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Megan is my inspiration and my example. Till all are one, and may the power protect you.

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Brianna is a strong soul. Despite losing both her parents in a fatal car crash, she's continued to move forward with her life with help from her girlfriend Megan, her adoptive mother Ribbon, and her friends. Four years later, things seem to be going as normal.

Until a new student arrives at CHS.

With her comes a rash of unexplained happenings that will shake Brianna's and her friends' very view of the world to the core. Friends and enemies will reveal themselves as they discover the magic within themselves. And they'll need all the friends and experience they can get when a new threat enters the scene.

Contributor:Chaotic Ink

A/N: The sex tag is for suggestive dialog in some chapters.

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Midnight Storm is a very rare creature, a kirin, and the only one of her kind in Equestria. Almost resigned to the fact that she may never meet another of her kind, a ray of hope comes when Princess Luna points her to a section of the royal library that might just point her to more of her kind.

Armed with this new knowledge and a rekindled resolve, she and those closest to her will embark on a quest to find a race that hasn't been seen by the world in over a millennium.

Contributor/Prereader: Chaotic Ink

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