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"Hey Fluttershy, have you seen Scootaloo? She never came to the tree house yesterday?" Apple bloom said to Fluttershy in a worried voice. "Yeah and she wasn't at school today either." Sweetie belle added with the same worry voice as Apple bloom.

Prequel- Mommy http://www.fimfiction.net/story/199597/mommy

Gore just in case

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hmm I noticed the story has gore on it, I'm not looking forward to this....but I shall continue reading this, can't wait for the next chapter

4911459 Thanks, I am glad you like it:twilightsmile:. I really don't know what will happened with the gore part. I am just letting my imagination go, there is no telling what will happened. I have no control when my dark part of me comes.:pinkiecrazy:

very interesting, i never heard of this happening but fucking a man, good job on the story, i can not wait to read the rest ^^

There going to need backup for this.

This is too much! Somebody better rescue them NOW!!!!

I really want to kick that bastards ass!

But i hate that there is a cloffhanger that probably wo be finished.
Make these chapters longer...

And please get an editor to fix these errors..

A mare abuser AND a ponynapper? If Lighten turns into a rapist, then he's gone downhill.

How does a pegasus get knocked out while flying?

I am not going that far for Lighten. It's just the abusing and the ponynapping.
I am going to explain that later in the story.

Things will get interesting.

But omg, your english here is sooooo bad!
The Grammar, spelling errors is too much.

Don't you have a proof reader or a editor? These errors are so distracting and hurts my mind reading it.
This will draw your readers away cause of it.

Uuhhhhh..... AWSOME this is just I don't know what to say such a dark turn from the prequel this will be interesting:pinkiecrazy::pinkiesad2:

Well this isn't to end really well will it?

I know you are really the villan and everything but maaaaaan he did it right the villan has been doubled and eveyrbody who will read this will go :facehoof:

No comment (not a bad thing for me it's usually a really good thing beacuse I think it is to cool or just hadr to say what I think:rainbowkiss:)

I'm sorry about the lost of your sister. I hope she's happy with what you're writing. Also, why does Sweetheart drink the memory spice? She doesn't have to you know.

5836626 Thanks. She happy what I do. I couldn't asked for a better sister.

Please continue the story. :fluttercry:

You really should work on the grammar and spelling.

Perfect title for this song I think.

5898849 (mimicking Elvis) Thank you, thank you very much.

Great chapter! Can't wait for an update:twilightsmile: And tree hugger?I was eating breakfest when I was reading this and now half of my breakfest is well not going to be in my stomoach XD:rainbowlaugh:

5900244 yeah I was laughing when I put that that part in too.

Comment posted by PlieRow666 deleted May 22nd, 2015

Crystal Empire? That means as soon as they touchdown there will be nowhere to run or hide.

Well, Lighten's screwed. The moment he sets hoof in the Crystal Empire, Cadence and Shining Armor are gonna send their Crystal Guards after the sick bastard. Oh, and save Heart Blossom and Scootaloo. Is Heart Blossom a pony or a voice?

6009340 I think you mean Sweetheart and Scootaloo. Blossom is a pony. Sweetheart and now Scootaloo are the only ones who could see and hear her. If you read my author note on Through different eyes to see why I mean Blossom the way she is.

I finally got the time to read this!!!! Ugh I had to study, moving on............ Crystal Empire huh? I think Twilight called every Princess telling that the daughter of one of the Elements of Harmony has dissaperd it would be so funny if they would just walk into the Empire and than Cadance appears and says: I Will take the foal to her real mother thank you very much and she just teleports with Scots and she sends a message to Twi :scootangel::twilightsheepish: I know XD

It must be because you are twins so that way you can talk to her. I guess twins really have the strongest connection over everything in between death and life. I guess Jeff can't even separate twins. I bet your sister is really liking this story if she can even see it or read it I don't know. That's pretty cool how you can talk to your sister even though she's dead. I really like reading this is a really good read. That is all.

~Melody Shadow

well then I just need to do something *grabs knife and goes to where the father is* TIME TO DIE!!


5115367 don't worry I already have my gun and traveling around equestria looking for him and when do find him I'll mount his head on my fireplace

*gets torch and pitchfork*UPDATE,UPDATE,UPDATE!

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