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Update, long overdue · 12:58am Aug 19th, 2020

To anyone out there still listening. Hi. I hope you're well, and safe. Obligatory 2020 is hell comment and all that jazz.

I'm doing well. Not amazing, but amazing is a hard trick to pull right now for any of us.

I sit here, trying to articulate the emotions I am feeling, and somehow convey them in words. And it's not going very well. I am failing.

So I'll instead begin with the informational side of things.

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Cool then my joke earlier worked

Yes, it is a heart. :)

ok. was i right with that being a heart?

Twilight and Cadance are together in a manner of speaking. They are intimately close after 300 years in Tartarus. This point will actually be covered more in the next chapter.

you know the cover heart (that is a heart shape right?) does confuse me are twilight and cadence together in this one and not shining and cadence never got together i know time in hell move a lot faster

  • Viewing 7 - 11 of 11
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