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If you're Christian and support the LGBT+ community, or LGBT+ and support Christians, or neither but support both, or just straight up both, you are very welcome here!

Feel free to PM any admins about questions or concerns.

Remember: this is a support group for people who are caught in the middle of the fights between LGBT+ community and the Christian community. If you come here to bash someone or something you will be banned.

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At first I found a group of communists, then a group of communist religious fanatics, and now I'm here... in a group of Christians who support LGBT people... You just killed logic with your game in “combine 2 absolutely incompatible things with each other” Congratulations comrades! we - broke the bottom! XD

I cannot express how happy I am that this exists. I am not LGBT+ myself, but I am a firm believer that people in that community should be supported and are okay the way they are.

I'm also a white evangelical Christian.

Problem, stereotypes? :rainbowwild:

Update: (January 2020): Never mind. I'm bi and demi. Took me a little while. Also don't really think of myself as much of an evangelical anymore, though still a faithful Christian.

Glad that you feel welcome here. Always great to see new members!

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