• Published 30th Nov 2012
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Through Alien Lives - Woorali

With Queen Chrysalis far away, Woorali the changeling must rebuild his life.

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The Moon

I dreamt all my limbs were broken. And, worse than that, Celestia herself stood over me, charging her horn.
Waking up, I decided my experiences made me more imaginative when it came to painful, terrifying experiences.

I looked around, checking my branch for any damage my hooves or body would do that a pony could track. It was still dark, but a thin lair of shell dust shone in the morning light. I brushed it off, and climbed off the tree. Once on the ground, I checked over my disguise.

I was Woorali, otherwise known as Woog, a young unicorn pony. I came from Canterlot. This would be easy. My favorite food would be fresh carrots, my favorite activity reading, and my favorite animal would be a praying mantis. I considered coming up with more, but decided against it. I was a visitor to the library, not a permanent guest, after all.

Then, I trotted over to Sugarcube Corner, absorbing some of the energy the place radiated. As I stood there, pretending to be lost, a pony with a sand clock for a cutie mark ran over to me.

“Pretending to be lost? You are not lost, though! Saw you here last night, yes, that’s it! You like this place? Looks odd, I know. Some advice for somepony, or really anything, alien to Ponyville. Do NOT comment on the architecture.” I blinked. Did he just suggest I was anything but a pony? I mentally ran through every aspect of my form. Nothing stood out as a mistake.

“Um…who are you?” I finally said. He could not have detected me so soon. I forced myself to relax, even as I calculated how fast I could jump forward and bite down on his neck. Maybe, I could hide the body up in the oak.

“I’m Eon Smith. Not-related-to-Granny-Smith Smith. Also the Doctor. I pop up sometimes. You see a large black cloud of smoke coming through?” if possible, he spoke faster than before.

“No.” I shook my head. He is mad, and looks at me like he expects something more than just a one-word reply.

“What day is it?”

“Um. I’m not sure.”

“Oh, well. Dates are important, you know. Time moves like this, and the wrong date is actually really quite far away!” He explained, waving his front hooves in front of me before nearly falling on his face.

“Far away? You travel time?” I asked, blinking. The Hive’s archives mentioned changeling scouts encountering a time traveler or two in the past, but each of them had been violent.

“Yes. Celestia gave me permission.”

“Oh. I see…” I tried to imagine what kind of power Princess Celestia must have, if she can order around someone that can re-write history at will, even kill her in her infancy. Then again, the rapidly rising Sun proved her power...

“Yes. It’s very complicated and you can’t even imagine what happened. Trust me, I have no idea either. Still, it’s fun. You should come sometime. Maybe next year?” he grins, and I realize he must be joking. Maybe, this whole exchange was just more pony craziness.

“Next year.” I agreed.

For the first time since coming to Ponyville, I had to come up with an excuse to leave the conversation.

“I’m sorry to cut this short, Eon, but I have an appointment with Twilight Sparkle, and the sun is already coming up. And you mentioned something about a black cloud?” I tried.

“Yes, thanks for the reminder. I should run. Always the running. You sure you don’t want to come with?”

“I’m sure.”

“Woorali, I can get you back here in time for your meeting with Twilight.”

“I think I already said no. Why cannot you leave me alone, and find yourself a silly little filly to go with you?” I hissed at him, rage overtaking my ability to maintain the Canterlot guard voice.

“Okay, okay! No need to get all bitey! See you later!” with that, he was gone, running down the street towards a strange blue structure I was sure stood on the other side of town last night.

I turned around, ignoring a small adventurous voice in my head demanding I go back in time and fix what happened to Queen Chrysalis, even if it meant telling Eon the truth. Then, I realized he knew my name, and sat down, hard. He must know something about my future, something which means that he, an ally, or even a subject of Princess Celestia, can safely ignore. My dream came back, and I shuddered. If I had tear ducts, I would have cried. Instead, I settled for making my face contort into a pony frown.

“A pony looking sad next to Sugarcube Corner in the morning? Sounds like a job for Pinkie Pie!” I turned around, and looked right into the eyes of a very, very pink pony. My enemy from the invasion. The reason I was alone, the reason I would fail!

“I do not require any help from you.” I hissed again in my true voice. What was the point of hiding, now?

“Oh. Okay…” she looked sad for a moment. “Are you sure?”

“Yes! All I want is to go to the library, and find out what happened to the changelings!” I screeched.

“Why didn’t you say so? I’m friends with Twilight! She could tell you all about the changelings, and I’ll go and prepare a welcome party!” the pink pony screamed even louder than me, giving me pause. These ponies are crazy, no doubt about it.

“A welcome party for who?” I asked, dreading the answer.

“For you, silly! You look like you need a REALLY big party to cheer you up!”

“What? Why?” not only has she ignored my obvious changeling voice, she ignored my rage and hopelessness. For a moment, I felt truly silly. Eon may be happy because I removed his need to ask permission from Princess Celestia. For all I knew, the earth pony loved Chrysalis as much as I did. I clutched at that thought, and let it carry me out of the sudden storm of emotion. The Hive made me complete. Without it, I am as crazy as these ponies, I thought.

“You think a lot. That can make you unhappy! Sometimes, you just have to let your brain rest. You don’t wanna go crazy!” Pinkie Pie explained, gently pushing me along toward the house tree.

“Um. Yes. I was acting a little crazy back there. Thank you for your help.” Like expressing my emotions using a disguise and nearly giving myself away to one of the Hive’s greatest enemies, I finished in my mind. Still, I smiled to her.

“You’re welcome.” She smiled back, and I felt happiness. Not just happiness. If Sugarcube Corner radiated positive feelings like a glue vat radiates heat, Pinkie Pie was a fire.

By the time we arrived at the library, I felt overfull, as well as informed. Pinkie Pie told me several jokes which I had to fake laughing at, explained Sugarcube Corner’s purpose in the impossible society the ponies maintained (apparently, it produces food), listened to my disguise’s story about being a scholar interested in changelings, and even tried to sing. I stopped her before she could begin, though.

“I’m a quiet pony, Pinkie. It’d make me happy if you didn’t.” I explained, making sure to use my Canterlot Guard voice. She ignored the change, and somehow this lame appeal to her emotions worked. I checked that she was not feeding off of me, just in case. I never heard of ponies that could, but then, I met a time traveler today, and seen two females cuddling like lovers last night.

“Okie dokie lokie. I love to sing, but we can skip that part if you don’t. Oh, we’re here.” If it were not for my absentmindedness, I would have been annoyed at her stating the obvious. As it was, I felt only thankful.

“We’re here already?”

“Yeah! Time flies when you’re having fun!” she giggled. I felt nauseous. Pinkie’s happiness was addictive, but I was only one changeling!

“Spike, Twilight, I have a new friend who wants to see your library!” She bounced up to the door, paused in midair, and knocked on it with both hooves. I blinked. I swore to myself I would never again be surprised by anything in Ponyville.

“Good morning, Pinkie Pie! Who’s your new friend?” the creature that spoke those words made me break my promise. I stared at the baby dragon, a chirp escaping my lips before I could turn it into something harmless and pony-like.

“This is Woog! He’s a Canterlot scholar who wants to know everything about the changelings who attacked Canterlot!”

“Wow! A Canterlot scholar! Nice to meet you Woog! I’m Twilight Sparkle!” a purple unicorn nearly skewered me with her horn when she materialized with a flash of light. Another flash of light, and a moment of disorientation later I found myself inside the library.

All libraries are the same. The smell of ink and paper, accompanied by a faint scent of magical discharge permeated everything. Hundreds of books lined the shelves. Weeks of pretending to be a librarian paid off, and I could recognize some of the titles from appearance alone. This Twilight loved complex magics, science, and history.

“It’s nice to meet you, Twilight Sparkle. I am working on my own book about the history of changelings. They are fascinating creatures. ” I wondered why they looked at me as if I sprouted another head.

“Changelings have history?” the dragon creature, Spike, spoke first.

“Spike!” Twilight levitated the baby dragon up to her, shutting the door with a burst of magical energy.

“What? Changelings are evil and stupid.” I wondered what the dragon would say if I changed into my normal form right now. Time to score points with the ones I will depend on for information.

“I don’t think they are evil, or stupid, Spike. They care about each other, and they nearly took over Canterlot. I want to learn all about them, to avoid any future conflict.” Sometimes, the truth is better for proving my trustworthiness, I decided.

“That’s very wise, Woog. Spike, be nice. Maybe someday, changelings will learn from us.” She nodded towards me, and lowered Spike to the ground. The dragon crossed his arms, and looked up at me.

“I don’t think so. And what kind of name is Woog, anyway?”

“It stands for Woorali Mirrortelling Hooves! Isn’t that an awesome name?” Pinkie Pie piped up.

“Yes, Woorali Hooves.” I smiled down at the dragon. He learned a lot from ponies, but not enough to ignore his instincts. Suspicion was as natural to dragons as breathing. Perhaps a smile would be enough to reassure him? He glared at me, hissing, but walked up the stairs.

“Twilight, be careful. There’s something wrong with him.” Spike whispered, shutting the door. I was tempted to shout that nothing could be more dangerous than a dragon growing into adulthood in a house filled with paper, but the surprised and hurt look on Twilight’s face made me pause. Best not to hurt their connection, I thought.

“He’s usually so sweet…I don’t know what came over him.” she said, sniffing.

“Don’t worry, Twilight! I’ll make him some baked bads tomorrow! Sometimes, a friend just needs some time alone, you know! When I was…” she looked over to me, I shook my head. She shut her mouth.

Looking over at Twilight, I could not help myself. I giggled. She looked how I felt in this crazy town.

“Did you just get Pinkie to stop singing, Woorali?”