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Takes place in the same universe as Through Alien Lives. Queen Chrysalis looks for escape. But, underneath it all, what is she? Why does she hate Celestia? Why does she want to know why? If you can answer these questions, you are far wiser than she who dreams of victory and defeat, and who plots a vicious campaign against Equestria even as she lies healing on the shores of a tiny island far from the mainland.

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Golden Isles?
Home to golden rain, perhaps?

1767736 Depends entirely upon definition. Still, for the sake of fun, the answer's yes, sure, why not.

question: in this universe does chrysalis have some sort of obsession for twilight or something

because reading this fanfic it really seems like it

1808432 Think about it: If Twilight hadn't figured her out, Chrysalis would have stealthily taken over. Miss Sparkle's the one "bad pony" who presents the greatest threat, in Chrysalis' mind, the one who best represents the mindset that opposes her.

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