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Why did she choose them over him? The question haunted the Didact, last of the Forerunners, even has he slept for untold millennia. The Mantle was to be the responsibility of every Forerunner, including her. Yet she forsook her duty as both guardian... and wife to save her precious pets. In the aftermath of his attempt to Compose her children, the Didact is haunted by that question again. And after all this time, he believes he has finally found the answer.

In a far-off corner of space, another librarian is tending to her own duties. Twilight Sparkle and her friends have been invited to Canterlot to celebrate Princess Luna's first birthday since her return, not knowing that a guest is about to show up uninvited...

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 19 )

Ooooo... I'm liking this. I cant wait for the next chapter.:rainbowdetermined2:

Without giving any spoilers, how is this story going to be? Is it going to be one of those kind of stories where the ponies get turned against humanity or what?:applejackunsure: That is if im just misunderstanding this entire thing. By the way it's so far really good, I just want to know that one question.:twilightsmile:

I feel like I could get into this very easily. I'd need another few chapters to be sure, so, got an ETA? :pinkiehappy:

3258154 It's the story where all parties involved learn a lesson on friendship. Will the ponies be evil? Good question. Does the Didact think what he's doing is evil? He's made it clear that the ponies are his favored children just as the Librarian favored humans... but why? What does he see in them that makes him think they are more worthy of the Mantle than humanity?

Maybe... humanity...

Oh, I can't go giving you spoilers:rainbowkiss:.

3259364 Thanks now I know what to expect:twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::heart: Oh and like I said keep up the good work!!!

3259364 Not to be an ass, I really like the story, but according to Halo lore, the Precursors actually wanted to give the Humanity the Mantle. They created the Flood to test if Humanity was worthy of the Mantle. The Forerunners, angry that the Precursors had favored Humanity over them, decided to kill off the Precursors. So the Librarian's favoritism of Humanity is somewhat justified.

3262210 That's all true, we all know that. But the Didact doesn't.

3262446 I only brought it up so if the Didact ever asked the Librian (like the Chief in Halo 4) you could use the whole Precursor thing.

3264201 I don't really know how that would work out but I'll consider it, thank you for the feedback.

3264232 When is this taking place? Is it before or after Halo 4?

3633428 After. Why do you ask?

Concordance Extraction Corporation and the United Nations Space Command? Nice.

3633502 I was a little thrown off by the fact that John and Catherine were speaking together, and that they only had a few spartans left. I thought they re-started the spartan program in Halo 4.

3633518 Fred and Catherine. And they're referring to the Spartan- IIs.

3633543 OH, now I see. Thanks for clearing it up for me.

3633563 It's cool, no problem. Thank you so much for reading my story!:heart:

Diadect with his own favourite that isn't the forerunners? Interesting, does that make him a brony?

Almost super-humans? I'm curious where that 'almost' came from.

3771775 I am pretty sure his favorites are the prometheans

3771775 Well, until they can fly and shoot lasers out of their eyes, they're not quite super-human. And yeah, to some extent, he's kind of a brony :rainbowkiss:.

3788789 Possibly but not in this case.

3791322 I thought the flood was created on accident, you know when the precursors devolved that regenerating dust stuff after the war with the Forrunners. On a side note, I think you captured the Didact's tone and essence perfectly. It'd be cool for Blue Team to get together again, maybe even Team Osiris.

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