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The long awaited sequel is here! Will Midnight and her pineapple pizza-pen triumph, or will it be Calypso and her Mook? And why is Future Calypso riding a emo-corn? The stunning three-part mini series continues!

April Fools. I regret everything.

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This story is a sequel to The Witching Hour - Chaos is Change

Captain Midnight Storm of the Bearer Guard, tasked with protecting the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony, has her hooves full. Between dealing with new recruits, rogue ponies, and the whims of alicorns and her charges, it's enough to make anyone want to get away.

So what will she do when the things she's been looking for come looking for her?

Join Midnight, Sapphire, Squeaks, Windrunner, Honeycomb, and the rest as they make new discoveries, deal with old foes, and embark on a journey that will change everything for not only them, but all of Equestria in part 3 of The Witching Hour!

Cover art by Niban-Destikim

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Something's up with the mares in Ponyville and unfortunately for Midnight, she's the epicenter.
Will she be able to figure out what's going on in time and save her friends?
Yes and no.
*Not cannon to the Witchingverse, just a fun little AU*

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Life is going good for Sunset Shimmer. She's gone from a bitter, angry loner to being surrounded by friends, has a girlfriend for the first time in her life, and even helped save the human world from being mind controlled by three emotion-sucking monsters.

So imagine her surprise when one of the said emotion-sucking monsters reappears a month after their defeat as a young, mute child who is pick-pocketing to get by. Now she needs to figure out what to do with the child-ized Sonata Dusk that has come into her life.

And could the two other sirens still be a threat?

Idea inspired by Daniel-Gleebits and his story Three Little Visitors.

Also, AU for The Witching Hour.

Cover Art by Niban-Destikim

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This story is a sequel to The Witching Hour

Midnight Storm has had one heck of a year. She's gone from being a wandering outcast to a respected and liked member of the community of Ponyville, a captain of a secret guard created by Celestia herself, and even a mother.

That was last year.
This year she'll have to deal with chaos entities, rogue dragons, and her past. And that's all just before Nightmare Night!

Follow Midnight and her friends and family as they chart their way through one life changing event after another in part 2 of The Witching Hour!

Cover Image by Valkyrie Girl

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Prequel to The Witching Hour

1500 years ago, a kirin named Storm Vine was the unofficial leader of the kirins. Along with her husband Tempest Flame and most of the others, she fought to protect Equestria from any dangers that arose as knights of the realm. When she wasn't doing that, she was spending time with her adopted daughter and friends, which included the archmages of the Sun and Moon, her elder brother, and a delightful, if somewhat eccentric, trickster.

But, this is not the story of her daily life or her exploits as a knight. This is the story of how it all ended. How one of their closest friends turned against them. How they fought against and eventually defeated him. And how his fall brought them down with him.

This is the story of how the kirins disappeared from Equestria.

Cover image by Valkyrie-girl

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A companion piece to The Witching Hour
At the end of a long day, what's better than hanging out with friends? Taking their money of course! In this off-shoot of the main story Midnight and friends come together to talk, eat, and attempt to rob each other of bits.
Card images created by domatophobia on DeviantART, then made playable by myself with his permission.

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Midnight Storm has had a hard life. She's wandered from city to city for the past three years, and they've all eventually run her out after they've found out what she is. Against her better judgement, she's placed her last hopes on the small town of Ponyville.

The residents here are nice enough, but when they find out what she really is, will they accept her, or drive her out like all the others? And when Celestia finds out about her, what plans does the Princess of the Sun have in store for the mare?

Cover image by Valkyrie-girl

Story now included in The Goodfic Bin

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