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Taking a big chance, Rarity decides that Hearts and Hooves Day is the perfect time to tell one of her closest friends who she really feels about her. A box full of homemade chocolates and heart full of hope see her on her way. Plus some help from Pinkie Pie.

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I haven't read this yet so I can't crtique it, but Im just gonna say you should submit this to this to like the Rarijack group and the shipping group which has folders for all the big ships if you want it to get some attention.

Needs some proofreading. Otherwise cool.

I read it and found it enjoyable. It does need some polishing, nothing a good editor or proof reader couldn't do, but the story is fun. Good work.

“Oh poo. But fine. Now chocolate me!”

This cracked me up!:rainbowlaugh:

Pretty sweet read!

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