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The crew of the USS Orville was excited to visit Equestria. Much like the other planets they've visited on the far reaches of space, it promises to be another thrilling encounter full of wonder and intrigue.

And then they go and screw it up. Now, the crew must do their best to make up for it or they risk alienating one of the Union's most valuable vacation spots and the source of its delicious breakfast pastries. We can't have that.

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Now where is Discord. I want to seat by his place to watch while having popcorn, ice cream and drinks.

And what exactly had they done to get Luna's wrath.

Okay. I just can't not read this. :pinkiehappy:

This is amazing! The Orville and My Little Pony! Can’t wait for more!

Star Trek: Orville is the show Trekkies need but don’t deserve. But we get it anyway, so that’s nice.

The crew of The Orville have been very bad. So, no going to see Santa Discord and joining the Q. :twilightoops:

So, how do the CMC get tree sap in the warp core again?:scootangel:


I love Orville! But what did they do?!

Thanks for reading guys and yes, the Orville is awesome and the new Star Trek is... well, not really hitting the mark quite as well. But Star Trek Orville, errr, I mean Orville, is why we're here. And not to spoil anything, but there are hints about what the Orville's crew was responsible for already if you're the investigative type, but we won't find out for sure until the very end. There will be more hints however, but what they did has already been done. What they're doing now to make up for it is what we're focusing on. Stay tuned, gang!


I blame Gordon.

I'm intrigued. I love the Orville since it seems so much like a Star Trek where they scraped the bottom of the barrel. Can't wait to learn what they've done.

This was written with you in mind, especially after our conversation about Orville and Star Trek Discovery.

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