• Published 4th Sep 2015
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Sengoku Harmony: Unity Is Magic! - ShogunWriter106

15 people with their leader being gentle and sensitive found themselves as the Riders from Kamen Rider Gaim. Now filled with many responsibilities, they must work hard to keep them in check by protecting Equestria.

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Jimber Cherry! Reviving the Castle and Gaining a Folder!

It was another beautiful morning in Ponyville, as a grey mare with a pink treble clef for a cutiemark walked out of her home to breathe in the fresh morning air.

"What a fabulous day Vinyl and you were wasting it away by sleeping with the stereo on!" The grey mare commented.

"Hey, I turned it off since you woke me up Octavia!" The white mare with a blue mane with a double eighth note cutiemark known as Vinyl.

"Vinyl, you haven't clean your side of the house lately! What if the legendary Gaim were to come by and see that mess?" Octavia scolded.

"I'll clean it up as soon as you give me back my sunglasses and headphones you took from me!"

"NO! It's time you see Ponyville without those things! You need a break from your work! Besides, there's a chance Gaim come by to awaken his castle!"

"Come on, Tavi! How can you be sure he's even awake right now?"


"All right, troops! ATTENTION!" I bellowed as I stood in the Canterlot Gardens in front of all my comrades. I was currently wearing a sergeant's army helmet as I whacked the blunt end of my Daidaimaru in my hand, "It has been quite some time since we were last physically active, and as a result, our reflexes have dulled during our imprisonment! For the next hour, we are all going to do some jogging to get them back up and running! If anyone speaks at this time, I will add 50 push-ups to their exercises!"

All of the members of my Sengoku Warrior army had various reactions to my yelling.

Mars, Baron, Kurokage, and Zangetsu remained perfectly still, not even feeling the slightest bit fazed from my loud voice.

Zangetsu Shin, Sigurd, and Duke's knees quaked a bit on the other hand.

Ryugen, Gridon, and Bravo sighed in despair as they hung their heads.

Kamuro and Marika were the only ones who almost fainted from my military presence.

And the remaining members? Well...

"Dude! Kurokage Shin, what did you do to him?!" Gridon whispered in anxiety.

"I may have went too far with the 'Anger Test'..." Kurokage Shin softly admitted nervously as he continued to remain still in his position.

"The what?!? Are you plum loco, man?!?" Gridon scolded in a loud whisper, "Did you ever consider the consequences of using that on Gaim?!"

"Hey! How am I suppose to know this would happen when he woke up?!" Kurokage Shin shouted.

"Says the guy who used Pinkie Pie as a temper feeder!" Gridon growled.

"Shut it, pipsqueak!"

"Oh! you wanna' go psychopath!?"


Kurokage Shin and Gridon stopped insulting when they heard me cleared my throat rather loudly, and they slowly turned their heads in dread to see me standing right in front of them. The miasma rolling off me was more threatening than ever as the other members of my army stepped back in fear while Gridon and Kurokage Shin quaked in fear!

"WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT SPEAKING, SOLDIERS?!" I roared at Knuckle and Kurokage Shin who trembled at the sight of the literal fire in my eye-lens, "Now drop and give me 50!"

Not wanting to suffer anymore than they are now, the frightened duo quickly drop to the ground and proceeded to do that in a fast pace!

"Permission to speak, sir?" Baron suddenly spoke up as he walked up behind me.

I quickly snapped out of my anger phase and calmly turned to the banana warrior, "Yes?"

"As much as I want to agree with you with the exercise, shouldn't we at least release the fortress from its dormant state? In fact, how about we walk over there instead?" He politely suggested.

I went silent as I considered that suggestion. Now that I think about it, Baron has a point. I turned to Gridon and Kurokage Shin as they panted from their mini work-out. I smiled at this, Baron knows to how get out of situations like these when I get riled up and turn them to his advantage! That's one reason why he is my second in command!

"All right! Let's go!" I shouted as I picked up my sashimono from the ground and marched off from Canterlot Castle towards the Everfree Forest. All members with the exceptions of Zangetsu, Mars, and Kurokage, sighed in relief as they immediately begin to follow after me. Gridon and Kurokage Shin managed to get up quickly and walked after us.

"Whew! Saved by the Baron!" Gridon commented.

"We really need to thank him more often!" Kurokage Shin stated.

"No way! You are not going to make me!" Vinyl growled as she placed herself between a rather large shelf of music CDs and an angry mare with a net in hoof.

"Vinyl, you are going to come outside to get some fresh air! Whether you like it or not!" Octavia stated.

"If you lay one hoof on me, wait and see what I can do to your cello!" Vinyl threatened.

"You wouldn't dare!" Octavia somehow snorted flames as she said this.

"Try me!" Vinyl challenged as her horn glowed.


Vinyl and Octavia turned their heads towards the door as someone begin knocking on it.

"Now what?" Octavia grumbled as she opened it and her eyes dilated when she saw the last person she'd expected to see on the other side of the door...

...It was Kamen Rider Gaim with his army!

My army and I were marching down the streets of Ponyville when we heard an awful amount of shouting coming from this house, and I decided to check what's going on in there as I knocked on the door. It opened to reveal Octavia, one of my favorite ponies! I looked at the mare in confusion who stared right back at me in shock.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked.

"NO! No!No!No!No! Nothing's wrong at all, everything's okay in here!" Octavia attempted to reassure me, but I looked inside to see the house in a complete mess! I turned my head to my right and saw Vinyl Scratch hissing at the light like she was a vampire, "Except for Vinyl Scratch, she wouldn't come outside just because I took her headphones and sunglasses away this morning!"

"Hmm..." I hummed thoughtfully. I never thought what would happen if that event were to occur. I stared at the growling hip-hop mare as he crouched like a caged tiger, I could have sworn she growled like one too! It's like she wasn't introduced to sunlight at all without her sunglasses!

"You might want to get out, I'll see what I can do with your housemate. Can you also leave the net in here?" I requested as I took out the Cherry Energy Lockseed and Genesis Core.

Octavia complied as she quickly trotted out the door and closing it on the way out.

Seeing that she is away from danger and I removed the Rider Indicator from my belt before inserting the Genesis Core in place.

"Vinyl, I'm going to ask you this one time! You want to do the easy way..." I started, but I quickly ducked to avoid a chair thrown at me. That's the second time somepony threw something at me when I try to talk!

"I guess it's going to be the hard way," I simply said as I activated the Cherry Energy Lockseed.


Techno music proceeded to play from it as a zipper opened above me to reveal a metallic cherry much to Vinyl's confusion while the Orange Lockseed closed by itself.

I inserted the Cherry Energy Lockseed and locked both it and the Orange Lockseed in place.


I quickly 'sliced' the Lockseed as it opened in tandem with the Cherry Energy Lockseed.


My armor folded into its fruit form before combining with the metal cherry to form the Jimber Part as it fell on my head. The armor then proceeded to unfold itself to Cherry Mode.

I stretched my arms for a moment to get some feeling back into my arms and to get used to the sudden change of armor. After I've done that, I picked up the net and tested it strength to make sure it's okay to use.

"Now then," I smirked as I tossed the net over my shoulder, "Don't blink!"

Meanwhile, outside the house, Octavia, Lyra (who just arrived when Octavia exited the house), and the Sengoku Warrior Army were busy waiting for Gaim come out with Vinyl.

"So... How long are we going to wait?" Lyra asked as she played five stud poker with Duke, Sigurd, and Marika.

"Well according to my calculations, with Gaim's patience at his current level. I say right about-" Duke started to say.

A red blur immediately zoomed out of the house as a screaming voice followed after it and ran towards the Everfree Forest.

"...now," The yellow and blue knight dryly finished as he tossed away the cards.

"Come on, let's go after him! This walk just turn into a run!" Kamuro concluded as he immediately raced at the same speed after the run-away Gaim.

Lyra and Octavia watched in shock as 13 more gusts of wind rushed past them leaving behind a letter in the process.

The unicorn picked up the letter with her magic as Octavia looked over her shoulder to read it as well.

To Lyra and Octavia,

Follow these directions drawn on this letter, and you'll find us at our castle. Don't worry! You'll know it when you see it!



P.S. Please bring Zecora, Twilight, Spike, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Princess Luna, and Princess Celestia along with you. Give this letter to Spike and he'll send it to the Princesses. It's time we tell you a secret we have been keeping for 1500 years.

Octavia and Lyra looked at each other before they returned their gaze towards the letter, wondering what Gaim could mean by 'secret'.

With Jimber Cherry's enhanced skill, it took me about 5 minutes at the rate of speed I was going to reach the currently invisible fortress while I carried the bounded Vinyl Stratch who immediately passed out from our trip.

"Well, here we are!" I announced as the rest of my army came at the same rate of speed while Mars gave me back the sashimono I left behind.

"Did you give them the note?" I asked as Mars nodded in reply, "Okay, come on everyone! Let's-"

A folder suddenly appeared in front of me in a flash of light as it crackled with energy before it fell to the ground gently at my feet. Needless to say, my comrades and I were rather surprised and confused at the sudden event as I opened the folder to reveal a letter and some notes.

To you who find this folder-

If you are reading this, you are what I refer to as a Displaced. Some of us are being held here, in worlds not our own, by one known as The Merchant, a Void-Dweller of great power. If you can use these notes to find your way back to your relative home, I wish you the best of luck. Either because The Merchant is not to be trifled with, or because finding your relative Earth in all the Multiverse is like trying to find a grain of sand in a sandstorm.

Personally, I do not desire to leave. True, abandoning my life on Earth seems cowardly. But the power I now wield confers a responsibility, one that I fulfill willingly. And life in Equestria is more likely to be peaceable than life on Earth.

To those that want to return, I wish you the best of luck, and tell you that the best of results could be gathered by using something that you brought with you.

To those that wish to remain, I tell you that these notes can easily be reversed and used to shield your home from intrusions. Most notably, Discord could find them useful.

To those of you that wish to try to fight The Merchant, I tell you that he will likely not go down easy. Your best bet is to find the one known as Xante and team up with him.

And to those of you that wish to drag us all back...

Do not test me.

-Auric Fulcrum, Master of Psynergy, Wielder of the Flames of Alchemy, Slayer of the Wise One, Knight of the Eclipse, Lord of Eureka, Blade of Understanding.

"A Displaced? Is that what we are?" Marika asked with a hint of sadness in her voice.

I said nothing as I looked over the notes, they were definitely notes on different dimensions and the connections between them. One set of notes was written in Equestrian while the other set is written in English.

"Gaim!" Baron spoke in a loud voice startling me in the process.

"Huh? What?"

"Aren't you going to awaken the fortress?" He asked in concern.

"Oh right! Forgive me, I was out of it for a moment," I apologized as I closed the folder and placing it in my pocket dimension before I turned to the barrier. Before we were sealed away, I took the precaution to place a special barrier seal around the fortress that would put it to state of dormancy and cloak it from anypony else to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

Clenching my unoccupied hand, I wind back and threw it against the barrier as it shattered to pieces. As the barrier fell, the fortress started to creak as the gears inside it begin to move after being frozen for 1500 years!

"At last, Tanken Shogun! The mighty mobile fortress has finally revived to protect Equestria once again!" I bellowed as the fortress's functionality is restored while I held up the sashimono into the air in victory as the wind flapped against it!

Author's Note:

There! Finally done! Whoo! Boy, am I beat from writing this chapter! In the next chapter, Gaim and the others will finally reveal their true forms to the other ponies! How will they react? Find out in the next chapter of Sengoku Harmony: Unity is Magic!

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I will imagine Tanken Shogun to look like Ha-Oh Shurikenjin lying down on all four treads.


Is that even possible? I got the mobile fortress idea from SD Gundam Force's Tenchijou.

6413282 I have no idea if it can really be done. It's more of a theoretical thing, since I don't actually have Shurikenjin, Bison King, or Lion Ha-Oh.


The story is kind of putting a strain on me, and I have personal reasons with the show yet I still liked it because of its samurai motif despite its references to other things.

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