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Just your average blue-eyed brown pony with a purple crescent cutie mark.Named after curare? Well, yes. My parents were an interesting pair.I assure you, I am harmless.


With Queen Chrysalis far away, a lone changeling must rebuild his life. Trapped behind enemy lines, pretending to be a unicorn named Woorali, he must rely upon creatures he once considered food to survive. But, he is not looking for redemption. Beneath the mask of a pony, a confused, alien mind works tirelessly to save the Hive.

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The amount of Doctor Whooves

Is too damn high.

The same could be said about the number of fics I comment on, though.

Another wall of text.

Space between paragraphs, bro. It's easier on the readers eyes.

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1712376 Is this a critique of my writing, or a statement of fact? Because Doctor Whooves is incredibly useful for writin'! He is Filler, Deus Ex Machina, and Hero all rolled into one convenient package we never get to see do much on-screen.
Anyways. You're the first person to comment on my first story. Sending you much love! :heart:

1712393 Too much of the Whoofian. :moustache:

Don't get me wrong, I love Dr. Who and TIME TURNER, as his name in the show is, but there is too much of it. Also, this fic was pretty decent.

1712380 Oh, I apologize! I shall alter the spacing at once!


Good luck to you with this story, though. I didn't have any major problems with it.

1712410 Thank you. I shall continue writing.

Spambots... who needs 'em?

1712830 Hopefully, not TOO cheesy for ya.

The story sounds a lot like "without a hive"...
but sounds like the type of story I would read.
Allonsy :moustache:

1713054 Thank you. I shall post more chapters as I perfect them.

Well, One year count down to time travel for him.

He did promise.

Hopefully that will be little longer than deck of cards ;p

1871861 That's what sequels are for. ^^

That was an interestin' lil' bit.


Oh, dear. Heh, heh, heh. This is gonna be great.

Oooh, poor Woog.

And yay, Coffee! You did a great job with him.

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