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After being ditched by Rarity, Applejack finds herself on a train to Canterlot for a fashion show. The train was just under a tunnel when there was a crash. Now Applejack is stuck on a train with no way out with a stallion she wished wasn't there.

Editor: Professor Tactitus

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To answer your question, yes. It would be nice.

Sure:ajbemused: I'm up to another
:moustache::duck: I see no harm in it...

:facehoof: No flying cakes!

:pinkiesad2: No cake?
:rainbowhuh: No sinks

:flutterrage: YOU ARE GOING TO WRITE ME!

6068050 :fluttercry: I am sorry. I was helping my mother with something.
Please don't be mad it me.

6068115 :twilightsmile: what do you think of my story? And that pic is cute and funny.

6068129 Nicely done, You write well.:pinkiehappy::moustache::duck:

6068146 Thanks. :twilightsmile: what is your favorite part?

6068156 When Blueblood was shown to be a normal Joe. and not a tyrant or fru fru .


But he put on an act to protect himself from Royal pains:pinkiehappy:

one of the bestcrack ships have seen you in a while

6068261 thank you for the commitment. I guess.

6068243 yeah.

Yes to the sequel, this is a rare paring. Get a chance to flesh out his character and maybe give him a first name.

make a sequel . this needs more romance.

One word: Sequel.

Yes please sequel

I figured that with nineteen upvotes to four down votes, there'd be something decent here.

There isn't.

fluttercord4ever, I would seriously recommend checking out the writing guide to help with your writing. I'd also recommend a good editor.

6069462 I am sorry if you didn't like my story.As for my editor he helped me with the mistakes I had in this story before I posted it. If you see any mistakes with grammar or spelling PM me and I'll make the changes.

The romance is a little sudden and it could use some fleshing out, but overall this is a good read.

Wow this changes a little of my perpective on blueblood. Nice story

oh god... I have only one thing to say about this... YES PLZ SEQUEL!!!


do i want a squeal? :rainbowhuh:



Good story. You did a nice job in writing Blueblood and the story was very believable. :twilightsmile:

6152952 Thanks.:twilightsmile: Would you like a sequel? If you do then I'll star to write it because you'll be the 10th pony who wants a sequel.

6153139 I would like a sequel. You did a great job with this as a one shot but it is so good it almost demands continuing. A very good story with potential for more.:yay:

Wow, that was actually really good, and it gave a reason for his actions at the Gala while still seeming like a good person.

Your story took me THERE.

Also, please make a sequel if it doesn't already exist.

6420328 I am almost done with the sequel. I should have it done by next week.

I don't ship Applejack and Prince Blueblood together.

Well I do!:pinkiecrazy: I ship it like Fed Ex!

Oh yeah!

My OTP, they are so cute together :raritystarry:

"It is nice to mean you, Prince Blueblood. My name is Applejewel."

I guess that lesson how to speak properly came in handy after living with her aunt and uncle at Manhattan

"I am sorry if I upset you. I guess you barey see them since your career. I bet your parents miss you?"

Applejack lower her head when the thoughts of her mother and father came into her head. She felt tears filling her eyes.

"My mother and father died when I was a little filly. It is just my brother, my sister, my grandmother, and me."

Oh man it's still sad of what happened to Bright Mac and pear butter

"Have you seen or met anypony there? They are all snobs, well besides my aunts, I act like that just to fit in."

You know what I would have believed that but it's still no excuse for your bad behavior towards Rarity

Well this is a pretty interesting story and it looks like Applejack is wearing the dress that she wore during the season 4 episode simple ways and apparently the train got stuck and when she thought she was alone there's somebody there and it turns out it's Prince Blueblood and surprisingly he's not too rude to Applejack and she thought he doesn't know she's found Ponyville or she's a farm girl but somehow he turned out to be a decent person which I really wish we could have seen that but once the train got started and they reach their destination apparently he knows who Applejack is which that threw me off as well this was a pretty good story keep up the good work

Obviously want a sequel where Rarity confront led Blueblood but he calls her out for being shallow and just wanting to use him to fulfill her naive Prince Charming fantasy most little girls grow out of.

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