Sengoku Harmony: Unity Is Magic!

by ShogunWriter106

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15 people with their leader being gentle and sensitive found themselves as the Riders from Kamen Rider Gaim. Now filled with many responsibilities, they must work hard to keep them in check by protecting Equestria.

We may have made a mistake by purchasing the Lockseeds, Sengoku Drivers, and Genesis Drivers from the Merchant.

We may have been sealed away for 1500 years in stone.

But that didn't stop us from doing something right with them, nor did it sprout a grudge against the Royal Sisters.

We will not the same mistake twice like our predecessors done! For this is our stage and our lives!

Now armed with the powers and skills of the Armored Riders of Kamen Rider Gaim, we now must protect Equestria!

The Orange Awakens!

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What would you get when you are separated from your friends after you purchase 10 Sengoku Drivers, 5 Genesis Drivers, and all available Lockseeds just as the series ended? A one-way ticket to "Petrification Ville" for a millennium and a half!

Right next to the most annoying character I despised so much.

The so-called "Grand Master of Chaos..."


What is more unbearable is that my stance has been frozen to hold a petrified Daidaimaru as if I was advancing in battle while holding my sashimono, but that only made my headache worse as I continued to listen to Discord's nonstop jokes and puns humiliating my armor. If I don't get out of here soon, there's a good chance I could snap and break out by sheer anger!

"Come on, don't you want to play '20 Questions' one more time?" A mischievous voice rang through my head.

"Discord, for the last time, No! I don't want to play '20 Questions with you! You always keep asking the same question over and over, and it is driving me crazy! So can you at least stay quiet for one day? I'm trying to think in peace here!" I screamed mentally.

"Now, now. Let us not have any of that! I know being sealed in stone for 1500 years next to an annoying statue can drive you crazy. But what am I saying, I'm already annoying as it is! So there! What you say to that, Mr. Tangerine?" Discord mocked and blew a mental razzberry as an extra insult.

Oh, no siree! He did not just call me that! That's it! Time to break out! I am not letting him get off that easily like the other 547,863 times! That no-good imitation of a chimera is going down as soon as I break out of here! But then something caught both mine and Discord's attention...

It was Cheerilee and her class of fillies, and oh I fear this day would come the moment I got here. The teacher would explain the statues surrounding us, stop the Cutie Mark Crusaders from fighting and give them an essay as punishment, and Discord will break free as soon as they are gone! As a matter of fact, it is happening right now as I witnessed the events that are happening before me!

Well, the events were happening as they would except for one exception: Right after Cheerilee punished the CMC, she turned the all of her students' attention towards me.

"Before we go, take a look at the statue next to this one..." Cheerilee gestured towards my direction.

"Whoa, what's that?" Apple Bloom spoke in awe.

"That, unlike the statue of Discord, is the statue of Leadership represented by the ancient warrior Gaim." Cheerilee explained as her students listened with awe on their faces, "His army was said to be the strongest and most strategical in all of Equestria! Despite it being called an army, it consisted of 15 with this warrior being one of them. He also valued his comrades just as he valued his castle in the Everfree Forest."

"His castle?"

"Technically, it was more of a fortress..." Cheerilee explained, "Unlike the castle here in Canterlot, his fortress was more advanced and was capable of moving on its own!"

"Awesome!" Snips and Snails cheered. They smiled at the thought of a building with legs trotting across the Everfree Forest.

Well, at least I go down in history as an honorable warrior. For a moment, I thought she was going to tell them some fabricated story that the Princesses made up. Huh, I guess they didn't forget about me...

"Cool!" Scootaloo shouted in delight, her tiny wings fluttering in pure excitement. Okay, that was a little cute.

"Mrs. Cheerilee, if this guy was so great then what made him lose in the first place?" Diamond Tiara asked in half-curiosity and half-mockery.

I thought I heard a vibraslap in the background just as my anger peaked for a brief second.

"The incident that lead to Gaim's defeat happened right after his army managed to weaken Discord enough to allow him to be sealed once and for all. However his army was caught after that and was given the same punishment for causing major havoc in the Everfree Forest. Right after that, his fortress just... vanished."

"What did they do?" Sweetie Belle spoke up in confusion.

"That we can't be sure, but myths have been told that they were doing something in secret," Mrs. Cheerilee guessed in confusion before she shook her head, "Let's go class, we must head back so we can discuss on what we have seen today."

I watched in pity at the Cutie Mark Crusaders as they followed after their teacher and classmates. My eyes, well technically my eye lens, gazed at the cracking statue beside me before it finally shattered to reveal Discord in perfect color.

"Grruugghh!! Oh, I definitely have to stretch my limbs from being covered in marble!" Discord groaned as he stretched his body in impossible angles.

"You and me both!" I agreed, putting down my Daidaimaru and sashimono to join him in the stretching.


Did I just spoke out loud?

Am I putting down my weapons?


I look down at myself and found I am no longer petrified! My suit has returned to its normal blue color, and the wristbands and ankle bands have returned to their normal golden color. But the most amazing thing is that my armor is finally orange again! I thought I never see it again!

"YAHOO! Oh yeah! I am free!" I did a brief victory jig, basking in the presence of pure freedom! Finally!

No more permanent standing position!

No more troublesome itches I can't reach!

No more Discord!

Just me and a little piece of paper!

Wait, what was that last part?

I look behind myself to see a lone folded piece of paper laying on the ground. Retrieving the paper, I opened it to find something that really set off the bomb within me! I immediately saw red as I read the single message on the stationery!

See you later, you little kumquat! I do hope we see each other again! NOT!

The message then ended with a cartoonish animated drawing of Discord doing the akabe expression before it laughed as the note disappeared from my hand!

"A kumquat? Did he seriously called me a kumquat?!?" Clenching the fist where the memo was, I snarled in rage until I finally let out all 1500 years of anger out to the sky!


Heaving, I reached down to pick up the Daidaimaru and sashimono from the ground.

"That little imp really knows how to push my buttons! He has made my life entirely miserable! Giving me disturbing images in my mind, separating me from my friends, and worst of all, he had the nerve to call me a kumquat!! A KUMQUAT!!"

After I finally vented all of my anger out, I immediately sat down and started to breathe deeply.

"It's okay, gotta' calm down! Don't let one Master of Chaos get to you just because he said a few insults!" I muttered to myself.

Eventually it took me a few minutes, but I was able to cool off. Now all that is left is to find my 14 comrades, but the question is...

"Where are they?" I wondered.

Meanwhile, somewhere deep within in the Canterlot Library, a statue themed after a banana and a knight stood tall with his lance poised for battle! The statue remained undisturbed regardless of the starting chaos outside until a small crack appeared on the helmet and a voice immediately followed it.

"It's about time..."

Knight of Interrogation!

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High Strung, a stallion pegasus guard, trembled in fear as he watched the mayhem that is happening before him.

It was a normal day for him to patrol the castle for any intruders and making sure no one was slacking off, but the unexpected came when a bipedal figure, wearing what appears to be Neighpon armor, burst in from outside and started to knock everyone out with a variety of punches and kicks! Thankfully, he was still flying when it happened but that didn't stop him from trembling at the violence that is occurring! Now, the warrior is currently torturing one of his unicorn colleagues, Steel Mind.

I may have calm down a bit from Discord's insult, but I still have some mental frustration I need to work out! I was able to hold back a bit from completely hurting the guards, but it looks like they won't be able to wake up for an hour.

"Where are they?!" I demanded as I pulled the stallion unicorn's legs in a wrestling hold.

"Where are what?!" The stallion grunted in pain.

"You know what I am talking about! Where did the Royal Sisters place the statues of my comrades!?" I emphasized this by pulling his back legs a little farther than they were originally.

"OW!OW!OW!OW!OW!OW!OW!OW!OW! All right! I'll talk! I'LL TALK!" He yielded, banging his right foreleg in pain.

"You promise?" I asked for confirmation while giving his legs one more jerk.

"YES! YES! I PROMISE! Just please stop pulling my legs!"


I loosened my grip a bit to give his legs some feeling back, but then something wet hit my helmet. Curious, I looked up and found a terrified, sweating pegasus hovering above me. I could only guess that he saw everything when I arrived in here, and he managed to stay quiet the whole time. I gotta' say I'm slightly impressed!


I looked towards the left of the pegasus and saw the wall cracking around a small hole. I was really confused, surely I didn't do that when I was subduing the guards. I was only using my fists and feet for that one, and I did swing that sashimono a few times.

But what is causing that wall to crack?


Oh no! Not HIM!

"You better get down here if you know what is good for you," I calmly warned in a panicked tone to the pegasus who immediately complied with a bit of hesitation. The hole in the wall started to grow as a light shined within, causing confusion between the pegasus and unicorn.

"What's up with that wall?" The unicorn spoke up.

"If there is anyone in my army who has a temper as bad as mine, it would be..."



The banana themed stepped through the destroyed wall before jumping down safely in front of me. He glanced at the subdued stallion in my grips and the shaking pegasus before he glanced back in my direction.

"Let me guess, Discord broke out, he is creating chaos as we speak, and he called you a-" Baron started.

"Don't you dare finish that sentence!" I growled with a visible tick mark on my helmet.

"We really need to get you to control that temper," Baron sighed as he leaned on his Banaspear while he rubbed his helmet in pitiful annoyance.

"Oh come on! He insulted me for 1500 years! You're lucky because you had no annoying cellmate for that long!" I retorted.

"Actually, I was asleep most of that time," Baron admitted sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his helmet, "Approximately 1499 years, 364 days, and 23 hours to be precise."

"Are you kidding me?!"

"There's the intruder!" A voice called out interrupting the comical argument. Baron and I stopped and turned our heads toward the direction where it came and saw a horde of Royal Guards armed to the teeth.

"He's got Steel Mind and High Strung!" Another guard noticed me still holding the unicorn hostage.

"Whoa guys! Maybe we can talk this out!" I tried to placate as I stepped back in fright, releasing Steel Mind in the process who scrambled away with High Strung.

The only response I got was a thrown spear, which I managed to dodge in time.

"Shall we run for our lives?" Baron calmly asked as he stretched his legs.

"Yeah..." I meekly replied and we both hightailed out of there like there was no tomorrow!

"Hoo! Hah! Heeee... I thought we never lose them!" I wheezed as I leaned against the wall, trying to catch my breath.

"Well it was your fault for trashing that hallway!" Baron reminded as he slapped the back of my head.

"I didn't got a chance to get the info out of Steel Mind!"

"Steel Mind is not the only one who knows where our comrades are..."

"What are you talking abo- NO! No way! Forget it! Do you even remember the last time we did that?! We almost got sunburn and frostbite at the same time!"

"Gaim, it's the only way..." Baron stated as he crossed his arms.

"Sigh Fine, which room should we go first?" I finally relented in defeat.

"I'll take Celestia's room, you get Luna's."

I gulped in fear from the choice Baron made for me.

Luna's door creaked open slowly as I peeked in to see her snoozing away on her bed, but it looks like she is not having a pleasant dream. She moaned as she tossed on her side in her sleep before settling down somewhat.

"Oh Luna," I whispered in pity. I shook my head knowing I still have a job to do.

I tiptoed inside the Moon Princesses' bedroom looked around it for a moment, scratching my head in contemplation.

"Okay, if I were a diary, where would I be?" I wondered until the question was immediately answered when I saw a slight bulge from under her pillow. I slapped my head in exasperation. "Of course, why not?"

Walking slowly towards Princess Luna, I quickly swapped the diary with a book of similar shape and size. I tensed as she stirred a bit before going back to sleep. Letting out a breath of relief, I gingerly opened the diary, skimmed through it until I found the right page, copied it down on a notepad I carry with me, and switched the book back where it was.

"Whew! That was too close!" I spoke softly, so I wouldn't wake Princess Luna up.

Grabbing the sashimono I left by the door, I immediately left the room without a sound and close the door behind me.

"You got it?" Baron asked as he held up a copy of the locations he got from Celestia's diary.

"Yeah..." I said, holding up my copy as well, "Now, let's get out of here!"

"Right away!"

We immediately left the castle, just as the Mane Six defeated Discord and sealed him away with the Elements of Harmony.

Princess Celestia watched as the petrified Discord was moved back to where it was before, until she noticed the statue that was supposed to be beside him was shattered into pieces. Her eyes widened at the realization and quickly transported to the Canterlot Library only to see its statue gone as well.

"Princess Celestia, we have a problem with one of our guards," A maid spoke up gently, making Princess Celestia turn her head in confusion.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Steel Mind has been reported with slight sore legs and is asking for a day off today," the maid explained.

"Very well, give him the day off," As soon as the maid was gone, she sigh as she placed her hoof on her head and shook it with exhaustion, "Oh Gaim, you really could hardly control yourself, could you?"

Explanations and a Mysterious Dragon!

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Princess Luna yawned as she slowly trotted into the Royal Dining room with her ethereal mane somehow completely frazzled. She smacked her lips and sat down in her spot as a stallion unicorn servant with a green coat and purple mane pour her some coffee into a mug labeled "Best Sisters 4ever!".

"Thank you," Luna mumbled in sleepiness.

She took a sip from it and her mane became smooth as if it wasn't frazzled before!

"Ah! Thither is nothing greater than a cup of coffee in the morning!" She took another sip from her mug to relish in the bittersweet flavor of the warm liquid.


Suddenly the door slammed open by Princess Celestia, which made Luna did a spit-take on the unfortunate servant next to her.

"AAAAHHHH!!! IT BURNS!" The servant cried as he frantically rubbed his hooves on his face in an attempt to get the scalding coffee out.

"My apologies!" Princess Luna said as she used her magic to get the residue coffee off him.

"Luna! We must summon Twilight and her friends immediately!" Princess Celestia spoke as she quickly wrote on a scroll gingerly.

"Why should we do that sister? They just defeated Discord and they are probably exhausted from today!" Luna asked as she finally got the coffee off the servant who exited the room rather quickly.

"Gaim's and Baron's statues are shattered!" Celestia explained in a nutshell as she send the scroll to her student.

"Gaim and Baron? Two of the warriors of the 15? Weren't they sealed away after the 15 attempted to-" Luna asked in confusion and slight surprise, but she didn't get to finish her statement as Celestia's hoof covered her mouth quickly.

"Now is not the time!" Celestia chided in a quiet voice, "We must retreat to our throne room where we can discuss this more privately!"

"So Twilight, what do ya think Princess Celestia needs us for?" Applejack asked.

"I don't know," Twilight admitted nervously. "Celestia just said she needs us here immediately. Something must have happened when we were handling Discord."

The Mane Six trotted into the throne room as the doors were held open by a familiar coffee-scalded pony. He paid no mind to their stares, but he shared a nervous glance at Pinkie Pie who popped up right in front of him.

"Hi there! Name's Pinkie Pie! What's your name?" She asked cheerfully with a large smile.

"I... Uh... It's..." The pony shifted his head to the side until he returned his gaze towards Pinkie Pie, "It's Mystery Dragon!"

"Ooohhh! Nice name! It does fit your cutie mark!" Pinkie Pie awed as she winked at him before she trotted off after her friends.

"Cutie mark?!" He looked and confirmed his cutie mark is right on his hips.

'Mystery Dragon' gulped in fear as he watched the hyperactive pony entered through the closing doors until she disappeared from his sight as they closed completely, "Maybe I should come back later! I gotta' tell Gaim about Pinkie Pie! She is a risk to my mission as long as she's here!"

In a flash of light, the pony was replaced with a bipedal Chinese orientated warrior wearing purple armor modeled after a grape over green bodysuit. This warrior is also known as Ryugen! Although his helmet is somehow still looks red from the coffee earlier...

"First the coffee and now her! Today has been a really bad day for me!"

After he said that, Ryugen pulled out a smoke bomb and vanished from the hallway in a puff of smoke!

"So... the 15 Warriors are being released from their prison?" Twilight spoke in fear as she and her friends gazed at magical hologram of the orange samurai warrior, Gaim!

As soon as the Mane Six entered the throne room, Celestia told them of Gaim's return and how he recruited his second in command, Baron. She then spoke to them of the unknown secret, they were working on 1500 years ago.

"What secret was it? A surprise party? A surprise birthday party? An anniversary party?" Pinkie counted the suggestions until Rarity tied her mouth shut with a ribbon she had on with her.

"So what if these guys are just as old as Discord! I say we strike them right where they are and give it to them straight!" Rainbow Dash emphasized this by doing a "one-two" with her hooves.

"No Rainbow Dash, that is not the right answer to everything," Celestia said as she turned her head towards the hologram with a face full of regret, "We didn't even know what they were doing until we found their notes in our rooms after the 15 were sealed and the fortress disappeared."

She took out a very old pack of papers from behind herself, "They were trying to figure out Discord's magic and its weakness, but Gaim's fortress temporary took a mind of its own from its influence and started rampaging in the Everfree Forest: the trees were being torn down, animals were forced to evacuate from their homes, and the lakes were almost evaporated!"

"Princess Celestia, is Gaim going to hurt Equestria?" Fluttershy meekly asked.

"I don't know Fluttershy," Celestia admitted, "Gaim is known to have temper issues when something or somepony irritates him so much, he couldn't hold it in anymore."

"Then what can we do?" Rainbow Dash asked in annoyance as she landed on the floor with a huff.

"You can apologize for one thing," A new voice spoke up behind her.

Shocked, everyone in the room turned their heads to the direction where the voice came from, and they saw the orange samurai standing there with his sashimono in hand and Baron and Ryugen standing by his side. Though the latter looks rather exasperated as he have placed his hand on his helmet and shaking it.

"Gaim! But I thought..." Luna started.

"That I was long gone from here?" I amusingly asked, handing over my sashimono to Baron who accepted with no arguments, "Yeah, funny story, we did leave the castle but then we saw Ryugen sneaking in here. So we had no choice but to take a U-turn to get our friend back. That and I forgot to get my notes back, but when I heard you realizing your mistakes I decided to show myself."

The smiles on the Royal Princesses' faces beamed with joy as tears welled up in their eyes.

"Does that mean thou..." Luna started, but she couldn't finish as her lips are starting to quiver. Princess Celestia's reaction was more controlled, but I could see the happiness within her eyes.

"Come here..." I encouraged gently as I held my arms open, which they gladly accepted as I gave them a hug full of forgiveness.

The Mane Six and Ryugen's reactions vary from this heart-warming scene.

Twilight Sparkle wiped her eyes gently at seeing her teacher.

Rarity looks like she is going to have reapply her mascara as it is currently running down her face.

Applejack just smiled warmly as she placed her hoof over her stetson.

Pinkie Pie, from what I could guess, is basically crying a waterfall of tears as Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy tries to gently calm her down while shedding a few tears as well.

Ryugen shifted his head a little as he futilely tried to hide the tears forming on his lenses.

I chuckled a bit as I watched their reactions and continued to hug the sisters. I know I'll have to let go of them soon so I have to enjoy this while I can because I have find my other 12 comrades before I can return to the fortress.

Angry Princesses! Hidden Muskmelon!

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When I was finally done hugging Princess Luna and Princess Celestia, a terrifying thought made itself known in my head and shivered. I gestured to Baron to come over to my side. The yellow knight did so without any complaints.

"Before we start talking, I got one thing to show you and I want you to Pinkie Promise one thing..." I stated with a small amount of terror knowing what I'm gonna' do is going to let me end up in terrible pain.

"What's that?" Celestia asked in curiosity seeing my body language have shifted into quaking fear and she could see I am trying to hide something behind his back. Luna walked behind me to see what they are, but I quickly sidestepped to not let her see them.

"We want you to Pinkie Promise that you must not injure us with sunburns or frostbite from what we are going to tell you," Baron explained with hardly any fear in his voice, but he's stretching his legs as Ryugen quickly hid behind the throne, knowing what could happen and doesn't want to take part of it.

"Why?" Luna asked again with a bit of irritation in her tone.

"Please!" I begged as she backed me against the wall.

Luna and Celestia looked at each other in confusion, but they proceeded to do the Pinkie Promise in perfect unison, "Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake to my eye, we Pinkie Promise not to injure you with sunburns and frostbite."

I gulped as I laid two bundles of paper and a note on the floor and patted them with obvious fear before I quickly scrammed out of the throne room as if there was a bomb about to explode!

After Gaim fled the room, Baron calmly walked to Pinkie Pie while the sisters were unfolding the paper balls carefully with their magic.

"Pink one, can you hold on to this until we return?" Baron requested as he held out Gaim's sashimono.

"Yepperoonie! You can count on me!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed cheerfully while giving a salute as she took the flag in her hooves.

"Good, now if you excuse me, I have to run for my life," Baron finished his statement by dashing away at the same speed Gaim went when he fled the room.

"Why in tarnation would two of the greatest warriors of the 15 want to run for their lives?" Applejack wondered in puzzlement, but then it turn to surprise when she saw the enraged look and flaring mane Luna is wearing as she read the note while Princess Celestia had a stern look on her face.

The Mane Six peered over the Princesses' shoulders and read the message on the note.

To Princess Celestia and Luna:

In a effort to find our comrades, Baron and I looked through your diaries and copied the locations from them. Please forgive us!

- Gaim

"Oh, that's why." Applejack noted.

"RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN!" I screamed in terror as Baron and I made a quick, sharp turn down a hallway as we dodge yet another blast of magic-powered laser beams, "I told you we shouldn't have copied from their diaries!"

"COME BACK HERE! WE STILL HAVE NOT GIVEN YOU THE LEVEL TEN LASERS!" Luna roared as she and her sister soared after the fleeing warriors. Luna's eyes are filled with intent to make us pay for reading their precious journals. but Celestia's were rather filled with annoyance as she followed after her.

I know she was rather disappointed to me and Baron for reading their diaries, but I could see in her eyes she couldn't help but felt pity for us. She knows Baron and I are not to blame as we are merely trying to find our comrades, but that didn't stop her from shooting a few blasts of energy at our heads!

As we turned a corner from their line of sight, Baron hid behind a pillar while I dove into a nearby room and slammed the door shut. The area was gloomy with hardly any sound and light except for a pull-chain light I could barely see, which only made the situation worse as I started to hyperventilate until something grabbed my shoulder.

Scared out of my wits, I carefully turned around and saw two glowing yellow eyes as if they are glaring deep into my soul. I was about let out a scream but the light was immediately turned on to reveal a figure I know too well. I recognize that green armor and white bodysuit anywhere!


Unfortunately my sudden shout attracted Princess Luna's attention as she ripped the door out with her magic, I shrieked as I jumped behind Zangetsu, despite being quiet most of the time, was also quaking at the scary look on Luna's face. he quickly put up his Melon Defender in a futile attempt to shield us.

"Here's Luna!!" With excellent aim and precision, she fired a rock made of pure magic hitting me right on the noggin. As I faded into unconsciousness with little oranges flying around my head, the last thing I saw was Zangetsu catching me.

Zangetsu could only watched the blue alicorn known as Luna walking inside the room and gently pulled Gaim out of his grasp with her magic.

"Sister, We retrieved Gaim! Have you captured Baron as well?" The Moon Princess called out.

"I have him!" Celestia replied as she carried a K.O.'d Baron with a visible band-aid on his head.

"Good! Let's take them to the throne room along with the white one I found in here!" Luna glared at Zangetsu who could only shiver in fear as her shadow overcast him.

A few hours after I woke up and the Mane Six returned home, I found myself mopping the floors before Princess Celestia and Luna in shame while I nursed the somehow visible bump on my head.

Other than my second-in-command and close friend Baron who is currently polishing the statues, Ryugen and Zangetsu are also cleaning the windows because they were indirectly involved with my predicament. I turned my head to look at the Royal Princesses as they continued to stare at us with impassive faces. Not wanting to get into any more trouble, I quickly went back to work!

"How long do I have to do this?" I moaned as my shoulders started to ache from the constant mopping.

"You're almost done, just keep mopping for one more hour," Princess Celestia notified.

I sighed in regret as I rinsed the mop in the bucket next to me before I resume my work. There is one lesson I have learned from the whole experience.

Never look in a princess's diary!

Two stallions with bushy black beards and hard hats trembled in fear as four bipedal figures skulked towards them as they carried boxing gloves, a war hammer, and two saws. One figure was busy guarding the door to prevent anypony from coming inside while holding his spear.

The first figure with huge boxing gloves spoke, "All right buddy! What did you do with the deed to our land?"

The second figure with a war hammer continued, "The deed was supposed to be inside Manehattan's museum, but then we found out it was stolen and followed the tracking seal we placed on it to this location!"

The third figure with the saw spoke last, "Oui, so tell us..."

In perfect unison, the group yelled out, "Where is it?!"

The crooks could only scream in fear as the shadows converge on them!

A Gladiator and the Three Nuts! Meet The Lyre!

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The next morning, after we were finished with our punishment and spend the night in the castle sleeping, we went to Ponyville in hopes we could introduce ourselves to the Mane Six properly; however, fate had different plans in store for us as we walked right in front of a crime scene!

"Suffering succotash! What on Equestria happened to those guys?!" Ryugen commented in amazement as he watched the police took two black-eyed purple stallions with black beards to the paddy wagon as they groaned in pain.

A white maned brown earth pony stallion with a blue cop's hat and a silver police badge cutie mark walked up to Ryugen and saluted to him, "Hard Cop, reporting for duty. Princess Celestia announced us of your release and we are ready to help in any way!"

"At ease," I commanded gently before I turned towards the almost destroyed apartment/hideout, "Mind telling me what happened to this place? It looks like it went through a tornado!"

"We couldn't get much info out from the crooks, but they mention something about deeds, nuts, and a durian as we were treating their injuries," Hard Cop explained not noticing I froze midway through the statement as something hit my mind.

"Wait! Did you just say 'Deeds, nuts, and a durian' just now?" Baron asked as Zangetsu slapped his head in irritating realization.

"Yes, that is exactly what I said," Hard Cop confirmed.

I was only quiet for a moment until my visor started to turn into a crimson red as steam blew out through the sides of my head where my ears are supposed to be and I immediately let out a roar of rage!


It apparently had the side effect of scaring off a few ponies who were near and quickly hid wherever there may be a good place to take cover. I heaved and immediately left the vicinity as I stomped in a random direction hoping to blow off some steam.

Hard Cop could only watch in fear as the orange samurai stomped away. Never in his entire career has he ever seen anything so terrifying that could scare him motionless, but it turns out he found the one thing that he can be frightened.

With what remaining courage he had left, he asked one question, "What just happen?"

Baron came down on the roof he was standing on when Gaim yelled and answered, "That, my friend, is an angry Gaim with his infamous temper released. It's going to take a while for him to calm down so I suggest not to get close to him if I were you."

Ryugen stepped out from behind a tree and spoke up next, "I hate to be the poor sap who wants to try to talk to him."

Zangetsu nodded as he clung on the branch above Ryugen. He is also beside a beehive that is also seems to be quaking in fear as a bee flew out of it and landed on Zangetsu's face making him look at it in confusion.

The emotions that were going through me were a mixture of relief, annoyance, and pure rage as I stomped away leaving behind half-inch craters as I did, leaving some ponies rather frightened as they stepped back. Seeing their reactions I had to stop, but I was so angry! Of all the stupid things those guys have done, this has been the worst of those events! What were they thinking?!

My inner rant would have continued, but a aquamarine blur suddenly tackled me to the ground! I got up with an aching head and my fiery temper extinguished when I saw the pony that rammed me looking at me with adorable gamboge eyes.

"Hi! My name is Lyra! What's your name human?" The mare known as Lyra asked with a huge smile on her face.

"Uh... Gaim..." I answered hesitantly as she help me up with her magic and dusted me.

"Wow, that's a cool name! You must be one of the 15 warriors I have heard from the news!" Lyra exclaimed as she examined me from head to toe, making me rather uncomfortable as I somehow sweatdropped. This mare so far might be the scariest I have seen in the fanfictions I have read. How did she know about humans?

"Look, thanks for the compliment but I got to find the four idiots who just destroyed the building while they were beating up two crooks who stole my deed to the castle!" I grumbled as I swiftly took out the Daidaimaru and Musou Saber!

"You mean those guys over there?" Lyra pointed with her hoof down a random direction. I turned my head towards the direction she pointed and saw four familiar figures being continuously bombarded with random questions by Pinkie Pie.

"That was highly convenient..." I muttered. Sharpening my weapons and combining them into Daidaimaru Naginata Mode and spinning it for while, I walked over to the group with a threatening miasma rolling off me.

Zangetsu sat before a checker board as he captured his opponent's black piece.

The bee wasn't amused by the white rider's move and proceeded to capture three red pieces in place of the one it lost.

Ryugen, Baron, and Hard Cop watched the game with disbelief unable to comprehend the scene before them.

"How is it that one guy is able to play checkers with a bumblebee in just three minutes?" Hard Cop asked in confusion.

"I don't know he always does that to some animals to kill time. For some inexplicable reason, every time Gaim loses his temper it takes him about three minutes to cool down a bit before he can think a little more clearly." Baron explained as he watched Zangetsu king another of the bumblebee's black piece.

"What happens after that?"

"He searches for the guys that set off his temper and punishes them with an energy slash from his Daidaimaru Naginata Mode, but he only does that to us we get him on his bad side! I mean, what's the worst that could happen?" Ryugen spoke up as he shrugged his shoulders forgetting the consequences of saying that phrase.


Right after he said that, a low boom was heard as four figures are heard screaming until they crash-landed on the unfortunate Chinese grape soldier, just as Zangetsu defeated the bee by taking away its last black piece.

"I win," He stated in a smug tone as the depressed bee orz in defeat.

With Ryugen's, Baron's, and Zangetsu's help, I was able to dragged the group towards the rest of the Mane Six who were having a picnic in the park. When I arrived, somehow the sun was ticking like a clock. What's going on?

"Everypony, allow me to introduce to you to the 'Wrecking Crew' of my army," I spoke aloud as I waved my hand towards the mentioned group.

"Here is my spiky patissier and carpenter, Bravo!" The gladiator swung his Duri Nokos in his hands.

"My faithful miner and smith, Gridon." The acorn rider absentmindedly tossed his Donkachi up in the air as he looked away sheepishly.

"Over here is demolitions expert and nightwatchman, Knuckle!" The boxer slammed his Kurumi Bombers in determination.

"And last but not least, my faithful guardsman and fisher... Kurokage!" The shadow twirled his Kagematsu for a bit until he stopped and bow before them.

"Howdy there y'all, name's Applejack!" The cowpony spoke as she shook hands with Knuckle who, despite his hands being covered at the moment, returned the nice gesture.

"Hi there, I'm Pinkie Pie! You bake sweets? I love to plan parties and I can bake sweets as well! I like to bake cakes, french toast, cupcakes, and chimichangas! Hey that reminds me! Have you ever had a cherrychanga!?" The pink pony continued to ramble unaware of Bravo's somehow twitching eye-lens as he backed away slowly.

Kurokage shook his head at the durian rider in pity before turning to the yellow pegasus and asked really gently, "What is your name little one?"

"I'm... Fluttershy..." She squeaked as she hid behind her pink mane while the black rider confused as he could bearly hear her properly due to her soft voice.

"My name is Rarity, and it is a pleasure to meet you! Your suit is simply marvelous!" Rarity gushed as she took in Gridon's appearance, "Your appearance basically screams medieval Canterlot! Oh, the ideas keep coming in my mind!"

"I'm... glad you like it." Gridon spoke hesitantly as he was being measured before he whispered to me standing beside him, "Help me!"

I chuckled and managed to separate them, "Okay, okay! That's enough!"

It was then a certain cyan pegasus proceeded to divebomb me to the ground.

"Bet you didn't see the fastest flyer coming at you, did ya?" The pegasus smirked as she sat near me while my helmet was stuck in the dirt.

"If that's your way of saying hello, it's nice to meet you too." I spoke with my voice muffled before I pulled my head out with audible pop.

It took a while, but with Pinkie's help via one of her 'Welcome Parties', the ponies eventually accepted us and any returning allies we will find in the near future. As the sun sets, I sat on a bench near the Golden Oak Library while my comrades were busy cleaning up the mess Bravo and the others have made at the crooks' apartment.

"Okay, let's see... Baron, check; Ryugen, check; Zangetsu, check; Gridon, check; Kurokage, check; Bravo, check; and Knuckle, check." I muttered as I scratched off the names on a list labeled 'Comrades to Find', "Hmm... So far so good, but why I am getting the distinct feeling I'm forgetting something?"

As I said that sentence, I was tackled by Lyra again and my head was reintroduced to the ground!

"Ow! Lyra!" I growled but then I saw the traumatized look on her face, "What happened?"

"Doll... Herd... Mob..." She whispered in fear as she shivered uncontrollably.

"Doh! Of course!" I grumbled realizing what I had forgotten. It was the 'Lesson Zero' incident! I sighed in exasperation, I couldn't deal with Twilight! Not today, I was still tired from the party! Maybe I should consider taking Twilight to my psychiatrist, if I can find him that is...

"Lyra," I said, getting her attention as she stopped shaking, "Look, I think we both have a pretty tiresome day. So how about this? Tonight, you can stay with me and my friends at our temporary quarters, while tomorrow you can come with me to look for my friends. Would you like that?"

Lyra's response was a very happy nod as she is eager to see more humans.

"Come on, let's go and get some rest." Rolling my list and placing it in my pocket dimension, I got up and we proceeded to walk back to my temporary quarters in Canterlot Castle.

Nightmares, Dancing, and Five Sodas!

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Darkness was the only thing Gaim could see as he ran from a shadow stalking him, but the shadow was fast and smart in its pursuit as it split itself into four pieces as they began to surround him!.

"Impossible! You're not real!" Gaim exclaimed in terror as the shadows shifted into a familiar shape.

"Foolish boy! Did you really think they will accept you and your friends so easily?" 'The Shadow' rhetorically asked, "Then you are a fool!"

"No! NO!" Gaim gripped his head in terror as he fell to his knees.

"You and your army will never be accepted among the ponies! You know you can't kept all of your so-called friends' common secret away from them for much longer!" The shadows then took form of a monster with samurai armor all over its body with a malicious sword in its hand, "Allow me to put you out of your misery!"

Gaim quaked as he watched the monster raised its sword and proceeded to strike him down!


"NO!" I screamed as I awoke from my hammock. I panted and looked around the guest room, it was still nighttime and Princess Celestia has yet to raise the sun. I saw Lyra sleeping peacefully by Zangetsu as she hugged him in her sleep with Baron and Ryugen snoring away next to each other against the wall. I gazed at Bravo who is sawing logs while Knuckle, Kurokage, and Gridon wore special earmuffs to block his horrendous snoring.

I sighed deeply as I got up and left the room.

A few minutes later, I found myself sitting on a fountain gazing at my reflection in the water as a silhouette overshadowed me for a moment before disappearing. My thoughts returning to the moment when all of my friends and I bought those Lockseeds.

"Really? 300 dollars for the whole set?" I asked confusedly to the Merchant dressed as a Masquerade Dopant while I gaze at the merchandise before me. My friends were already waiting in their costumes, but they need their respective belts to make them complete.

"Indeed, and if you purchase these within the next five minutes..." The Masquerade Merchant reached behind the counter and pulled out what appears to be a life-sized gummy version of a immature Lockseed from Kamen Rider Gaim "'ll receive this life-size gummy of-"

"No deal, I just want the Lockseeds and Drivers, not the candy," I politely declined, something in my gut told me something bad will happen if I purchase that!

"Oh, all right...Just give me a moment to at least polish these for you," The Merchant took out a prismatic rag and gently rubbed the Lockseeds while I watched in suspicion, "Although it's going to cost a little more for the extra four Energy Lockseeds."

Groaning, I added another 20 to my purchase as my comrades and I took the belts and Lockseeds and proceeded to strapped them on, but I didn't see the Masquerade Merchant smirking as we inserted the Lockseeds into our Drivers. Then something completely unexpected happened that changed our lives forever.


All 15 of us immediately doubled over in pain, as we collapsed on our knees! It felt like someone jabbed a lava-hot spear coated in poison through me and dabbed that wound with rubbing alcohol! The pain immediately worsened as a combination of vines and light begin to obscure my vision!

"You little sniveling trickster!" I insulted as my vision began to black out and the next thing I knew, all 15 of us were in an unknown land and we were physically changed for the rest of our life.

"It's all my fault..." I whispered in distress as I clenched my hands in agony. It's still two hours from sunlight and after that nightmare I had, I doubt I'll be getting any sleep soon. Deciding to kill some time, I decided to take a walk through Canterlot.

"He still blames himself for what happened to us 1500 years ago." A white figure spoke as he stood on the castle's wall with four other figures, watching as Gaim got up and left the castle.

"Should we talk to him now?" A female voice asked in pity as her pink armor gleamed in the moonlight.

"No, there is a 65% chance we will only make it worse for him if we go down there now!" A yellow and blue figure scolded.

"Hmm... Guys, I have a plan that could cheer him up real fast!" A red and white figure gestured to them to come closer as he whispered something unintelligible to them. Once he finished, they separated, "You got it?"

"Are you sure? Even if your plan is okay, how are we going to convince him?" A figure that greatly resembles Kurokage asked in doubt.

"Oh, believe me I know the right words to convince him!" the red and white figure reassured. With their conversation done, the five figures disappeared in a blur.

As I walked down the streets of Canterlot, I suddenly started to skip for no reason until I began to breakdanced to some music that began playing out of nowhere. Whoever was playing this song, keep on playing it! I got dancing fever, Ow! Unfortunately the music came to an abrupt halt much to my displeasure, yet I couldn't help but shivered from the sudden silence in the environment.

"Well, well. Aren't you a great dancer?" A voice spoke in the dark as a heavily cloaked stallion stepped from the shadows, "But do you have the guts to challenge against us!" The cloaked stallion took out a boombox as four more figures appeared by his side.

I growled! This guy is teasing me I can feel it, yet why do I feel strangely eager to give him a noogie for some reason?

"Now you got to ask yourself one thing: 'Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya' kumquat?" The cloaked figure taunted.

I tensed when I heard that! Did that guy just...

"Did you just call me a kumquat?!" I asked with a little bit of rage seeping through my voice as I cracked my neck and stretched my limbs. "If you wanna dance, COME ON! Let's Dance!"

For a moment, I thought I saw lightning as they both came through our eyes clashing against each other!

"Where do you want to take this dance?" I asked as I popped my knuckles.

"Center of Ponyville, noon sharp!" The figure declared as he took a white orb before throwing it to the ground, releasing a flash of light that forced me to shield my eyes for a moment. When I uncovered them, the posse was gone!

"All right buster! You asked for it!" I started to chuckle at first, then it became a soft laugh, until finally it evolved into a fully deranged cackle! "Oh you poor fool, you are really going to get it when we meet face-to-face!

"Again I ask, why are we here?!" Ryugen screamed almost hysterically as he stood on top of the Sugarcube Corner since the streets were full as ponies in Ponyville came to watch the dance fight between Gaim and the cloaked stallion.

"Whoever challenged Gaim to do this must have a screw loose," Baron stated as he twirled his finger at the side of his head, "If they want to get Gaim to dance, they had to pressure him to do it!"

"Why? Is he a bad dancer?" Lyra asked in confusion while she stood near Zangetsu as he petted her to calm her down.

"Non, non mademoiselle." Bravo comforted, "Gaim iz a grand dancer!"

"Then why..."

"Because his dancing is so good, there he could make his opponent faint after the fight ends!" Knuckle explained making Lyra gasp in shock as did anypony who heard that statement, "The last guy who battle him barely made it out and he was the only one who went go against him and managed to make it through the dance alive!"

"Who was it?" Lyra asked.

"His name is..." Knuckle started to say, but then he hears music coming from the stage, "Shh! Quiet! It's starting!"

I walked on top of the stage as the music proceeded to play as my cloaked opponent came before me from the opposite end of where I was standing.

"Are you ready?" My opponent asked in a smug tone.

"Ready as I ever be!" I stated banging my fist into my palm.

At first we did simple dance moves like twirls and spins, but as the song progressed we were already dancing in such complex movements! From our point of view, it seems like the world was slowing down as we kept dancing at very high speed! After about 30 more seconds, the song ended much to my relief. I looked over to my opponent and saw he was tired as I am.

"You know," I spoke up as I helped him up, "The last guy who challenged me made it out alive without breaking a sweat."

"Yeah, and who was he?" The stallion panted.

"Come on Sigurd, you're not fooling me anymore!" I chided as I slapped his head.

"Wha- How did you-?!"

"You're the only person I know who knows how to get under my skin, yet at the same time, you cheer me up with music whenever I'm in a bad mood. Also, your breath reeks of cabbage and onions." I wafted in front of my face, hoping to get rid of the bad scent.

The stallion now revealed to be Sigurd sighed as he shined in a bright light as he revealed his true form surprising the audience in the process.

"Very good, my friend," Sigurd complimented and clear his throat before he called out in a loud voice, "Olly olly oxen free!"

In a blur of movement, four familiar figures appeared by his side.

"Marika!" I cheered in joy as I hugged the only female member of my army.

"Duke! My man! What is the square root of 1764?" I tested the yellow and blue rider.

"42." He simply answered as he shook hands with me.

"Zangetsu Shin! Where have you been?" I exclaimed to the Zangetsu lookalike.

"Been looking for the keys to our fortress," He jokingly replied as he held up a skeleton key. I chuckled as I turned towards the last Soda Rider.

"Kurokage Shin, what is your report on your mental health?" I asked.

"As healthy as ever! Except for a minor headache I received when I was released," Kurokage Shin admitted as he rubbed his head.

I could only laugh as I hugged my reunited friends as they hugged me back. I regained my composure as soon as I finished and turned to Sigurd with a slight miasma.

"Sigurd, while I admire your help in bettering my mood, I am still mad at you for calling me a kumquat!!" I growled as I pulled the yellow tab on my Musou Saber and took aim. "Duke! Marika! Zangetsu Shin! Sonic Arrows Up! Kurokage Shin, get your spear ready!"

Duke, Marika, and Zangetsu Shin surround Sigurd while the Energy Pinecone rider sharpened his Kagematsu Shin and took a javelin throwing pose at a nearby cloud.

"Ready..." Sigurd gulped.

"Aim..." The Sonic Arrow charged with energy as they took aim.


An explosion and a well-timed javelin throw later, Sigurd (with scorch marks all over his body and his arm is in a cast) is seen on a stretcher carried by Gridon and Kurokage as they walked towards Canterlot Castle.

"Now then Sigurd, I hope you take this incident as an example not to call me a kumquat! Got it?!" I shouted through his ear.

Sigurd could only cough out a smoke cloud in response, and I sighed at this until Kurokage Shin tapped my shoulder.

"He's not the only one who needs to recover, you are going to see me first thing in the morning!" He sternly spoke as he pulled out a clipboard and a pencil as he said this.

I could only moan in humiliation as I was given the appointment time while the others laughed at my misfortune.

Baron: Find the Golden and Silver Apples!

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"Wow, Kurokage Shin is really letting Gaim have it," Baron commented as he walked towards the Everfree Forest while he carried a piece of paper in his hands.


Since I am currently busy with my appointment with Kurokage Shin, I want you to look for the last two members of our army. There have been reports of strange events occurring in the Everfree Forest, so I suggest you should start there.



P.S. Look out for the Cutie Mark Crusaders if you meet and/or see them! I have a feeling they could attract trouble like bees to honey.

"Well, I don't blame him. He kind of deserves it since he lost his temper multiple times," Baron muttered as he folded the letter and placed it in his pocket space, "But finding those two, I think it might be easier for me to find them when there's no trouble at all. I mean, what's going to happen? The CMC's red wagon being propelled by fireworks plowing over me?"

Right after he said that, he was immediately ran over by said wagon as three screaming voices were heard. As the wagon rolled into the Everfree Forest, Baron was seen on the ground twitching in pain as he pushed himself up.

"Okay, I have walked right into that one...Urgh!" Baron groaned as he got up and watched as the wagon blasted towards the forest, "I really got to stop saying things like that!"

Taking out a rose-themed Lockseed with the code LV-02 on it as he pressed the release button, the Lockseed flew out of his hand and immediately transformed into the Rose Attacker.

"Lets hope this thing doesn't activate its 'Crack Opening Function' before I could reach those kids!" Baron hoped as he revved up his bike and proceeded to race after them.

"Come on, Kurokage Shin! Are we done yet?!" I moaned. It has been an hour since we started and I am already starting to lose my patience!

"No, you still have to yet to pass the 'Anger Test'" Kurokage Shin stated as he took out a stopwatch and gestured with his hand and out the door comes... Pinkie Pie!?!

"Oh no..." I whined, knowing it is going to be a loooonnngg session.

"Almost... there!! Just... a little... further...!" Baron strained as he got close to the runaway wagon. When he got close enough, he took out his Banaspear and snipped the duct taped fireworks off the wagon as they flew off and explode harmlessly into the air.

The three fillies gazed at the spectacle as the wagon slowly slid to a stop with Baron stopping next to them.

"Alright kids, what's going on with the wagon and the fireworks?" Baron asked in a scolding tone as he deactivated his Lockvehicle as it folded back into its Lock form.

"We were trying to get our cutie marks at rocket propulsion vehicles," Apple Bloom explained.

"And look where that got us!" Scootaloo exclaimed as she shook her hooves at the almost destroyed wagon.

"How are we going to get out of here now?" Sweetie moaned as she covered her head with her hooves.

"Hmm..." Baron hummed as he examined the vehicle, "It doesn't seem to be too damaged. It just needs a new coat of paint and the wheels just need to be tightened."

His examination was cut short when he sensed something in the bushes.

"But first we have to find a place to stay until it is safe to try to leave the woods!" Baron stated as he hefted up the wagon with the fillies still in it with a surprising amount of strength and ran off in a random direction as glowing green eyes glared hungrily at them in the shadows.

After running for a while, Baron found himself in front of a hut with potions hanging from its branches. He placed the wagon down much to the fillies' relief as they rushed to his side.

"Maybe whoever lives here wouldn't mind us staying for a while." Baron said as he knocked on the door.

The door opened to reveal a female zebra wearing golden rings on her neck and left front leg. Her eyes widen in surprise at the guest in front of her.

"Hello ma'am, I am sorry to bother you, but can we stay in your hut for a moment until it is safe to leave the forest?" Baron asked politely.

Zecora stared at him for a moment before she smiled and answered in rhyme, "Stay in my home, you may. Come in, I have tea and biscuits on a tray."

Baron watched in confusion as he scratched his helmet from the strange way of speaking.

"She means 'Yes, you can come in.'," Applebloom explained.

"Oh right! Sorry!" Baron apologized as he and the Crusaders hurriedly walked inside the hut.

"Allow me to introduce, Zecora is my name. Now can I please ask you to do the same?" Zecora spoke as she handed Baron some tea while he sat on a wooden stool she provided him.

"Baron." He stated as he blew on the tea to cool it off.

"Baron, the banana knight? The one who gave the minotaurs a dreadful fright?" Zecora asked in confusion.

"The very same." He confirmed as he somehow took a sip from his cup despite his mouth being covered.

"You scared the minotaurs?" Scootaloo asked in shock as she spewed biscuit crumbs from her mouth, "But aren't they the toughest guyss in Equestria?"

"Well, they weren't so tough when they made the grand mistake of calling us 'rotten pieces of fruit!'" Baron chuckled as he took another sip, "Believe me, you should have seen the reactions on those guys! Mars and Kamuro really let them have it!"

"Who are Mars and Kamuro? You make them sound like they're a great duo?" Zecora asked as she took a sip from her tea.

"You were right on the money with the duo part. More accurately, they were called the 'Gold and Silver Apple Twins,'" Baron confirmed as he dug through his pocket dimension and pulled out two cubes of sugar and stirred them into his cup.

Apple Bloom's ears perked up when she heard that and whispered softly. "Gold and Silver Apple Twins?"

"Mr. Baron, how did you do that?" Sweetie Belle asked all of a sudden.

"Do what?" Baron inquired.

"That thing you did with the sugar cubes!"

"Oh, that! Well, you see-"

Any further conversation was immediately interrupted when they heard an explosion outside!

"What in the world was that?!" Baron exclaimed as he got up from the chair and immediately bounded out the door.

"-and I was really really really really really happy when I made that party! Hey, I know! How about I make super duper extra special 'Fruit Army Reunion Party!' It's going to be great! There's going to be parfaits, fruit pies, fruit-themed cakes, fruit-themed games-"

As Pinkie Pie continued to ramble, she didn't appear to notice the Gaim's hands started to twitch as his eye lenses cracked! Kurokage Shin, however, did and shook his head as he continued to time Gaim's patience with the stopwatch. So far it's been 30 minutes and he's already starting to crack! Literally!

"Cough! Cough! I told you not to activate the Sparking Finisher!" A figure in silver and blue armor complained to a silhouette in red and gold armor as he coughed from the smoke.

"..." The gold and red figure said nothing as he stood in front of the almost charred Timberwolf as it whimpered in fear, the ground beside it was torn from the energy slash. The figure pointed behind the creature with his sword and silently commanded the creature to go back to the woods.

The Timberwolf yelped as it fled with its tail between its legs not wanting to become firewood for the menacing warrior.

"You there! Hands where I can see them!" A voice shouted from behind as something sharp poked his backside knowing if the figure makes one move, it will be his last.

The gold and red figure silently turned his head to a familiar face he hasn't seen since 1500 years ago when he sealed in stone!

"Baron?" He whispered as he turned around to see the very surprised yellow knight.

"Whoa, this guy's Mars? He looks awesome!" Scootaloo screamed elatedly as she took in Mars' appearance while the golden apple knight said nothing as he calmly sipped his cup of tea while his Sword Bringer and Apple Reflecter rested on his back.

"So a Timberwolf was following us?" Baron asked Kamuro as the silver apple rider puts his Souginjou against the wall while Sweetie Belle was taking in his appearance as well.

"Yep," Kamuro confirmed as he drank his cup of tea as well, "It turns out some timberwolves in this forest happen to like fruits a lot. Something must have happened when we were sealed away."

"You think it's..." Baron whispered ominously so the Cutie Mark Crusaders wouldn't overhear as they are busy watching Mars do some poses like a certain green garbed knight.

"It's too soon to jump into conclusions! Right now, let's just focus on getting the team back together," Kamuro smiled as he patted Baron's shoulder.

"Actually, you're the last two members to find," Baron corrected sheepishly.

Somehow, in some inexplicable way, Kamuro turned completely white in shock as he went into depression at the corner of Zecora's room.

The Zebra in question gazed at the sight in confusion, "He turned white as a bed sheet, how in Equestria did he do such a feat?!"

"Honestly, nothing makes sense around him!" Baron sighed as he facepalmed.

"Please, Kurokage Shin! For the love of mercy! Please make her stop!" I begged as I twitched on the floor, having lost feeling in my legs and arms from trying to keep them from doing anything harmful to Pinkie as she babbled about putting real fruit in pinatas. The black rider said nothing as he pressed the stopwatch while he placed a hand over Pinkie's mouth muffling her words much to my relief.

"45 minutes and 14 seconds," Kurokage Shin stated as he wrote the time down on his clipboard, "Not a bad time, now let's do it again. This time with a book of kumquats!" He took out said book and handed it over to Pinkie.

When I saw that book in the hands of the party pony, I fainted to the floor as bubbles proceeded to foam on my mouthguard.

Jimber Cherry! Reviving the Castle and Gaining a Folder!

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It was another beautiful morning in Ponyville, as a grey mare with a pink treble clef for a cutiemark walked out of her home to breathe in the fresh morning air.

"What a fabulous day Vinyl and you were wasting it away by sleeping with the stereo on!" The grey mare commented.

"Hey, I turned it off since you woke me up Octavia!" The white mare with a blue mane with a double eighth note cutiemark known as Vinyl.

"Vinyl, you haven't clean your side of the house lately! What if the legendary Gaim were to come by and see that mess?" Octavia scolded.

"I'll clean it up as soon as you give me back my sunglasses and headphones you took from me!"

"NO! It's time you see Ponyville without those things! You need a break from your work! Besides, there's a chance Gaim come by to awaken his castle!"

"Come on, Tavi! How can you be sure he's even awake right now?"


"All right, troops! ATTENTION!" I bellowed as I stood in the Canterlot Gardens in front of all my comrades. I was currently wearing a sergeant's army helmet as I whacked the blunt end of my Daidaimaru in my hand, "It has been quite some time since we were last physically active, and as a result, our reflexes have dulled during our imprisonment! For the next hour, we are all going to do some jogging to get them back up and running! If anyone speaks at this time, I will add 50 push-ups to their exercises!"

All of the members of my Sengoku Warrior army had various reactions to my yelling.

Mars, Baron, Kurokage, and Zangetsu remained perfectly still, not even feeling the slightest bit fazed from my loud voice.

Zangetsu Shin, Sigurd, and Duke's knees quaked a bit on the other hand.

Ryugen, Gridon, and Bravo sighed in despair as they hung their heads.

Kamuro and Marika were the only ones who almost fainted from my military presence.

And the remaining members? Well...

"Dude! Kurokage Shin, what did you do to him?!" Gridon whispered in anxiety.

"I may have went too far with the 'Anger Test'..." Kurokage Shin softly admitted nervously as he continued to remain still in his position.

"The what?!? Are you plum loco, man?!?" Gridon scolded in a loud whisper, "Did you ever consider the consequences of using that on Gaim?!"

"Hey! How am I suppose to know this would happen when he woke up?!" Kurokage Shin shouted.

"Says the guy who used Pinkie Pie as a temper feeder!" Gridon growled.

"Shut it, pipsqueak!"

"Oh! you wanna' go psychopath!?"


Kurokage Shin and Gridon stopped insulting when they heard me cleared my throat rather loudly, and they slowly turned their heads in dread to see me standing right in front of them. The miasma rolling off me was more threatening than ever as the other members of my army stepped back in fear while Gridon and Kurokage Shin quaked in fear!

"WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT SPEAKING, SOLDIERS?!" I roared at Knuckle and Kurokage Shin who trembled at the sight of the literal fire in my eye-lens, "Now drop and give me 50!"

Not wanting to suffer anymore than they are now, the frightened duo quickly drop to the ground and proceeded to do that in a fast pace!

"Permission to speak, sir?" Baron suddenly spoke up as he walked up behind me.

I quickly snapped out of my anger phase and calmly turned to the banana warrior, "Yes?"

"As much as I want to agree with you with the exercise, shouldn't we at least release the fortress from its dormant state? In fact, how about we walk over there instead?" He politely suggested.

I went silent as I considered that suggestion. Now that I think about it, Baron has a point. I turned to Gridon and Kurokage Shin as they panted from their mini work-out. I smiled at this, Baron knows to how get out of situations like these when I get riled up and turn them to his advantage! That's one reason why he is my second in command!

"All right! Let's go!" I shouted as I picked up my sashimono from the ground and marched off from Canterlot Castle towards the Everfree Forest. All members with the exceptions of Zangetsu, Mars, and Kurokage, sighed in relief as they immediately begin to follow after me. Gridon and Kurokage Shin managed to get up quickly and walked after us.

"Whew! Saved by the Baron!" Gridon commented.

"We really need to thank him more often!" Kurokage Shin stated.

"No way! You are not going to make me!" Vinyl growled as she placed herself between a rather large shelf of music CDs and an angry mare with a net in hoof.

"Vinyl, you are going to come outside to get some fresh air! Whether you like it or not!" Octavia stated.

"If you lay one hoof on me, wait and see what I can do to your cello!" Vinyl threatened.

"You wouldn't dare!" Octavia somehow snorted flames as she said this.

"Try me!" Vinyl challenged as her horn glowed.


Vinyl and Octavia turned their heads towards the door as someone begin knocking on it.

"Now what?" Octavia grumbled as she opened it and her eyes dilated when she saw the last person she'd expected to see on the other side of the door...

...It was Kamen Rider Gaim with his army!

My army and I were marching down the streets of Ponyville when we heard an awful amount of shouting coming from this house, and I decided to check what's going on in there as I knocked on the door. It opened to reveal Octavia, one of my favorite ponies! I looked at the mare in confusion who stared right back at me in shock.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked.

"NO! No!No!No!No! Nothing's wrong at all, everything's okay in here!" Octavia attempted to reassure me, but I looked inside to see the house in a complete mess! I turned my head to my right and saw Vinyl Scratch hissing at the light like she was a vampire, "Except for Vinyl Scratch, she wouldn't come outside just because I took her headphones and sunglasses away this morning!"

"Hmm..." I hummed thoughtfully. I never thought what would happen if that event were to occur. I stared at the growling hip-hop mare as he crouched like a caged tiger, I could have sworn she growled like one too! It's like she wasn't introduced to sunlight at all without her sunglasses!

"You might want to get out, I'll see what I can do with your housemate. Can you also leave the net in here?" I requested as I took out the Cherry Energy Lockseed and Genesis Core.

Octavia complied as she quickly trotted out the door and closing it on the way out.

Seeing that she is away from danger and I removed the Rider Indicator from my belt before inserting the Genesis Core in place.

"Vinyl, I'm going to ask you this one time! You want to do the easy way..." I started, but I quickly ducked to avoid a chair thrown at me. That's the second time somepony threw something at me when I try to talk!

"I guess it's going to be the hard way," I simply said as I activated the Cherry Energy Lockseed.


Techno music proceeded to play from it as a zipper opened above me to reveal a metallic cherry much to Vinyl's confusion while the Orange Lockseed closed by itself.

I inserted the Cherry Energy Lockseed and locked both it and the Orange Lockseed in place.


I quickly 'sliced' the Lockseed as it opened in tandem with the Cherry Energy Lockseed.


My armor folded into its fruit form before combining with the metal cherry to form the Jimber Part as it fell on my head. The armor then proceeded to unfold itself to Cherry Mode.

I stretched my arms for a moment to get some feeling back into my arms and to get used to the sudden change of armor. After I've done that, I picked up the net and tested it strength to make sure it's okay to use.

"Now then," I smirked as I tossed the net over my shoulder, "Don't blink!"

Meanwhile, outside the house, Octavia, Lyra (who just arrived when Octavia exited the house), and the Sengoku Warrior Army were busy waiting for Gaim come out with Vinyl.

"So... How long are we going to wait?" Lyra asked as she played five stud poker with Duke, Sigurd, and Marika.

"Well according to my calculations, with Gaim's patience at his current level. I say right about-" Duke started to say.

A red blur immediately zoomed out of the house as a screaming voice followed after it and ran towards the Everfree Forest.

"," The yellow and blue knight dryly finished as he tossed away the cards.

"Come on, let's go after him! This walk just turn into a run!" Kamuro concluded as he immediately raced at the same speed after the run-away Gaim.

Lyra and Octavia watched in shock as 13 more gusts of wind rushed past them leaving behind a letter in the process.

The unicorn picked up the letter with her magic as Octavia looked over her shoulder to read it as well.

To Lyra and Octavia,

Follow these directions drawn on this letter, and you'll find us at our castle. Don't worry! You'll know it when you see it!



P.S. Please bring Zecora, Twilight, Spike, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Princess Luna, and Princess Celestia along with you. Give this letter to Spike and he'll send it to the Princesses. It's time we tell you a secret we have been keeping for 1500 years.

Octavia and Lyra looked at each other before they returned their gaze towards the letter, wondering what Gaim could mean by 'secret'.

With Jimber Cherry's enhanced skill, it took me about 5 minutes at the rate of speed I was going to reach the currently invisible fortress while I carried the bounded Vinyl Stratch who immediately passed out from our trip.

"Well, here we are!" I announced as the rest of my army came at the same rate of speed while Mars gave me back the sashimono I left behind.

"Did you give them the note?" I asked as Mars nodded in reply, "Okay, come on everyone! Let's-"

A folder suddenly appeared in front of me in a flash of light as it crackled with energy before it fell to the ground gently at my feet. Needless to say, my comrades and I were rather surprised and confused at the sudden event as I opened the folder to reveal a letter and some notes.

To you who find this folder-

If you are reading this, you are what I refer to as a Displaced. Some of us are being held here, in worlds not our own, by one known as The Merchant, a Void-Dweller of great power. If you can use these notes to find your way back to your relative home, I wish you the best of luck. Either because The Merchant is not to be trifled with, or because finding your relative Earth in all the Multiverse is like trying to find a grain of sand in a sandstorm.

Personally, I do not desire to leave. True, abandoning my life on Earth seems cowardly. But the power I now wield confers a responsibility, one that I fulfill willingly. And life in Equestria is more likely to be peaceable than life on Earth.

To those that want to return, I wish you the best of luck, and tell you that the best of results could be gathered by using something that you brought with you.

To those that wish to remain, I tell you that these notes can easily be reversed and used to shield your home from intrusions. Most notably, Discord could find them useful.

To those of you that wish to try to fight The Merchant, I tell you that he will likely not go down easy. Your best bet is to find the one known as Xante and team up with him.

And to those of you that wish to drag us all back...

Do not test me.

-Auric Fulcrum, Master of Psynergy, Wielder of the Flames of Alchemy, Slayer of the Wise One, Knight of the Eclipse, Lord of Eureka, Blade of Understanding.

"A Displaced? Is that what we are?" Marika asked with a hint of sadness in her voice.

I said nothing as I looked over the notes, they were definitely notes on different dimensions and the connections between them. One set of notes was written in Equestrian while the other set is written in English.

"Gaim!" Baron spoke in a loud voice startling me in the process.

"Huh? What?"

"Aren't you going to awaken the fortress?" He asked in concern.

"Oh right! Forgive me, I was out of it for a moment," I apologized as I closed the folder and placing it in my pocket dimension before I turned to the barrier. Before we were sealed away, I took the precaution to place a special barrier seal around the fortress that would put it to state of dormancy and cloak it from anypony else to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

Clenching my unoccupied hand, I wind back and threw it against the barrier as it shattered to pieces. As the barrier fell, the fortress started to creak as the gears inside it begin to move after being frozen for 1500 years!

"At last, Tanken Shogun! The mighty mobile fortress has finally revived to protect Equestria once again!" I bellowed as the fortress's functionality is restored while I held up the sashimono into the air in victory as the wind flapped against it!