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Fluttershy has never been one to make a big deal of herself. She's always tried to avoid undesired attention. But now all of Ponyville is trying to avoid her after a freak accident alters her perspective in a huge way. Cover generously donated by Fergarcia220, who is awesome.

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Pretty short for now, but dear god, I can only imagine what shenanigans come next. Fave and upvote!

And the readers were struck with D'aw.
I said D'aw. D apostrophe A W
That's better.

What if...
Twilight shrunk Ponyville?

1785534 What if... what if Twilight shrunk all of Equestria save Fluttershy! The ponies will soon come to worship... the Fluttertitan. The Fluttergiant. The F

Never has anything been so :flutterrage: and :yay: at the same time.

1785994 I'm trying really hard not to throw in a "The plot thickens" joke. I think I'm reaching the limit on corny jokes as it is...

I'm going to put money on the face that beam hits somepony, probably say rainbow dash

1921361 Stop guessing! You're only helping to reinforce the fact that you can see the plot coming at you from a mile a way! And not just because Fluttershy's giant, oh crap. I just went there. SEE WHAT YOU DID?

(whispers) "I have to use the little fillies room."

This is amusing and I endorse Trixie recommending the wumbo setting.


1934992 Despite the fact that a character randomly becoming giant-sized is incredibly cliche'd, I'm trying not to ripoff Spongebob any more than I have to. I'm happy you like it, I'm trying to picture each scene as if I can actually see it on the show itself, as if this was an actual episode. If Fluttersized was an episode, it would probably be an hour long at least so expect more to come, including immenent twists. GIANT plot twists.

1944969 Ah-Ooooo-gah! Prepare the boat for submersion. Dive! Dive!

1945022 I'm blaming you for any upcoming corny dialogue that I write. Thank you so much for the encouragement, I just may have to add wumbo in there now just for you and Ebony.

Well great. They ruined a perfectly innocent book. i hope their happy!

:fluttercry: aww poor fluttershy...poor twilight. Dang you trixie:flutterrage:

in loving memory of that book

crap this can't go well. A crazy Twilight and an evil Fluttershy. This should be interesting.:rainbowdetermined2:

GIANT Evil Fluttershy..........:raritydespair:

1962176 Let's imagine the other 5 of the main 6 both giant and deharmonized for a moment...
AJ: I'm still the same size! Y'all must be seein things!
Rarity: IT'S ALL MINE!!!!!!*grasps mountain believing it to be made of gems*
Rainbow Dash: I can't fit in Cloudsdale anymore but it's still awesome~
Pinkie Pie: What is this? Some kind of BIG joke to you?!
Twilight Sparkle: Spike?
Say, what if Discord's power was used on Trixie? What if Trixie became an Element of Harmony? You see how many options ponies give us? The possibilities are endless.

The ponies turn discordant. It's an actual word. Really.

1968514 Meh, I like mine better. Italso ties in with the Crystal Ponies being grey, gives them an explanation. Perhaps what Discord does is to simply change a pony's personality and in doing so it renders them grey but the color change in itself could be the result of a natural process when something happens to a pony's mood. Again, possibilities.

1968514 I appreciate you letting me know, thank you very much. To my knowledge, it hasn't been connected to the Crystal Pony's apparent loss of hue or how they gained it back. So there were greyed out ponies and Discord wasn't even involved. Is this the same process or something entirely different? It has similarities to discordization. Does King Sombra know the same power? And Twilight turned grey twice, seemingly of her own accord. Perhaps a pony becoming discordant accelerates deharmonization. And new idea: as the process continues, ponies eventually turn grey and then fade away. This is truly a dark subject matter but understanding the process is the key to preventing it, that all ponys' colors may shine.

Ah, good to see Fluttershy back to normal :yay:

You know, wumbo! I wumbo, you wumbo, we wumbo. Wumbology. The study of wumbo. It's first grade. :rainbowlaugh:

1976010 Yes, she does seem to be back to normal apart from still being giant. But now Trixie's back too... and didn't she say something about what would happen if Fluttershy returned? And Fluttershy just wrecked a whole block with Discord right behind her! So now she's stuck between Discord and Trixie in the middle of the havoc she caused just getting there! Things don't look good for our pegasus protagonist.

not quit as good as the last chapter but still very entertaining. Discord is awsome as always.:rainbowdetermined2:

1978264 Yeah he is. There need to be a few touch ups here and there but all and all I like how it's coming along. If you've noticed the character tags though, that should be an indication that there is plenty more to come.

1978877 oh yeah. I was woundering why you put Flim up there.

Slowly, her yellow color returned and she closed her eyes and smiled in the comfort of animals. Her rampage was over.

"Did somepony call the GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie?!", the blue unicorn shouted from around a corner.

Oh. Uh heh heh... crap...

1987697 I honestly thought adding that in there would be a little too much...

short chapter. not much really happened. ok chapter.:moustache:

1988759 Discord's out of the picture, Trixie has arrived with the Alicorn Amulet, Zecora's entered the situation and Flim and Flam have a bucking tank. I'd say plenty happened. Also, CHAOS BLAST!!!!!

1992397 sorry. I meant not as much as last chapter. don't know why but I didn't get as much emotion from this chapter as the last chapter. not trying to be a downer or troll just stating my opinion. You are a great author but this just isn't my favorite chapter but I look forward to the next one. (I suppose build up is important so...yeah.... Just ignore me.):derpytongue2:

1993679 I like build up too but I think there was enough of that in the beginning. I appreciate you offering your opinion and I will consider going back in and adding a few more details now because of what you said. But for right now, all the players are on the stage and have been brought up to speed on the events so, lights, camera, action! Spotlight on Flim and Flam as they wheel out centerstage in a wooden cheese-launching tank! Also, it's kind of... supposed to be... maybe a little... funny? I know I'm not the best at writing comedy and it's not high-brow stuff by any shot but I thought that at least a couple things were classy and chuckle-worthy...

1993679 Also, how could I ignore Shadow the Hedgehog? You seem to be ignoring my constant use of the phrase CHAOS BLAST! Well?

1994411 fine. DEATH TO ALL WHO APOSE ME!! :twilightangry2::flutterrage: also thanks.:rainbowdetermined2:

1994411 also, if it helps, turn on mature and click on me and check out my story. Critic it as you see fit.:rainbowdetermined2:

1994687 Thank you. I expect to see another such comment from you on my Sonic crossover when it's ready.

1994700 Mature? *shudders* Well, if I must.

1996284 it was requested that I do so when I sent it in. Since it is Rainbow Factory related. I try not to go to overboard on the gore but it does get very violent sometimes. But please tell me what you think. Also it flows better the more you read on, do to me learning more about how to do so.
Anyways don't forget to tell me what you thought about it.:rainbowdetermined2:

Pinkie looks at the cheese launcher "I WANT ONE!":rainbowlaugh:

Ya know...I'm getting Attack of the 50 Foot Woman and Enormity vibes here. Good story. *Pops open a Pepsi* please continue. :yay:

so the spell did shink everypony. Fluttershy isn't big they are just small. Also the sombra joke cracked me up:rainbowlaugh:

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