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I've heard that I write a pretty good story named Fallout: Equestria - Memories.


If you really care about plot, it's about Frosty and Violet (From the sleeper hit Fallout: Equestria - Memories!) experimenting with the wonders of reality-bending magic! Because somewhere in an alternate universe, there's a Frosty doing something needlessly reckless.

Most of these will be crossovers with other things. All of these will be written at 2am or later because I'm a crazy poni. Updates will be intermittent since I'll upload these as they are written. These'll also be editor-less since I think I know what I'm doing.

Commendations by editors and/or people I know:

[1:59:46 AM] Crushric of Orléans: No editing D: You're worse than Hitler. Even hitler had editors~

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Violet, you bitch.
You cold-hearted, impersonal, lovable bitch.

Comment posted by Kimbley deleted Feb 3rd, 2014

That's the Violet we all know and love, heh heh!



Borderlands? mabye Firefly? Bioshock would be cool.

Red vs blue and halo and star wars no wait just red vs blue I already called dubs in the last two

Damn, you didn't put my favorite tank in. The SU-122-44. To say the least, I did not expect a World of Tanks crossover, great nonetheless! Oh yeah, if you want to look for me, my names WolfieGirl. (Made the account before I got addicted to ponies).

I'm going to friend you when I get on, if that's ok with you.

Great, now violet will forever be imagined as having the voice of the tank narrator. :pinkiecrazy:
Another great chapter as always.

The worst part is that they're super russian on my end because I turned that one option on.

Derpenberg... Derpenberg.
Also, does Frosty associate herself with her alternate roles (in Violet's world) even if she cannot really control them as herself (otherwise she would likely have broken the role by mixing worlds)?
EDIT: I should forget this chapter, now... lest I stop understanding Memories

AU Frosty is still Frosty, even if it's the Frosty we deserve and not the one we need.

I knew which one I was on but you said it was in thmat sane concept thingy and I really wanna see Frosty FUS RO DAH something

Yus, she is Air Horse.

why wasn't frosty a sniper? it seems like a better fit, baked potato would be demoman

The best part is, Chains actually does say "Surprise, Motherfucker". That sort of spiraled out of control in my gaming group. Ammo bag goes down? Supplies, motherfucker.
It was hard not to.

Fucking rookies..... Panic way too much.... It's only a Berserker, s'not like it's a goddess-damned Ethereal.... If it were, then you can panic.....

Fun fact: Ethereals can appear in the base invasion if you wait too long.

Please do Borderlands. Please!

That went exactly as expected.

4200854 "The survivor's preferred alternative to canned fish."
Well, while i'm here, I might as well recommend some good old-fashioned Killing Floor, eh?

uhm... As enjoyable as that was I honestly can't say I caught what crossover it was... Enlighten me? :?

Wait... This was a game? But I loved the idea that this was a what if scenario where pastries and the like were used for weapons instead of lethal things. I can totally see war being fought with cupcakes and pies! Why, that's practically cannon in the show itself! :D

I think this was a really good one. I don't play Team Fortress 2 but this was fantastic to read. And gotta love the whole girl gamer thing. Though, she's not a gamer as much as she's a soldier... Which is stuck in a game? Oh well, whatever. Great chapter, very enjoyable to read. I found the action to be smooth and the details fine. At first start the beginning paragraph I was thinking Halo or Metroid. Which I'll look forward to either one if you get to it! :D

All of this is quality non-content, so... yeah.

Well, that was 'boud to happen. Just, "once upon a time there was a pretty pony who was killed. Over beans. The end." XD
*Coughs* Ugh, don't make me laugh mister, I'm sick. lol

I thought about it, but I don't think I can write horror. Maybe if I get tired enough.

So this is basically a bunch of video game references featuring Frosty getting her ass kicked? Also cupcakes? Really :facehoof:

I warned you! What else do you want me to do at 4am?

And yeah, cupcakes. It's a sort of stealth reference to another story that uses confectionery devices in lieu of guns and stuff.

Oh shit, did y'all have tragedy strike during the editing of chapter 18? Gosh, I hate it when you write like three thousand words one night, leave it up in your writing program and think it'll be there when you wake up. Oh hey, your computer repooted in the night. T'was what killed my enthusiasm for my first MLP fic.

This was cute, we need more of these. :P

Chapter 18 was originally a two parter that was several weeks apart, so I threw together this filler chapter for funsies. It also had to do with the Diablo 3 launch failure thing. Man, it's been a while.

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