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[This story will be undergoing major editing and revision in the near future.]

Octavia Melody and Vinyl Scratch have been dating Sunset Shimmer for a while now. While they've known from the start that Sunset happens to be a unicorn from another world, they're finally going to get the chance to see that (and, hopefully, truly understand it) when Sunset takes them to Equestria over vacation.

All that follows is meta stuff that can safely be ignored unless you happen to be interested in it.

This was originally conceived as an entry for Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys. That went about as well as I expected, but having a deadline bearing down on me did at least help me start writing again.

With the deadline come and gone, sacrifices to scope and quality made in hopes of having the story finished on time and within wordcount are no longer necessary. I've taken down the chapters that very definitely need more work, and I'll try to have them fixed, polished, and republished soon.

I should have the first arc, "The Detour" completed and posted soon, for later arcs this story will have to fight with all of my other works for attention. (One of the down sides of working on six point two zillion things at once.)

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A fairly adorable start, though i wouldn't mind seeing where the relationship began.


...Okay, you have my attention.

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