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New Fic! · 1:10am Sep 15th, 2013

Welp. I finally did it. I uploaded something new for once! yeah!

It's a Scootaloo fic and I love it to death! Omg writing it made me love her a lot more. She used to be pretty bland and meh but when the idea for this fic hit me I put together a grand story. I only have the first chapter up and there's 2 or 3 more left to be written, but it'll be good, trust me!

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Roses are blue
Violets are red
The world's screwed up,
Thanks for the favorite... watch?

well, that didn't really work out...

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New Story Ideas That I don't plan to write

I have two ideas at the moment... one would be Pinkie being the secret gatekeeper of the 4th wall. she's thrown into the human world only to find herself battling evil demons from beyond the 4th wall. along the way she makes friends with a human girl and go on all sorts of adventures. Also someone dies at the end.

Second would by Islander Pinkie. The story revolves around pinkie accidentally ending up on a savage island with a jungle. Twilight is to blame no less. she needs to stop causing problems with her funky magic. So basically Pinkie would meet the locals who try to eat her. meet the animals, who try to eat her, meet the scary demon in the forbidden cave who want's to befriend her but ends up accidentally killing some of the savage locals and as a result gets killed himself.... it's all a story about loss and loneliness. Also pinkie goes crazy, so you know it has to be fun to write. just not fun for me.

I have ideas for an octavia fic and a Twi fic but I plan to write them myself. But that's AFTER I get over this fuckin writers block thingy I seem to have (see blog)

anyway, that's all I have for today.