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Look, Ma, I caught a seapony! *Holds up extremely unhappy seapony*

It's like a Patrick McManus story, only adorably sweet instead of hilariously traumatic. Very nice.

She seems nice, a real catch you might say.

I'm pretty sure the 'How did you get in that pond?" will be part of the conversation on the way back.
Someone would have to drop her off (unless there's a pegasus involved, then it's indeed a 'drop-off') ... :derpyderp1:

Sushi? :fluttershbad:

And I was doing the one activity that every man in the world loved.

Well, not every man...I tried fly fishing once, and while I was told that I was apparently a natural at casting, I couldn't really ever get into it. :applejackunsure:

I began digging through my first aid kit for a waterproof band-aid.

I would think that for an injury such as this you'd need a bit more than a mere band-aid. But then again, as previously stated, I don't really fish, so...

Cuter than Ripple. :heart:

Aside from this misplaced quotation mark:

“She thought about it for a moment. Opening and closing her mouth experimentally. “I think another beer would make it feel better.”

This was pretty good. :)

A thoroughly pleasant read!

Aw, this is cute! Really nice imagery in the beginning describing the dock, and the perfect "disgruntled but gold-hearted fisherman" vibe.

Legally, I'm obligated to question the

“I know, babe, but you gotta hold still.

, but I assume this is just a bit of an overaffectionate platonic nickname, like calling a little child "sweetheart"? I am also curious as to how she managed to get into the pond, but she seems comfortable enough driving or being on the dock for short periods of time, so I guess she just sort of....hopped?

I assume Jetty is a natural seapony from the chapter books and comics rather than a transformed hippogryph. I also assume the “funny taste,” in the pool where she’s staying is a custom cleaning solution formulated to be seapony safe because regular chlorine can’t be good for her gills.

Cute. There's not nearly enough seapony-on-Earth stories. More of this, please.

I had a fish hook go through my finger once, So a band-aid will work.


Since the hook was not embedded in the flesh it was easier to cut away. If it has remained inside it would have been a definite hospital visit. It might still be depending if the wound will get infected or not. Not that it would be a bad idea to go show it to a doctor just in the case it tore flesh in some manner which required stitches (Scar avoidance) and or get tetanus, antibiotics and whatnot preventative measures. (Specially since it is mouth area.)

You will never want anything near your head getting infected, or scarred.

Comment posted by redandready45 deleted Aug 26th, 2020

Will there be more?

You must be fun at parties.


I apologize. I wasn't trying to sound morbid.

I doubled down on my reeling. It dawned on me that if I HAD just hooked the worlds largest bass then I was either going to have to keep it to myself or I was going to be looking at a fairly hefty fine from Fish and Wildlife. This wasn’t technically my land and I hadn’t paid for a fishing permit.

No! Bad!

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“What?! I’m not trying to kill you! Why are you even here! This is private property!”


I like these sort of stories and you did it very well.

I noticed a few typos; I could point them out if you want.

Anyway, why doesn't she have a fragment of the pearl to transform into a hippogriff? Wouldn't that make getting around on dry land much easier?

That was a really nice story which put a smile on my face :-)

Adorable and one hell of a fishing story to tell :twilightsmile:

Shoo be doo !!

Sea pony stories are rare.
Thanks for the great read, author !

Have a Favourite and a Follow :ajsmug:

Sea, SEA pony, not Pond Pony. Can't blame the guy for not checking first, he just didn't expect it there.


This was rather cute and wholesome. One of my fave stories this contest thing has led to, and a well deserved feature


This story was absolutely adorable.

There is a reference I haven't heard in quite a while. I should go dig up my old books of his and reread them.

I couldn’t help but smile. It was just too cute.

I never stood a chance.


Oh, I assumed you were writing for this. Apologies if I'm mistaken

Aktually salt solutions are pretty common for pools now as far as I know. :twilightsmile:

now that's a catch worth keeping

Okay, how TF am I supposed to be hard core when you write WAFFy stuff like this?

Good stuff. Semper, bro...

“I’m here on a work study for the EPA, as part of the U.S. - Equestrian student exchange program.

Truly a cartoon fantasy world.

Have you seen this wonderful little piece? https://www.fimfiction.net/story/443022/fishing

It's not an article 2 update but damn if it's not good to see you're still active

Technically he did catch her, he needs to snap a photo of him holding her.

This is a great story! Jetty’s adorable, and I’d love to see more of her :heart:

“IT LOOKED LIKE A GUMMY WORM!” she defended indignantly through her tears. “WHY WOULD YOU PUT HOOKS INTO THESE?!?!”

A very logical question.

“I’m not proud of it okay!” she snapped, her cheeks turning faintly red. “It was just instinct. It was bright and shiny and pretty and I wanted to eat it.”

Reasonable motivation. I’ll be honest, if I suddenly saw gummy worms floating around in my house, I’d probably eat them.

All down votes are from people who couldn't report a state record...and are in jail for hooking a seapony.

She's lucky he wasn't doing some dynamite fishing.

"So Joe what's your biggest catch ever?"

"Well, you see..."

At least your eight year old was polite enough to say grace before eating that gummy worm.
8-y/o: “Dear Lord, bless this gummy worm I’m about to eat.”
You: “Wait, what?”
8-y/o: <noms delicious stolen gummy worm>

I don’t have kids of my own, but that feels like the kind of situation where you can’t even be mad.

That is hilarious. Really made me laugh :trollestia:

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