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This story is a sequel to Prelude: Call To Arms

At long last, the combined enemies of Doctor Whooves and Derpy Doo are ready to make their move, determined to bring down the two and Equestria with it.
The Bearers of Harmony will need to learn much and prepare for the worst when the most dangerous ponies they could ever meet set their plans into action.
This army at their doorstep, unlike any other they have faced, is comprised of the most feared and deadly killers across the world led by a mysterious and utterly ruthless criminal mastermind. His foe- The Doctor. His targets- Those he loves. His employer- A deranged mare who, more than anything else, wants Derpy Doo to suffer.
All events prior have been leading to this moment.
Who will be victorious?

Sex Tag-For innuendo and connotations. No actual activity.

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Dinky's becoming a crusader:yay: and is a friend of the CMC, flute and Noi:yay:


As stupid as it sounds, it reminds me of my two fics staring Dinky and my fic about Noi and two fics I'm working on it at the moment, staring Ruby Pinch and Flute

7826125 It's fine. Don't worry. I'll have to look into those.

And the true battle has begun.

And NOT that I won't be glad to see him finally taken down a peg or two (or a few million), but I really think that dear old Cascadius (and by extension a certain withered old nag (we all know who I mean) is going to be biting off WAY more than he can chew if he (and his crew) mess with the Element Bearers.

But that's just me.:raritywink:

7827099 Well, you get informed when the 2 fics are up thanks to following me. Looking foward your comments on the chapters, because I got barely any, mostly only on the first and last chapters unlike you

Tungsten, as in Blue Murder's son Tungsten?

Oh dear...

7827123 Okay. Let me know.
I'm looking forward to reading them and I'll let you know what I think.

7827145 Also, thanks so much for the TV Tropes updates. :pinkiesmile::twilightsmile::raritywink:
Really means a lot.

7827157 Glad to hear it:twilightsmile: If you want I can give you some infomations that Ruby's and Flute's fics in a PM unless you want to be surprised

7827163 It's fine, I'd like to see it. :pinkiesmile:

7827165 okay, i send a pm in a few minutes

7826965 Oh, rest assured that I'm awaiting all the upcoming developments with a great amount of very (evilly) gleeful anticipation, my friend.

And IF our "dear" Cascadius gets his sorry behind kicked somewhere along the way by six certain mares?
Well, let's just say..........
So much ther better.

And that goes for his merry little band of cutthroats, as well.

Royal Flush? Sounds like the pony version of Donald Trump

Let's make Equestria great again! not

Brandenbird Gate=pony version of Brandenburger gate

Well, Dinky, you warm my heart and have fun with your friends!:twilightsmile:

7833743 I try not to mention his name. To me he is 'The Electoral Candidate that must not be named.
Let's just say I'm not a fan.
And at this point, neither is anypony else.
In any case, I took inspiration from your stories for the Griffonia Doctor Who story. Thanks for that. :twilightsmile::raritywink:
And yes, Dinky is adorable. :yay:

7834501 I'm not a fan either. You welcome for the inspiration.:twilightblush:

Almost forgot, thanks for the fave for Welcome to the new order. I don't know how far you read it but I looking forward your comment:twilightsmile:

7834588 Thanks. I'm quite enjoying it. :pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

7834596 Glad to hear it:twilightsmile: I looking forward your comments:pinkiehappy:

The most powerful pony in Equestria!

second to Celestia and Luna. Flush.

Yeah. You sound so cute when you’re trying to be the bad guy

And you're cute in any way possible, Dinky

7842271 That's the benefits of having a royal family.
Stops the politicians getting too above themselves. :trollestia:

7842282 Unfortunately. As I read how much fin Dinky has with her friends, it made me feel bad what happens to her in Welcome to the new order and the end has begun

7842286 Don't worry about it.
I fear bad things might happen to her sooner rather than later.

7842296 Well, I hope when you read it, that your heart won't gave out in shock

7842296 Plus I'm eager your raction in the comments:twilightsmile:

Where's Tungsten actually living? Some of the time he appears to be living in Ponyville (forming an O&O club with Pipsqueak, watching the Play, attending Dinky's birthday party, apparently attending the same school), but here everyone seems convinced he's in Trottingham. Of course, the amount of detail given to his presence leads me to suspect that he certainly is going to be in Ponyville when things kick off, which will make things interesting when Blue Murder finds out.

Pipsqueak, I know your pain, GMing can be tricky if you can't reliably do an intimidating voice.

You know, if you keep up like this I'm going to end up having to do a Nightmare Fuel page as well before long.

7842453 I would recommend just making a Nightmare Fuel Page.
Things for our heroes are going to get worse before they get better.
In any case, Tungsten and Blue Murder both come from Trottingham but they stay in Ponyville for a variety of reasons. Tungsten goes to the school and he and Pip are best friends.
When Blue Murder's 'away' she often has friends look after him (Not always mercenary friends)
Tungsten and Blue Murder often go back to Trottingham on the weekends.

7842453 Yeah, I've always been quite good at impressions but I lost the ability to do a convincing Bart Simpson when my voice cracked.

Oh, Celestia. Deeper and deeper into the dark depths of the rabbit hole we go, it seems.

If I hadn't been sickened by the events of Cascadius' machinations in the previous stories, I am now.
(, boy, am I!)

I also feel hugely sorry for poor Trilby.
Nopony deserves to suffer like that, just because of what her father has done.

And the same goes for her poor mother.

Sky and Winds, I will be SO glad to see this bastard (AND his filthy cohorts, too of course) get his long overdue comeuppance.

And yes, that ALSO includes that bitch Countess Glass.

7842458 Did it. Then did a Tear Jerker page. Then reckoned I might as well do the ones I actually read the fic for, so there's Awesome and Heartwarming too. Well done, you've eaten up another afternoon.

Honestly, every time I reread these I spot something new. Is Sparkler the "pink-coated, violet-maned unicorn mare" mentioned in Prelude? If so, might I just say, in the nicest possible way: You complete and utter glorious bastard.

7842765 Don't worry. All will be revealed.
I just really couldn't resist.
The Cult of Piggsicorn were mentioned in Old Fences and was originally meant to be a throwaway reference but I just liked the name so much I thought I might give them some more depth.
Yeah, what happened to Trilby will have consequences.
Let's just say if Cascadius thinks the Countess and the Senator aren't looking for a chance to get even, he's very much mistaken.

7842781 Thank you. I've just been checking them and I love it.
I will owe my recognition to you, my faithful watcher.
And yes. Very well done.

7842786 Good.
And that's okay; I quite understand.:raritywink:
Hmmm, yeah, I think I remember that, actually.
And I'm glad you did.
They're creepy (there's an understatement; a very SEVERE understatement!), but at the same time, they're interesting and add a LOT of depth to the story.
Which I like.
Oh, heavens, I sincerely hope do!
I certainly HOPE so!
*grins evilly*

You... you included Wolf in this?! I... I think I'm speechless at such an honor!

Thank you, Purple. I loved seeing her in this. It WAS unexpected, but I loved it.

*pounces/glomps/huggles happily*

7853127 You're very welcome Wolf. :twilightsmile:
The Eternal Knights in the chapter are OC's from you, 6samuelb and Bronycommander, who I'd like to thank for all the praise and comments I've got from the three of you. :raritywink::raritywink::raritywink:
As such, I've made your characters pretty badass. :rainbowdetermined2::eeyup::ajsmug:
And unafraid to show their disdain for the methods shared by Cascadius and 'Downriver' :twilightangry2:
Put your theory of who 'Downriver' is in spoilers. :twistnerd:

7853164 roundstable.com/forums/images/smilies/kind-of-yall.png
Well, I can't speak for the others, but I've been more than happy to help.:twilightsmile:
Makes a nice l'il bit of a change from helping DarkEquestria (Ashinda) work on Fel Equestria - Revised Edition.
And thank you for that. You certainly made her that. I heartily approve. roundstable.com/forums/images/smilies/kind-of-yall.png
Indeed they are.:ajsmug:
Just a guess, but... Cascadius himself?:applejackunsure:
Sorry, that's my best guess.:twilightsheepish:

It's either Derpy Hooves or Ditzy Doo. Why combine the two?

7853214 Where can I read Fel Equestria - Revised Edition?

7853417 Well, Hooves sounds so similar to 'Whooves' and she wasn't born related or married to the Doctor.
Doo is her maiden name. Her father was Can Doo.
Basically, Hooves is, sort of, the name she has now but it's unofficial.
In my take on it, it's common for Equestrian mares to keep their maiden names after marriage.

7853164 Thanks for the recognition, though I couldn't have done any of it without your excellent story as a base. Nice to see a character I helped create in something other than my own dodgy works, I like what you did with him.

Not a massively flattering look into Pipsqueak's home life, I hope he'll be OK. I'm probably over-reacting to what's just a protective parent, though, although jumping on his relationship with Dinky seems a bit off.

Personally I reckon 'Downriver' is one of Cascadius' old identities, given that there's not many others who are likely to have lived that long, he reacts to the Doctor with the loathing and caution of someone who's lost to him before, and he shares Cascadius' mercenary attitude. Of course, knowing me, I'm horrible wrong. Now to look at other people's guesses...

Hey, apparently I'm right! That doesn't happen very often! Happy now..

7853460 Right you are.
Thanks for all your help.
Don't put Nancy down as a bad character just yet. You'll find out why she disapproves of Derpy later.
You might want to put the Eternal Knights on Awesome. :ajsmug:
And quite soon, you'll probably be putting Cascadius himself on Nightmare Fuel. :fluttershbad:
Rarity pretty much says outright he's Paranoia Fuel. :raritydespair:

7853473 I've got a similar problem putting the Knights under Awesome that you had about putting the story on TvTropes in the first place, it feels narcissistic, although I do feel they merit a place. Maybe later. If I can get enough tropes together to justify a YMMV page I'll add Paranoia Fuel straight (which I hadn't though of myself, so it's getting fairly close, currently also got Complete Monster and The Woobie), but I could certainly add it as an in-universe example, maybe when I do my check and find the inevitable plethora of spelling/grammar mistakes.

I've not written Nancy off yet, just commenting on a first reaction I had to the character, but my first reactions tend to be of variable accuracy anyway.

7853420 Um, hang on and I'll get the link for you.

Dinky and flute singing together, how nice and cutie:yay: Reminds me of my pacific fic where flute sings too

7853523 Thanks. Don't worry. In your own time.

7853875 I'll look into it.
By the way, how do you like Fletcher Fray?

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