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Good news · 9:12pm Jan 25th, 2019

Ejection Fraction has gone from 19% to 35%. Three months of effort and support since the hospital has doubled my cardiac output. Remodeling is being seen and hopefully will continue. This is enough to get me out of the life vest and permit me to drive again.

I am relieved. So thank you to all who have supported me through this.

Still have a ways to go, and I am neither out of the woods nor completely immune from cyberification, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

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Cool then my joke earlier worked

Yes, it is a heart. :)

ok. was i right with that being a heart?

Twilight and Cadance are together in a manner of speaking. They are intimately close after 300 years in Tartarus. This point will actually be covered more in the next chapter.

you know the cover heart (that is a heart shape right?) does confuse me are twilight and cadence together in this one and not shining and cadence never got together i know time in hell move a lot faster

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