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A Spin-Of of Legendbringer's Fall of Starfleet: Rebirth of Friendship and a Deconstruction of Dakari-King-Mykan's Friendship Is Failure

At the peak of the War Against Conquest, Shining Armour is taken from the Crystal Warfront along with his baby daughter.
Captured by a cult preparing to resurrect the loathed usurper, Grand Ruler Celesto, he comes across various ponies he knows, either personally or by reputation.
With little good to say about any of them.
So begins a recollection of the deeper tales of friendship, of those it changed and those it didn't.
And as the cult steadily works towards its goal, Shining Armour and Flurry Heart still hold out hope.
For this is Equestria.
Where Friendship Prevails.

May explore dark themes such as violence self-harm and sexual harassment. Also may include some mention of sex or innuendo.

TV Tropes Pages on the canon incorporated into this fic.
Friendship Is Failure
Fall of Starfleet: Rebirth of Friendship

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Birthday Gift for my watcher and troper, 6samuelb!

When Midnight Blade joined his uncle's Guild of Slayers during the Vampony Crisis of the Second Age of Magic, long before the time of Celestia and Luna, he didn't see much action.

All that changed the night a mare came looking for him, asking him for help against a strange stallion stalking her.
A stallion with eerie powers.
Powers that only a Slayer can thwart.

A historical fic based from my headcanon.

Rated Teen for violence and slight sexual implications.

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Halloween Story
Part of the Rejuvenationverse
Set after the events of 'Luna Eclipsed

Imprisoned for a thousand years.
Banished from her own kingdom.
Now at last welcomed back by the Bearers of Harmony and her forgiving sister, Princess Luna returns.
But her mind is not what it once was.
History has been forgotten.
Legend has become myth.

But for three undying followers of the pony that once called herself Nightmare Moon, the legend and history is very real.
And the crimes of the past demand justice.
Luna has been forgiven
So why are they still so angry.
Why do they not recognise friend from foe.
What kind of Equestria created such ponies.

Faced with a foe unlike any other, the Mane 6, the Time Turner, an awkward librarian and the two sister Princesses of Equestria must face the consequences of a long-forgotten past uncovered.
The consequences of a thousand-year old civil war.

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Lieutenant Rae Sloane is a self-made officer in the Armies of the Galactic Empire with a platoon of firm friends she guards with dedication in her campaigns against the lawless forces of the Outer Rim.
Until one fateful skirmish on Umbara, she rescues a strange straggler, a young horse-like child with a piebald coat and a trail of bad luck.
Fighting to protect him on both sides of a merciless anarchy, Rae and Pipsqueak discover they are far from alone in the galaxy

My first official crossover.
Taking inspiration from my friend, Bronycommander, and getting into the Star Wars spirit.
Expect cameos a' plenty! I'm a huge Expanded Universe nerd. :twistnerd:
Pipsqueak's backstory is based of my own headcanon.
Enjoy and may the Force be with you Long Live The Empire.

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A side-story of the Rejuvenationverse.
Princess Cadence and Shining Armour are intrigued to learn of a less-than-untimely death of a prominent independent noble and the factors surrounding it.
The scent of murder draws them in to investigate.
Unravelled are the origins of the notorious royal, Blueblood.

A bit lighter than my usual work. Those of you who liked The Rejuvenation Play more than its sequels will probably like this.
Based on The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries books by Ngaio Marsh and the 1193 BBC1 series starring Patrick Malahide.

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Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis are two of the most important ponies in Canterlot.
Very little can damage them or the reputation they have among the citizens.
That is until the Bringer of Chaos showers his temptations and trickeries upon them both on the day of his return.
What happened to two ponies so seemingly untroubled by the trials of normal ponies.
What weaknesses do they have that Discord just so enjoys exploiting.
And how will they recover from the living nightmares they suffered.
Can they bear to show themselves to Canterlot.
Or each other?

MLP FIM is property of Lauren Faust and Hasbro.
The POV Series belongs to Alex Warlorn. Thank you so much for the watch!

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This story is a sequel to Prelude: Call To Arms

At long last, the combined enemies of Doctor Whooves and Derpy Doo are ready to make their move, determined to bring down the two and Equestria with it.
The Bearers of Harmony will need to learn much and prepare for the worst when the most dangerous ponies they could ever meet set their plans into action.
This army at their doorstep, unlike any other they have faced, is comprised of the most feared and deadly killers across the world led by a mysterious and utterly ruthless criminal mastermind. His foe- The Doctor. His targets- Those he loves. His employer- A deranged mare who, more than anything else, wants Derpy Doo to suffer.
All events prior have been leading to this moment.
Who will be victorious?

Sex Tag-For innuendo and connotations. No actual activity.

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This story is a sequel to Intriguing

A short prelude to my upcoming story, set directly after Intriguing.
Focussing on several unknown foes that are set to come into play.
Just a little gift.
Merry Christmas everyone!

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Fancy Pants, Canterlot's most important (non-alicorn) pony has fallen in love.
But love may have to wait for he stands to assume a third term in office as Royal Canterlot Council Chairstallion, pitted against his arch-rival, the corrupt and disgusting Lord Magistrate Nitpick.
Fleur de Lis, budding model studying under Photo Finish, still bears the scars of a run-in with Nitpick and has grown close to a certain gentlecolt who she sees as a protector and friend and perhaps more?
In the shadows of the capital, Nitpick and his associates plot to ruin the two for their own sinister ends and call upon a fearsome mercenary who, many years ago, turned Fancy Pants' life upside-down.
-This story is a spin-off of You Shall Go To The Gala. I recommend reading that to fully understand the plotline and characters
-The fantastic Cover Image is by girlsay on Deviantart
(Sex tag for innuendo and harassment themes...nothing comes of it, okay?!)

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This story is a sequel to Old Fences

Derpy Doo has left Ponyville behind and returned to her foalhood home at Invitro Hall in Canterlot, serving as a lowly maid to her spiteful aunt, Countess Magnifying Glass. It is not certain how long she will be able to keep those she cares about safe from her family's wrath or how long she will be allowed to keep her precious daughter, Dinky.
Not one to back down so easily, the Doctor plans to let his beloved companion and the mother of his foal return home. He and Derpy's friends arrange for her to attend the Grand Galloping Gala where they may shed light on her torments before the eyes of Princess Celestia herself.
There they will meet old friends and new and try their hardest to find out just how deep their enemy's influence lies and how much danger they may be in.

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