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Prequel to The Witching Hour

1500 years ago, a kirin named Storm Vine was the unofficial leader of the kirins. Along with her husband Tempest Flame and most of the others, she fought to protect Equestria from any dangers that arose as knights of the realm. When she wasn't doing that, she was spending time with her adopted daughter and friends, which included the archmages of the Sun and Moon, her elder brother, and a delightful, if somewhat eccentric, trickster.

But, this is not the story of her daily life or her exploits as a knight. This is the story of how it all ended. How one of their closest friends turned against them. How they fought against and eventually defeated him. And how his fall brought them down with him.

This is the story of how the kirins disappeared from Equestria.

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Comment posted by sklease deleted Aug 14th, 2014

Interesting opener, gold star for you!

Is discord the traitor? Or is someone else the traitor and the traitor's actions were the ones that lead to discord going bad?

ok that was good I especially liked the ending that was funny. Still cant wait to see what you do for season 2 and the next chapter of this story as well. Keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

You've got my interest. Let's see how deep this rabbit hole goes, shall we?

This is great Ink, a context is being provided. That will prove useful when I get to work on story about my Kirin.

Interesting so far, I'm excited to see where this goes, as well as the journey the characters will take :pinkiesmile:

I shall spoil the end: They all died.


“Just sing the first thing that comes to mind,” he told them. They all nodded back at the original and one of them began.
“WELLLLL, Kyle’s Mom is-!”

So close!! Love the way it's referenced though. :D

Oh god..i get the feeling my heart shall be wretched out of my chest so hard it is splattered all over a tree...I dunno if i want to read thissss..

4855317 Alternative ending: They came to the USA and became the Founding Fathers!! Except they were all actually mares! :pinkiegasp:



You spelled 'Equestria' like 'Equeststria' in the short description. Just an FYI.

I look forward to the next chapter.:raritywink::pinkiehappy::ajsmug:

Head cannons sound heavy.

Head canons, on the other had...

Looking forward to the next chapther

have to wait until season 2 finishes first

says it right at the end of the story description:

This story will be updated at the end of every part of The Witching Hour and will culminate when that story addresses this one

Even assuming I didn't read 'The Witching Hour' I could tell that this would end badly. Out of curiosity, continuity-wise does this take place before all the baddies of MLP show up? (Discord aside) Baddies like Sombra, Tirek, and Chrysalis?

cause in the Witchingverse cannon Tirek's already in Tartarus and Sombra and Chryssi aren't born yet.

“WELLLLL, Kyle’s Mom is-!”


Ch.2 was planned for after Ch.10, so it's on the way.

7020327 The only reason I'm not favoriting this is because I have a policy for not doing so unless it has more than 1 chapter, unless it's a one-shot of course.

Ch.2 was planned for after Ch.10, so it's on the way. ( comment # 33 )

"Discord!" Storm Vine called after the cackling draconequus. Things would get better; it was only a matter of time.

Yeah... about that :pinkiesad2:

Ahh! Zombie author!!!

What necromancer did you summon to bring this masterpiece back from the grave?
On a more serious note. This. Chapter. Was. Amazing! I didn't read it originally because I didn't think it would be updated, but here we are. I can't wait for more!
Thank you for the chapter, and the rest of your books.

What is this? First Wanderer D and now you! Who next?

I'm so sorry, but my mind has been infected with shitposting to such a degree that I can't look at the cover art as anything but an oblong filly anon.

Good to see you again though, It's been a lil bit.
Suppose I gotta go re read you other stories now. Bugger.
Oh well, Tally ho and all that.

Uuuuuh... faaaaaaavs! Folloooooooows!

No, it is it's five chapter prequel that I used dark blood magic to revive

Wait, I missed something. That name sounds familiar. What story also updated?

It’s been five years. Five long, grueling years. But it’s back. Clearly this is a sign of the end times of the fandom. If Friendship is Witchcraft gets another episode, be prepared for the world to explode.

:trixieshiftright: How many virgins do you need for the next Witching Hour? And I'll throw in a thot to teach them the ropes for free.

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