• Published 4th Sep 2015
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Sengoku Harmony: Unity Is Magic! - ShogunWriter106

15 people with their leader being gentle and sensitive found themselves as the Riders from Kamen Rider Gaim. Now filled with many responsibilities, they must work hard to keep them in check by protecting Equestria.

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Nightmares, Dancing, and Five Sodas!

Darkness was the only thing Gaim could see as he ran from a shadow stalking him, but the shadow was fast and smart in its pursuit as it split itself into four pieces as they began to surround him!.

"Impossible! You're not real!" Gaim exclaimed in terror as the shadows shifted into a familiar shape.

"Foolish boy! Did you really think they will accept you and your friends so easily?" 'The Shadow' rhetorically asked, "Then you are a fool!"

"No! NO!" Gaim gripped his head in terror as he fell to his knees.

"You and your army will never be accepted among the ponies! You know you can't kept all of your so-called friends' common secret away from them for much longer!" The shadows then took form of a monster with samurai armor all over its body with a malicious sword in its hand, "Allow me to put you out of your misery!"

Gaim quaked as he watched the monster raised its sword and proceeded to strike him down!


"NO!" I screamed as I awoke from my hammock. I panted and looked around the guest room, it was still nighttime and Princess Celestia has yet to raise the sun. I saw Lyra sleeping peacefully by Zangetsu as she hugged him in her sleep with Baron and Ryugen snoring away next to each other against the wall. I gazed at Bravo who is sawing logs while Knuckle, Kurokage, and Gridon wore special earmuffs to block his horrendous snoring.

I sighed deeply as I got up and left the room.

A few minutes later, I found myself sitting on a fountain gazing at my reflection in the water as a silhouette overshadowed me for a moment before disappearing. My thoughts returning to the moment when all of my friends and I bought those Lockseeds.

"Really? 300 dollars for the whole set?" I asked confusedly to the Merchant dressed as a Masquerade Dopant while I gaze at the merchandise before me. My friends were already waiting in their costumes, but they need their respective belts to make them complete.

"Indeed, and if you purchase these within the next five minutes..." The Masquerade Merchant reached behind the counter and pulled out what appears to be a life-sized gummy version of a immature Lockseed from Kamen Rider Gaim "...you'll receive this life-size gummy of-"

"No deal, I just want the Lockseeds and Drivers, not the candy," I politely declined, something in my gut told me something bad will happen if I purchase that!

"Oh, all right...Just give me a moment to at least polish these for you," The Merchant took out a prismatic rag and gently rubbed the Lockseeds while I watched in suspicion, "Although it's going to cost a little more for the extra four Energy Lockseeds."

Groaning, I added another 20 to my purchase as my comrades and I took the belts and Lockseeds and proceeded to strapped them on, but I didn't see the Masquerade Merchant smirking as we inserted the Lockseeds into our Drivers. Then something completely unexpected happened that changed our lives forever.


All 15 of us immediately doubled over in pain, as we collapsed on our knees! It felt like someone jabbed a lava-hot spear coated in poison through me and dabbed that wound with rubbing alcohol! The pain immediately worsened as a combination of vines and light begin to obscure my vision!

"You little sniveling trickster!" I insulted as my vision began to black out and the next thing I knew, all 15 of us were in an unknown land and we were physically changed for the rest of our life.

"It's all my fault..." I whispered in distress as I clenched my hands in agony. It's still two hours from sunlight and after that nightmare I had, I doubt I'll be getting any sleep soon. Deciding to kill some time, I decided to take a walk through Canterlot.

"He still blames himself for what happened to us 1500 years ago." A white figure spoke as he stood on the castle's wall with four other figures, watching as Gaim got up and left the castle.

"Should we talk to him now?" A female voice asked in pity as her pink armor gleamed in the moonlight.

"No, there is a 65% chance we will only make it worse for him if we go down there now!" A yellow and blue figure scolded.

"Hmm... Guys, I have a plan that could cheer him up real fast!" A red and white figure gestured to them to come closer as he whispered something unintelligible to them. Once he finished, they separated, "You got it?"

"Are you sure? Even if your plan is okay, how are we going to convince him?" A figure that greatly resembles Kurokage asked in doubt.

"Oh, believe me I know the right words to convince him!" the red and white figure reassured. With their conversation done, the five figures disappeared in a blur.

As I walked down the streets of Canterlot, I suddenly started to skip for no reason until I began to breakdanced to some music that began playing out of nowhere. Whoever was playing this song, keep on playing it! I got dancing fever, Ow! Unfortunately the music came to an abrupt halt much to my displeasure, yet I couldn't help but shivered from the sudden silence in the environment.

"Well, well. Aren't you a great dancer?" A voice spoke in the dark as a heavily cloaked stallion stepped from the shadows, "But do you have the guts to challenge against us!" The cloaked stallion took out a boombox as four more figures appeared by his side.

I growled! This guy is teasing me I can feel it, yet why do I feel strangely eager to give him a noogie for some reason?

"Now you got to ask yourself one thing: 'Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya' kumquat?" The cloaked figure taunted.

I tensed when I heard that! Did that guy just...

"Did you just call me a kumquat?!" I asked with a little bit of rage seeping through my voice as I cracked my neck and stretched my limbs. "If you wanna dance, COME ON! Let's Dance!"

For a moment, I thought I saw lightning as they both came through our eyes clashing against each other!

"Where do you want to take this dance?" I asked as I popped my knuckles.

"Center of Ponyville, noon sharp!" The figure declared as he took a white orb before throwing it to the ground, releasing a flash of light that forced me to shield my eyes for a moment. When I uncovered them, the posse was gone!

"All right buster! You asked for it!" I started to chuckle at first, then it became a soft laugh, until finally it evolved into a fully deranged cackle! "Oh you poor fool, you are really going to get it when we meet face-to-face!

"Again I ask, why are we here?!" Ryugen screamed almost hysterically as he stood on top of the Sugarcube Corner since the streets were full as ponies in Ponyville came to watch the dance fight between Gaim and the cloaked stallion.

"Whoever challenged Gaim to do this must have a screw loose," Baron stated as he twirled his finger at the side of his head, "If they want to get Gaim to dance, they had to pressure him to do it!"

"Why? Is he a bad dancer?" Lyra asked in confusion while she stood near Zangetsu as he petted her to calm her down.

"Non, non mademoiselle." Bravo comforted, "Gaim iz a grand dancer!"

"Then why..."

"Because his dancing is so good, there he could make his opponent faint after the fight ends!" Knuckle explained making Lyra gasp in shock as did anypony who heard that statement, "The last guy who battle him barely made it out and he was the only one who went go against him and managed to make it through the dance alive!"

"Who was it?" Lyra asked.

"His name is..." Knuckle started to say, but then he hears music coming from the stage, "Shh! Quiet! It's starting!"

I walked on top of the stage as the music proceeded to play as my cloaked opponent came before me from the opposite end of where I was standing.

"Are you ready?" My opponent asked in a smug tone.

"Ready as I ever be!" I stated banging my fist into my palm.

At first we did simple dance moves like twirls and spins, but as the song progressed we were already dancing in such complex movements! From our point of view, it seems like the world was slowing down as we kept dancing at very high speed! After about 30 more seconds, the song ended much to my relief. I looked over to my opponent and saw he was tired as I am.

"You know," I spoke up as I helped him up, "The last guy who challenged me made it out alive without breaking a sweat."

"Yeah, and who was he?" The stallion panted.

"Come on Sigurd, you're not fooling me anymore!" I chided as I slapped his head.

"Wha- How did you-?!"

"You're the only person I know who knows how to get under my skin, yet at the same time, you cheer me up with music whenever I'm in a bad mood. Also, your breath reeks of cabbage and onions." I wafted in front of my face, hoping to get rid of the bad scent.

The stallion now revealed to be Sigurd sighed as he shined in a bright light as he revealed his true form surprising the audience in the process.

"Very good, my friend," Sigurd complimented and clear his throat before he called out in a loud voice, "Olly olly oxen free!"

In a blur of movement, four familiar figures appeared by his side.

"Marika!" I cheered in joy as I hugged the only female member of my army.

"Duke! My man! What is the square root of 1764?" I tested the yellow and blue rider.

"42." He simply answered as he shook hands with me.

"Zangetsu Shin! Where have you been?" I exclaimed to the Zangetsu lookalike.

"Been looking for the keys to our fortress," He jokingly replied as he held up a skeleton key. I chuckled as I turned towards the last Soda Rider.

"Kurokage Shin, what is your report on your mental health?" I asked.

"As healthy as ever! Except for a minor headache I received when I was released," Kurokage Shin admitted as he rubbed his head.

I could only laugh as I hugged my reunited friends as they hugged me back. I regained my composure as soon as I finished and turned to Sigurd with a slight miasma.

"Sigurd, while I admire your help in bettering my mood, I am still mad at you for calling me a kumquat!!" I growled as I pulled the yellow tab on my Musou Saber and took aim. "Duke! Marika! Zangetsu Shin! Sonic Arrows Up! Kurokage Shin, get your spear ready!"

Duke, Marika, and Zangetsu Shin surround Sigurd while the Energy Pinecone rider sharpened his Kagematsu Shin and took a javelin throwing pose at a nearby cloud.

"Ready..." Sigurd gulped.

"Aim..." The Sonic Arrow charged with energy as they took aim.


An explosion and a well-timed javelin throw later, Sigurd (with scorch marks all over his body and his arm is in a cast) is seen on a stretcher carried by Gridon and Kurokage as they walked towards Canterlot Castle.

"Now then Sigurd, I hope you take this incident as an example not to call me a kumquat! Got it?!" I shouted through his ear.

Sigurd could only cough out a smoke cloud in response, and I sighed at this until Kurokage Shin tapped my shoulder.

"He's not the only one who needs to recover, you are going to see me first thing in the morning!" He sternly spoke as he pulled out a clipboard and a pencil as he said this.

I could only moan in humiliation as I was given the appointment time while the others laughed at my misfortune.

Author's Note:

There! Another chapter! Whoo, my arms were aching when I finished this! From what we could see from this chapter, Gaim has nightmares from his past that tend to haunt him and it causes him to blame himself! In the next chapter, Gaim will meet the last two members of his team! See you next time!