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"A mortal life has meaning, purpose. Existence is defined by its fragility. Immortality is a sick mockery of life, with a caricature of significance.”

To the condemned, everything is beautiful.
To be mortal is to truly live.

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Awesome, i'm glad you posted this.

Celestia recalled many of her beloved students. She’d lost all of them to inexorable march of time.

Well, except for that one she banished to a realm of eternal high school. But we don't talk about that one. :trollestia:
A lot of missing commas in dialogue and some other minor typos. Should I compile a list, or do you have someone already working on it?

This was good.

Celestia needs to be careful, those elysium fields might not be so green, or exist at all.

Also, you are setting a precedent. By giving up your rule in this way, you set the stage for none of the ruling diarchs to live past where they no longer wish to. In essence, future alicorns are very likely to follow in your hoofsteps and retire at some point.

So do not be so hard on yourself. Just look before you leap. TU.

Please do.
I just cranked this out one night on a whim.
I never had any editors look at it. I just tried to comb it myself.
But any help is appreciated.

Great work, needs more attention. I would like it to be more clear who the speaker is, and also don't skip down to a new paragraph when the same character is speaking. It gets confusing. also, I suggest you space the words out by paragraph. it feels really claustrophobic as it stands.

Many feels were had :raritycry: :raritydespair: :pinkiesad2: :fluttercry:

Ugh. Sad immortality fics are... frustrating.

It's funny I had an idea nearly the exact opposite of this. Long story short, Twi believes Celestia feels like she does in this fic and confronts her about it. Celestia slows down Twi's perception of time so that a single second lasts an entire day which Twi experiences in wonderment at all the minutiae she can now appreciate. Once the spell wears off Celestia tells Twi "That was one single second of time, and you didn't even see a millionth of what it truly holds. I can't think of a single reason I would ever want to have fewer seconds than I possibly can."

Muppetz, do I have permission to quote this from you?

If no, would it help to persuade you if I added 'sir'?

I think you misspelled "infinitum."

Cool fic. I thought it was nice. I don't think this turned out as heart wrenching as you meant it to be, but it did turn out nicely

Damn, this is....deep.:rainbowderp:

I've always found sad immortality fics to be intriguing. A look into the darker side of young eternal and beauty undying. To float, forever stagnant, in the seas of time, while friends, family, succumb to the currents, and sink away into its murky depths.
This was an excellent piece; many feels were had and tears shed in sorrow, for Princess Celestia and Twilight alike :raritycry: :raritydespair: :pinkiesad2: :fluttercry:

Love the immortality fics. Spike or the Princesses, it doesn't matter. Always so full of feels.:raritycry:

(1000th Viewer :pinkiehappy:)

No, you have all that! So I suppose...

"No, you have all...
Should start with quotes.

She won’t actually understand...


She’d lost all of them to inexorable march of time.

She’d lost all of them to the inexorable march of time.
Insert "the."

Whilst this was a more than decent read, I just don't believe Celestia would be that sad over the deaths of the ones closest to her to finally gain peace when she has lived over 5000 years...
I agree with the sentiment tho, the most precious things in life are those which we cannot achieve, at least until we achieve them.
Just a personal opinion.
P.S - Great portrait.

Comment posted by Willight Robinbine deleted Nov 25th, 2018
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