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This story is a sequel to An Unexpected Love

"Oh you did such a wonderful job, darling. We even got first place! I swear if there is anything you want I'll-Applejack is everything ok?"

"Oh sorry Rarity, I uh have to go somewhere. Go on the train to Ponyville without me, I'll go to the next train."

"Ok, but wait Applejack where are you going?! You are still in your dress?!"

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After being ditched by Rarity, Applejack finds herself on a train to Canterlot for a fashion show. The train was just under a tunnel when there was a crash. Now Applejack is stuck on a train with no way out with a stallion she wished wasn't there.

Editor: Professor Tactitus

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"It maybe just an apple, but it isn't an apple without its seeds."

Apple bloom is in a play and she is the lead mare. The play is almost about to begin. What will happen if they had to change it at the last minute?

Editor- Valen Machina

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"I hope she likes it. I am so nervous. I haven't sung in front of Rarity in 5 years. I just want to make Rarity proud of me. That's all I want to make my sister proud."

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A thousand years ago Discord was turned into stone, what happens if he was in love with a female named Posey. Now Discord is out of his stone prison, what will happened when he sees Fluttershy.

Art by http://kayurka.deviantart.com/art/Quietus-The-Masquerade-Ball-490877046

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"Hey Fluttershy, have you seen Scootaloo? She never came to the tree house yesterday?" Apple bloom said to Fluttershy in a worried voice. "Yeah and she wasn't at school today either." Sweetie belle added with the same worry voice as Apple bloom.

Prequel- Mommy http://www.fimfiction.net/story/199597/mommy

Gore just in case

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Are you, are you
Coming to the Everfree
Where ponies strung up a stallion
They say murdered three.
Strange things did happen here
No pony would it seem
If we met up at the Everfree
In the hanging tree.

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When I woke up, all I can see was the darkness of the Everfree Forest. I don't know how I got here, my mind is still a little fuzzy. I tried to get up, but only to have pain meet me. I turned to look at my body to see what happened. I only wish I didn't there were 3 claw marks on my side.

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Scootaloo always wonder who was her mother was. She always thought she died along time ago, but it turns out her mother was there in front of her the whole time.

Editor- Vale Decem

Sequel- Daddy http://www.fimfiction.net/story/211413/daddy

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One night Berry Punch came home one day drunk. She wanted to have an expensive alcohol she bought but she couldn't find it. In a rage she blamed it on her daughter Berry Pinch. When Berry Pinch said she doesn't have it. Berry Punch started to abuse her. Unknown to Berry Punch there was a grey pegasus that saw the whole thing.
Gore just in case.

Help with idea from CalloofDutySoldier123

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