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Futurama Crossover. When the intrepid crew of Planet Express discovers a portal to another world in Old New York, they meet the ponies from Equestria. Curious about Earth, Twilight Sparkle and her friends are sent on a mission to spread the message of friendship and harmony throughout the universe, much to the dismay of the universe.

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Love it! :pinkiehappy: Two of some of my favorite shows combined, awesome! :pinkiehappy:

Dear Barrobroadcaster.

"You know, I don't think I've ever been to Fluttershy's cottage before," Apple Bloom commented.

Wait what?! But the three of you spent the night there, how can you possibley say that? Ok calm down , maybe this is taking place before that episode and we're still in season-

"There was that one time we went to see the Crystal Empire


"What kinds a creatures?"

You may want to make "kinds a" into just "kindsa".

"You'll just have to wait and find out!" Miss Cheerilee said. The trio of fillies picked up their pace a little, having more of a reason to continue on than before. Maybe this field trip wouldn't be so boring after all?
Meanwhile, in a far-away place, a different kind of expert prepared to unveil another strange creature...

I would suggest putting a bigger space between the branch here.

"Just like at the end of Mass Effect 3?" Fry questioned, leaning forward.

Come on man, mix it up a little it's the year 3013, why just Mass Effect 3, why not Mass Effect 33? But that's just my thought on the matter.

"Yeah, you really made a killer jack-in-the-box. Great job,"

I would suggest taking out the "really".

"I haven't tried to kill you professor," Bender said, he had gotten up and now placed a hand on Farnsworth's back.
"Everything I love..."

Nothing wrong with this, it just made me laugh my butt off :rainbowlaugh:.

"Which reminds me, the plumbing's been acting up lately. We're going to have to get Scruffy to take a look at it later."

Is the Professor still talking? Because if so then I really don't see why you would need a break between the three sentences.

"Did anyone hear what he just said?" he asked.
MEANWHILE, backin Equestria...

Again bigger spacing. And I believe "backin" is meant to be "back in".

Fluttershy had spent the majority of the time going around the room from animal to animal trying to determine which one was indeed the most huggable.

This seems more like something Pinkie Pie would do rather then Flutershy:rainbowhuh:.

Anyways, I can honestly say, despite it's flaws, you have a great story on your hands and I hope to see more.

Yours Truly, The Cake Devil.

Did we perhaps mean Fluttershy's animal sanctuary? Visiting there would make sense for school kids.

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