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This story is a sequel to An Unexpected Love

"Oh you did such a wonderful job, darling. We even got first place! I swear if there is anything you want I'll-Applejack is everything ok?"

"Oh sorry Rarity, I uh have to go somewhere. Go on the train to Ponyville without me, I'll go to the next train."

"Ok, but wait Applejack where are you going?! You are still in your dress?!"

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"He is so hoofsome!"

Your pun is bad and you should feel bad!

6425661 well I couldn't say handsome

6425787 other then that what do you think.

6425736 Actually, the word 'handsome' was used in the episode 'Putting Your Hoof Down' and in the song 'Love is in Bloom'.

I would like to read more about Prince Blueblood and Applejack. BTW, what does Applejack want to hit in the face?

6464097 Because it was the second time he kissed her and she doesn't know why.

I wish it continue. :ajsmug:

I love this story and its predecessor.

Please continue this series, will you?

Also, what does this quote from the end of this story mean, exactly?

"I guess I'll tell him when I see him again...
After I hit in the face."

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