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One thing you learn about Equestria after the initial shock wears off is that for the most part. These magical little equines tend to have some pretty human problems themselves.
Sometimes a long car ride and a comforting word is all someone needs.

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"A mortal life has meaning, purpose. Existence is defined by its fragility. Immortality is a sick mockery of life, with a caricature of significance.”

To the condemned, everything is beautiful.
To be mortal is to truly live.

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Today is the day you finally seize your rightful position as lead cellist in the Canterlot Philharmonic Orchestra.
Unless that is, a certain ashen mare has anything to do with it.
Be on your guard. The firebrand with amethyst eyes plays dirty.

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The Princesses find an alien creature barely clinging to life at the scene of a terrifying crash. Can the Combined Power of the Elements of Harmony save it, or more importantly, should they save it? Will the arrival of this strange creature tear Equestria apart?

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