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Just a Fanfiction writer for fun.


This story began as a simple method of venting frustration towards something I viewed as horrid and cruel. The initial idea grew and grew. At one point, I allowed my significant other to influence the narrative in quite a horrid manner. Events occurred suddenly and without explanation. This current version aims at a more complete, coherent story. I hope you enjoy the read.
Ditzy was once a simple little foal in a not so simple world. Bullies attacked her verbally over her naturally drooping eye. Teachers and Wonderbolt Generals alike set her up for failure due to this deformity. A series of events, orchestrated initially by her Flight School Bullies, will send her life down a very odd path filled with bravery, death and a spot of inter dimensional time travel.

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Decided to rewrite the story from scratch. Archived old chapters. Added first new one. I will not promise any deadlines.

Is this going to continue? I'm really interested on what is going to happen.:duck:

When I have the time and the inspiration to sit down with it again, I'll be happy to update it.
While this story's been up, Life's been changing pretty rapidly.
I moved half a continent away from where I'd lived for the majority of my life. To survive, I work for the necessary funds to eat and pay my taxes.
Time Lady Ditzy Doo was originally meant to go on several adventures based on the works of other fiction writers. Cupcakes and rainbow factory to name a few. But I decided that I'd have to go somewhere more unique. Since then, I've wanted to give her a more original series of Adventures. My girlfriend at the time had a character called "The Professor". She was meant to be from a time with which Ditzy became a Dictator.
Disagreements with my now Ex Girlfriend led to another rewrite.
Another rewrite after that because of my rushing to finish chapters, rather than focus on detail.
This poor thing goes a very long time between updates. I wish I could finish it all in one go. I've just not had the time or desire to do so.

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