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Midnight Storm is a very rare creature, a kirin, and the only one of her kind in Equestria. Almost resigned to the fact that she may never meet another of her kind, a ray of hope comes when Princess Luna points her to a section of the royal library that might just point her to more of her kind.

Armed with this new knowledge and a rekindled resolve, she and those closest to her will embark on a quest to find a race that hasn't been seen by the world in over a millennium.

Contributor/Prereader: Chaotic Ink

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Hmm, not too bad so far. Will keep an eye on it to see how it develops.

8202333 Thanks, I'm doing my best here. And I hope you do like what we're doing with this one. :eeyup:

8202336 A little advise though, you might want to go through it a bit more thoroughly. I spotted a number of grammatical errors that hurt the flow a little . Just as a heads up. Otherwise it seems fine so far but only time can tell.

8202346 Really? Okay I'll check and see if I can find the remaining ones then. Thanks for that I knew we wouldn't catch everything even between us.

8202360 Its cool. Sometimes having an outside eye can make all the difference.

8202369 Indeed, right you are. That's why I appreciate it so much.

You have my attention we will see how this goes

8202455 Thank you, I hope you enjoy the journey we'll be taking with this one. Feel free to offer any feedback and point out any lingering errors too.

8202463 my help with spelling or grammar will do you no good.:facehoof: They are my greatest weakness but that also means I am lenient on those subjects:twilightsmile:

8202517 Yeah I have a lot of trouble with them myself, so I get what you're saying.

Is this connected to that other kirin story?

EDIT: yes it is, this is the same character and setting.

Why is this not marked with a sequel tag or a link in the summary to the origin story?

8203157 That is because it is an A.U. to Ink's main Witchingverse stories. He has some alternative ideas he wanted to try with some of his O.C.s and I volunteered to help him with that. Personally I think that Sapphire makes for a nice bat pony, don't you?

Gotta love an AU of an AU. AU-ception

:rainbowlaugh: That was pretty funny, and it's also kind of true too. I wonder how deep it will go.

Does Tempest Shadow appear in this story?

No, no she does not. It's a play on words that will become clear later on.

Very nice fic, it so amazing to see a kirin story, especially with their upcoming appearance in the show. Oh, and Squeaks is adorable! :raritystarry:

Yeah, Squeaks is pretty much cuteness incarnate.

yeah, Squeaks is adorable.:twilightsmile: I just hope nothing happens to her in the story; cute things getting hurt really ruffles my petticoats. :twilightangry2:

-Paradise Oasis

Squeaks is a filly Paradise. That was made very clear, more than once no less. And wherever cuteness exists Squeaks Lives! Chaotic Ink made sure of that when he came up with her.

What can I say? Typos happen. :eeyup: Also Squeaks is going to have a bit of an actual adventure of her own. Just a heads up.

Hi, r u gonna continue this story?

Actually, yes. There are revisions being planned to the story to improve the overall flow and narrative. It will take some time before they are in place though.

Okay, so how long do u think it will take?

I can't be sure unfortunately. My editor is unavailable for the time being. So that is slowing things down.

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