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There are a great number of venues for those of us who wish to collaborate with other creatively-oriented minds. However, with many groups, they're either too focused or too constrained to really be enjoyable. There's not much room for all of us to cultivate our creativity and foster courage in the hearts and minds of our community.

Here, we house more than writers. We house artists, gamers, role-players, playwrights, poets, bards, and so much more.

But most importantly of all, most of us are f$#&ing insane.

But we are an Equal Insanity. We indulge in Equine Insanity. We are Equals in Sanity (or lack thereof).

We are Equinsanity.


1). Only members can submit stories to the group. Each member may only submit one story at a time, regardless of genre or content. This is meant to prevent spam and allow for our members to give each fic the TLC it deserves. If you wish to have another story be looked at by us, you must first remove your current story and place the new story in.

2). Treat each fic with respect. Critique is all well and good, but be mindful that everyone takes critique differently.
To paraphrase Stan Lee, "Any fic is someone's first."

3). Preface any thread you post with an appropriate prefix. If you're posting news, preface it with News tag. If you're doing a Discussion, put a Discussion tag. If said thread pertains to NSFW topics or things of a Spoiler-y nature, be doubly sure to tag it as such.

4). Treat each member, regardless of position, as you would a friend. We're all friends here, in the end. No matter what shiny crowns or powers we have, we love you very much.

5). Please refrain from making personal threads in the forums. We are not meant to be a personal blog for you. If you want to discuss something pertinent to you that might also be pertinent to others, post it as a discussion. If you have a question, make a question thread.

6). Please refrain from making redundant threads. This includes things such as "Has this been done before" threads. In the event you have a question that a lot of people may already be asking, we will have Sticky Threads to help deal with those pesky FAQs.

7). Most importantly of all, Have Fun. That's the aim of the game here. We're here to be a fun and encouraging environment for all ages and creeds. Come what may, we're here to help you and be your friend.

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