Through Alien Lives

by Woorali

The Magician

It took almost the full day to get ready. The ponies packed everything, from huge amounts of their odd food to clothing. More than ounce, I felt dangerously exposed by their preparedness. Still, the six ponies suspected nothing.

“Woorali, I'm sorry, but do you think the changelings would like a gift? I know you are the expert...” Fluttershy spoke up for the fifth time in as many hours. Of all the ponies, the pegasus cared the most, and in the stupidest ways.

“Yes, they would. Just pack what you think will help with the negotiation!” I said, perhaps a bit too loudly.

“Woorali!” Twilight growled as she levitated a book over my head and into an ever-growing saddlebag with her cutie mark stitched on the flap.

“I'm sorry. But, we should move soon. Every day we waste is a day Chrysalis has to cause trouble.” and another day I am away from my Queen, I added inwardly.

“Darling, stop worrying!” Rarity said as she jumped up and down on a suitcase that looked full to bursting with what looked like bolts of fabric.

“Yeah! She wouldn't dare make any trouble!” Rainbow Dash yelled from outside, where she was busy folding what looked like a large yellow mat. Why she would want a floor covering, I had no idea, and it fast dawned on me that I did not care.

“Adventures got a way of workin' themselves out.” Applejack helpfully added.

By the time they packed everything, I carried a set of saddlebags of my own. Twilight insisted I needed my own library and scholarly supplies.

“Like a Canterlot scholar should!” she said sternly. Insisting a Canterlot scholar could set their own standards brought me nothing but more books, so I kept quiet until we were safely away from the tree library.

“Why must we travel at night?” Rarity asked, looking around the nighttime Ponyville.

“Because changelings like travellin' at night.” Applejack said, before looking at Twilight.

“Yes...we don't be surprised! Yes, if Chrysalis is moving while we rest, and we meet, she might do something nasty before we can convince her we don't mean any harm!” Twilight waved her hoof, smiling at Rarity.

“We will rest when we reach the Mossy Ruins, though.” the purple unicorn nodded to me.

Stopping at the Mossy Ruins was my idea. The collection of rocks disguised a changeling outpost in Equestria, perhaps the only tunnel leading directly to our territories. I hoped to contact the guards at the entrance, and pass on a message about Queen Chrysalis' return and my plan to give the ponies over to her. Maybe, they could help. It took a bit of convincing, since the ponies preferred to travel by train, but in the end, Twilight listened.

With that in mind, I trotted beside Twilight, the road leading all of us away from Ponyville, and toward my victory.

Reaching the Mossy Ruins, we set up camp. Applejack and Rainbow Dash made sure I helped, and even Pinkie Pie encouraged my efforts, as dismal as they were. Pony tents made no sense, and making the fire without using magic (even Twilight insisted I do it without a spell) took almost a full hour. As everypony lay down, I excused myself, and transforming back into my normal shape, scuttled down to the nearest sunken-in stone.

Shifting the block of wood painted to look like rock out of my way, I hissed a greeting into the hole. The hiss returned sounded tired.

“Hello, equal. Are you another refugee?” having a voice in my head, as well as in my ears!

I swiftly sent the images necessary, and though I lacked much, the message went through with ease.

“Good. We were getting worried. Will you be alright alone?” the changeling asking sounded sad.

“I have to.” I hissed in reply. Shifting back into my unicorn shape, I made my way back up to the camp. As I left, I thought I heard a faint hissing.

“Another poor, mad thing.”

“I am NOT mad.” I hissed as I climbed into my tent.

Watching the embers of the fire it took so long to build glowing in the dark, I wondered about the ponies. They were keeping something from me. But, if they knew what I was, I would already be in Celestia's dungeon, or worse. So, it had to be something they kept from my persona, from Woorali the unicorn. Perhaps, Pinkie Pie fancied me? She did seem to prefer following me around...Or, could Spike have convinced them after all? The little lizard was still angry when we left, judging by the upstairs doors being slammed every once in a while.

Something crunched in the darkness. Did the changeling guard leave his post? If he did, my plan could be ruined in seconds!

“I have them in my power. Don't be a fool!” I hissed, anger rising as I slid out of the tent, only to meet face to face with a large canid face.

“Oh. I see.” I said in Equestrian, feeling very foolish. Of course, the Mossy Ruins would have their own timberwolves.

“TIMBERWOLVES!” I screamed, scrambling back into the tent, doing my best to appear large, threatening, and unpalatable. I failed. A crooked, branch-like paw ripped through the tent and pinned me to the ground.

“Chrysalis, I'm sorry.” I hissed, losing my disguise and biting down on the timberwolf's leg with all my strength. I hoped to fool everypony a while longer, to get them all to her, but now, it seemed like I would have to escape and hide from them instead. All because of a stupid wild animal. Which was now making odd barking noises as strong hooves beat its back and head.

“Come on, Woorali! Fight 'im!” Applejack yelled to me. I tried to reply, but having a mouthful of splintering wood made that difficult. I could feel my fangs creak in my head as I tried my best to dislodge them and wiggle out from under the enormous wood dog which shook and howled like a its face was on fire. A quick check confirmed that Twilight cast a spell that burned at the thing's nose.

Ripping my teeth out of the hardened skin of the timberwolf, I watched as the ponies chased it off, feeling sick. There is no chance they did not see me, I thought. Any moment now, and they would come back and capture me. Struggling up to my hooves, levitating the tattered remains of the tent off me, I applied my disguise as best as I could, and was about to run away when I heard a cheerful laugh.

“Yay! You're okay! That was very brave of you, fighting that meany-pants all by yourself! Anypony else woulda run away!” Pinkie Pie smiled at me, her eyes reflecting the glittering ash of the campfire.

“Indeed.” I spoke. “You didn't see anything odd, did you?”

“Darling, I just saw a brave pony defend us from a giant timberwolf. That is pretty odd!” Rarity spoke up. She ran after the wood monster? The thought alone broke me. I smiled, and fell on the ground.

“That was awesome...” coming out of Rainbow Dash's mouth was the last thing I heard before I tuned out the world to contemplate the impossible. They did not notice! How stupid were these ponies? Or, is it they did not care?