling as the evil Empire tightens its grip on the innocent world. In the face of this overwhelming oppression, Equestria calls on the Rebel Alliance to render aid. All they have to do is break through a fleet of orbiting Imperial ships, race down to the surface of an occupied planet and fly back out again without being shot down.

Easier said than done: to complete this mission, the Rebels seek to deploy only their most capable starfighter squadron to get the job done. But it is there somepony more capable than them?

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This story is a sequel to Star Wars: The Snuggle Protocol

Director Seebrin Margus, Imperial Bioweapons Report
Project I71A Update 1: Imperial Star Destroyer Vector and corrections transport IC-9452 (Purge) recovered. All contaminants removed, recovered specimens moved to research facility RX-F8262(King's Station). Both vessels reassigned, families and affiliated parties/interests have been notified. All information of Project I71A deleted. Project continuing.

Project I71A Update 2: Progress slowing on I71A. Encountered unexpected results. King's Station crew reporting strange activity/behavior. Administration has been notified.

Project I71A Update 3: Contact lost with King's Station. Possible containment breach. Facility quarantined, Imperial Star Destroyer Voracity dispatched to investigate.

Project I71A Update 4(Final): Unauthorized docking at King's Station made by unknown Correllian corvette-class vessel(Model: CR90) confirmed. Be advised: major violation of quarantine is now likely, containment failure is expected. Vessel currently being tracked above planet E-44719(Equestria), Voracity dispatched on intercept course. Local governor(Princess Celestia) has been informed.

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The Galactic Empire has invaded Equestria. But rather than spreading fear and oppressing the populace, it seems the evil Empire is only trying to spread... love. While they may not exactly be the friendliest bunch, some ponies soon embrace the newcomers while they visit their kingdom. Despite their claims that they only wish to share a message of friendship and understanding, some remain suspicious that the usually-malevolent group may have ulterior motives.

Twilight Sparkle and her friends(most of them, anyway) are among those who are not so quick to trust the Empire. Unfortunately, they're in the minority, and proving that the Empire is up to their usual tricks may be more difficult than they anticipate. For the freedom of their world, the Mane Six must fight the most devastating weapon the Empire has ever deployed: cuteness.

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"There is no TRI."
3642 BBY
Taris was once a massive, urban city-planet under the care of the Galactic Republic. Three-hundred years ago, an attack by the Sith Empire changed that, transforming the world's sprawling city into a sprawling wasteland of dirt, destruction and disease. With the recent truce between the Republic and the Empire, the Republic has returned to Taris to rebuild and restore the planet to its former glory. They soon realize that task is more challenging than they could ever have anticipated.

Applejack is no stranger to hard work, even if she may be a stranger to Taris. Nevertheless, her expertise, as well as that of her friends, is called upon to help restore life to the faraway world. Together, they believe they can give this world a brighter future. Unfortunately, others see a very different future for Taris.

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When the megaspells fell, it was the death of the old Equestria. The death of civilization, the death of society, the death of so many creatures all at once. In many ways, however, it was also the birth of something new. And while some mourned, others celebrated. But did they celebrate birth or death?

The city of New Pegas was born the day fire rained from the sky. A city of gambling and vice, the ponies there care little for what happens outside their walls. While the rest of the world mourns, this city continues in a cycle of perpetual partying. But not for long.

An opportunity emerges in the city of New Pegas: a guest arrives to the party over two centuries late. He brings with him a chance to change everything, a chance for rebirth. What will be the outcome of this party? Will it be something to be mourned... or celebrated?

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Why did she choose them over him? The question haunted the Didact, last of the Forerunners, even has he slept for untold millennia. The Mantle was to be the responsibility of every Forerunner, including her. Yet she forsook her duty as both guardian... and wife to save her precious pets. In the aftermath of his attempt to Compose her children, the Didact is haunted by that question again. And after all this time, he believes he has finally found the answer.

In a far-off corner of space, another librarian is tending to her own duties. Twilight Sparkle and her friends have been invited to Canterlot to celebrate Princess Luna's first birthday since her return, not knowing that a guest is about to show up uninvited...

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