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Megan is my inspiration and my example. Till all are one, and may the power protect you.


I want to briefly address fan entitlement and toxicity. · 1:17am November 29th

Okay everyone, for a while I have been thinking about an learning more about some very pronounced problems with fandoms in general. Specifically, toxicity and entitlement.

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I've been rebooted in the butt. · 1:38am August 3rd

So I have been looking over Believe in Magic and come to an unwanted conclusion.

That being that the tragedy at the start of the story does not actually fit in with the rest of the story and its overall tone. So I am removing this aspect of the story and transferring it to another EQG story I have in the works.

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Thirty Eight years ago. · 10:10pm April 14th

Hey everypony, it's currently April 14th 2022. And for me it is a big milestone.

You see, it was thirty-eight years ago on this very date that I became a My Little Pony fan after having watched Rescue at Midnight Castle.

At that time I never even considered where the I.P., or myself would be in later years. It has been one wild ride at times. :rainbowlaugh:

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My eighth anniversary, and a furry guest · 12:53am Dec 25th, 2021

So it's been eight years to the day since I joined FimFiction and it has been quite a ride.

I've seen an entirely new series come and pass, only to see the start of a genuine successor series. That is a first in MLP history, and there is still no way of knowing how it will turn out.

I am curious to see it though.

I am also trying to return to writing, but this year has made it quite rough on me.

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Back on my feet, sort of · 9:11pm Apr 15th, 2021

So I finally got the phone call I'd been waiting for everyone, a day freaking late!

*sighs* Yeah, so I got the call and I am weight bearing on my right leg again, only to an extent though. I've been actually walking around with aid of my walker, and after two moths of being off my right foot it just feels weird.

At any rate I'll be back in my apartment sooner rather than later and then I'll be working on my recovery for the next six weeks.

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Fucking finally · 7:00pm Apr 2nd, 2021

Upfront, sorry for the rough language everyone, but things just got fully squared away today.

And was informed just recently. And yes, I am going home tomorrow after many complications, hiccups, and general aggravation. :pinkiesick:

On the upside, I am in fact, safe to travel even with my blood clot. And I'll be getting out of this noisy, stressful place.

I am grateful for the help I've received, but I am very unhappy with all of the problems.

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Headed home · 4:26pm Mar 31st, 2021

But, there are a couple of snags, unsurprisingly.

Medicade has refused to pay for a wheelchair leaving us holding the proverbial bag. They are also reusing to play for the oxygen as well.

I don't need any Veritum serum (shout out to Chaotic Ink and The Witching Hour) to tell you that I knew Medicade was going to be a problem somewhere in some regard during the process.

Ink, I think I'm going to match Midnight for eye twitch action before long.

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They did an ultrasound on my legs today · 11:37pm Mar 26th, 2021

And found a blood clot on the underside of my right knee.

Frankly, I am not surprised.

I've been bedridden for so long since my accident, and my injury prevents me from simply getting up and walking around like I used to. So it is really isn't news.

I am not too concerned by this information however.

Simply put the problem has been caught, and the appropriate steps are being taken.

I'll be on blood thinners for a while, so hopefully they don't make me too wobbly while I recover.

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An update to my update · 6:49pm Mar 23rd, 2021

Okay, so I finally have all the information I need everyone.

And now it is going to be next Friday, April second that I head home.

This is due to the delay in getting the wheelchair I need.

A wheelchair that I now know is on it's way.

So that is it my friends.

Everything is finally squared away.

It's about damn time.

That's all for now, Bryan Luna.

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Complications are my life · 4:02pm Mar 23rd, 2021

Okay everyone, so due to some poor communication on the part of some people here at Mt. Olympus I am actually slated to go home this Friday.

:facehoof: I would grumble about this, but this kind of thing is literally a Tuesday for me.

Sincerely, I don't know what else to say you guys. :rainbowlaugh:

Anyway, I'm in the home stretch here and it amazes me that I am looking at starting walking as early as next month.

:pinkiegasp:Really? That calls for a party!

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