• Published 27th Oct 2019
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The Ending of the Beginning - Jade Ring

Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow escaped following the Battle of the Bell. Are they planning vengeance? Or have they found their own happy ending?

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A Few Years Later

The audience applauded as the graduating class of Saddleburg High tossed their four pointed hats into the air. One young mare in particular, a pink pegasus with a light blue mane, flew into the sky and scanned the emptying bleachers for her parents. She saw them waving her down and zipped down to them, grabbing them in a crushing hug.

“Congratulations, little one.” Tirek whispered into her mane, trying to hide the croak in his voice. “I’m so very proud of you.”

“We both are.” Chrysalis added, wearing her Shutter Bug mask once again. While the good folks of Saddleburg had come to accept the fact that a centaur now lived and worked among them, Chrysalis still thought it wise to keep her true nature hidden for the time being. “Would you like to go out for dinner? Or did you make plans with Lily Vine and Mustard Seed?”

“Actually, I may have cooked up a little graduation surprise of my own. For you guys, I mean.” Cozy Glow pulled away and looked around sheepishly.

Tirek raised an eyebrow. “Cozy…” He said in a warning tone she knew well. “Have you been scheming?”

“Just… meet me in the woods just outside of town in half an hour.” Before they could ask any questions, she was gone, mingling and laughing with the circle of friends she’d cultivated over the years.

Tirek and Chrysalis shared a look before shrugging.

What harm could it do?


Half an hour later, the centaur and the changeling sat and waited in a clearing in the midst of the sunset soaked trees of the Fawny Woods. They lounged together against a redwood tree and held each other close. Given the seclusion, Chrysalis had shed the guise of Shutter Bug and leaned into Tirek’s embrace in her natural Reformed state. She’d grown more accustomed to it over the years.

Tirek breathed in the smell of his wife’s mane and sighed. “We did good, didn’t we?”

“Yes, we did.” Chrysalis snuggled into his warmth and sighed. “She’s an amazing mare.”

“I always knew she would be.” Tirek reached up and adjusted his spectacles. “She came closer to conquering Equestria than we did when she barely a filly.”

“Do you miss those days?”

“What days?”

“You know?” She looked up at him and smirked. “Being bad.”

“Sometimes.” Tirek admitted. “But I’m much happier now. When I was bad, I was alone. Now…” He bent and kissed her lightly. “Now, I have you.”

“We could be bad together.” She reached up and kissed him again. “…Would you have me right here? Right now?”

“Don’t tempt me, your majesty.” He growled. “You look ravishing in this light.”

Chrysalis’ response was cut off by the sound of approaching hoof-steps and voices. In a flash of green, she resumed the appearance of Shutter Bug and stood beside Tirek, ready for anything.

Almost anything.

“Here we are.” Cozy Glow stepped into the clearing and waved two ponies to come join her. She smiled at the centaur and the changeling as she indicated the stallion and mare behind her. Both were clearly middle aged, their manes going grey and thinning. Even through their confusion, they carried an air of smugness and superiority. “I sent these two an invitation to the ceremony. Never imagined they’d actually show up.”

“Cozy, is this really that important?” the stallion asked, pulling a pocket watch from his lapel. “We have a train to catch and…”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that.” Cozy Glow flapped her wings and landed between her fellow former villains. She faced the two ponies, smirked, and pointed to the two strangers. “This is Stuffed Shirt and Number Crunch.”

Tirek and Chrysalis froze, recognizing the names at once.

“Stuffed Shirt? Number Crunch? These…” She gestured behind her. “These are my parents.”

The mare scoffed. “Don’t be ridiculous, Cozy Glow. We are your parents.”

“No.” Cozy flared her wings and glared at the two. “You were never my parents.”

“Cozy…” Stuffed Shirt narrowed his eyes. “That’s no way to talk to your mother.”

“She’s not talking to her mother.” Chrysalis stepped forward, green fire dancing at her hooves. “I’m her mother.”

“And I’m her father.” Tirek stepped forward as well, removing his spectacles and sliding them into a pocket of the vest he now wore. “And I’d appreciate you not talking to my daughter like that.”

Stuffed Shirt shrank as the muscular centaur loomed over him. “Cozy Glow… what is this?”

“This? This is a long time coming. That’s what this is.” Cozy Glow looked back at her parents. “I hope you don’t mind the surprise.”

“Mind?” Green flames washed over Chrysalis and she relished the taste of fear from the two ponies when they beheld her old, twisted form. “This is the best gift you’ve given us in ages.”

Tirek smacked one huge fist into a meaty palm and grinned. “Chryssy, you were asking if I missed the old days?” He cracked his neck. “Shall we take a trip down memory lane?”

“Oh, absolutely.”

Cozy Glow sighed blissfully. “I love our family.”

Laughing maniacally, the three former villains launched themselves at the cowering ponies before them. True, it might have been a step back after all the growth they’d done. But, really, how could they help themselves?

Old habits die hard.


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HA! I love this! Still bad to the bone.

This is a terrific finale for your little trilogy. My only complaint is that in the first chapter, it feels like Chrysalis and Tirek are a tad too mellow and complacent, particularly when both were perfectly willing to let the princesses enact punishment on them. The reason I think this is a mistake, because the core narrative of this story is centered around Cozy, Tirek, and Chrysalis becoming a family, not them becoming good or regretting their past actions. With that said, there isn't any real reason for Chrysalis and Tirek not to fight back against the princesses when they appear, doubly so when Cozy Glow is under threat by the princesses.

Aside from all that, you missed a golden opportunity to fit in the old proverb The greatest revenge is a life well lived. I can easily see that as being carved into a wooden plaque on their front door.

I read the first chapter and thought:
Hey, this was pretty good!
Sweet, but not overboard on the sugar.

Then I read Chapter Two.

Yeah, nicely done.
Upvote and Fave.

I'm struggling to call this a happy ending. I'm definitely happy with it, but I'm sure two certain Ponies aren't happy.~

Old habits die hard.

yes they do

Unless it's a pony named Old Habits, in which case they die pretty easily.

This is how it should've ended.

This was amazing. Celestia and Luna were written pretty well. The trio make a very nice family here and that makes sense considering they had a year to further their family bond. It was also nice to see Cozy calling Tirek and Chrysalis mama and papa, a nice bit of development from the first story. It was good to see them truly reform (while still having there old selves). Now I'm wondering how Twilight and co. would react to this and what would the parent-teacher conferences would look like with these three.

This trilogy is going to be one that I will be rereading many times in the future.

Why do I think their are two Graves in the middle of the woods for stuffed shirt and number crunch

I really liked the first part. While I understand why some will like the second part, I personally don't. But since the first part was groovy, you still get a thumbs up and a fav.

Ya know, I'm happy they got their happy ending in this trilogy.

Even as someone who enjoyed the two-parter far more than some other people did, it was a tad disappointing to see that the show didn't go the "reformed-but-still-kinda-evil family" route with Tirek, Cozy, and Chrysalis.

Your stories are the dose of villainous fluffiness I was in need of. An excellently written trilogy, good sir!

”They’re together forever.” Celestia smiled back. “I can’t think of anything they deserve more.”

I lol'd. :rainbowlaugh:
(Granted, that was probably the intention, but I felt it deserved special recognition.)


Also yay best Reformed Chrysalis design!

Yup, there's a good reason why it's become one of the most commonly referenced designs. Jadedjynx certainly did quite the job back in 2016, that's for sure. (Dear Celestia, was that really just three years ago?)

Rip to the two old ponies in the woods

But besides that I loved this fanfic! It was so cute and sweet and not gonna lie, I liked this second part of it! Growing as a family but taking one last revenge as a villain family. Great story!

This is everything I've wanted since Better Way to be Dad, and it's beautiful.

What Celestia and Luna were doing that far south of Equestria, I have no idea, but it gave them all closure. I like that the two sisters banished them because they no longer have real authority and they can see the three villains have formed their family, which is making each other better. I like to think Twilight and the others, especially Discord, would be happy to learn what became of them.

Chrysalis getting into the photography business was an interesting choice, and I almost wanted to say Tirek got a job at the Pie family's rock farm, but then I realized they'd be too far south for him to get a job there. But my gut was telling me Pie family rock farm.

I do not pity Cozy's biological parents. They kinda had this coming. I thought Cozy and her villainous parents would merely tell them off over their parenting and that Cozy had a better childhood with two of Equestria's top villains raising her. What we got instead was much more perfect, more in-line with their characters. They might've formed a loving family with each other, but they're still capable of being vengeful.

Thanks for this excellent trilogy! Ever since Frenemies, I knew I needed something like this in my life, and you delivered splendidly.

Love this story! good job and I am glad Cozy's ex parents got what was coming to them.

I love this so much. It’s everything I wanted. Tirek/Chrysalis are wonderfully adorable together, Cozy and her new family are finally happy, and yet after all those years, they can still have that edge from their old selves from time to time.
Altho the one thing I couldn’t get around my head was Tirek wearing clothes, that just took me off guard.
But I love the fluffiness from this. I love how everything was resolved for them. From them finding their peace and happiness with each other, Chrysalis learning to give love on her own even if it meant reforming, despite it, not completely changing who she is. Thank you for this. I hope my future Chrysirek fic that’s in the works can become as well rounded as this one.

Are family beatdowns their equivalent of game night? Cause that's one hell of a bonding exercise.

A few months later Cozy Glow was eagerly getting her hair done. "I'm still not sure if I'm comfortable with the thought of Cozy having a boyfriend." Tirek said.

Chrysalis patted his hand. "Now dear we promised we'd be supportive."

A loud roar was then heard as the whole house shook. "He's here!" Cozy ran to the door. "Papa, Mama this is my new boyfriend..." she opened the door and all her parents saw was a pair of big metal feet. "...Starscream. Isn't he dreamy?" hearts flying up from her.

"Cozy makes me want to be a better Decepticon." the boyfriend said.

In the words of M. Bison, “Ah... the road not taken.” It’s certainly sweet to imagine.

Also, Tirek with glasses seems surprisingly fitting.:rainbowlaugh:

Kinda surprised they showed to be honest.

this is blessed

Short, sweet, and beautiful

When did he say that? The USA Cartoon or the live action movie?


What?! Come on, now, Cozy can do WAY better than Starscream!

Strong coffee and a fun tale. What an excellent way to start the morning.


Starscream is an incompetent backstabbing coward who inevitably fails at everything. She should set her sights a little higher. Megatron is certainly into ponies, if those old Transformers Prime commercials are anything to go by.

Yeah, but Megatron might be a bit too old for Cozy. I mean, compared to other Transformers, he could be considered middle-aged.


Starscream's not THAT much younger. ALL Transformers are 'too old,' by that metric.

Good point. So, how about we try to ship Cozy with a character from another realm of fiction. Someone who is as young, cunning, and duplicitous as she is.


Such as?


Beast Boy from Teen Titans?


He's taken. Ish.

What? I thought his sorta girlfriend Terra died in both comics and cartoons.


Yeah, but he's sorta got a thing with Raven kinda maybe?

I also wouldn't call him cunning or duplicitous.

He’s both a shapeshifter and a prankster. I’m sure using these talents requires him to be cunning and duplicitious.

"Quick! Change the channel!"

man now i wish this was canon now

If there are, it's only in the form of a pair of small plots of freshly turned earth. Markers are too good for them considering who did the deed. Still, I think it's more likely Chryssy used changeling magic to shift into the form of a local predator and spread the species' pheromones over the corpses to attract a nearby good Samaritan (read hungry beast) to dispose of the garbage. You know, assuming shifted pheromones is within the scope of a changeling's transformation magic, and I don't see any reason it wouldn't be.

0 to 100 real quick... Loved it!

From villains who could barely stand one another to a loving family, something I really hoped to see.....and seeing Cozy's biological parents get what they deserve, even better!.....this is one thing I truly hoped for, Tirek and Chrysi both considering Cozy their daughter. Just like with the others, an upvote and a fave.

Oops, just a little slip. :ajsmug:

I absolutely love this premise. The mean three becoming a family. Honestly I would have loved this to be their ending.
I really wish there were more stories of this concept.
Is it possible to have a spin-off of this story. y'know short stories of them plus hijinks. i have a bunch of ideas.
Wonderful story author, well done.

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