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Sunset and her friends had no idea that Anon-a-Miss was a plot to break them up. They had no idea that it was targeting Sunset. When Apple Bloom was outed as Anon-a-Miss the account had leaked all of one secret, and everyone believed it was simply a younger sister having fun at her older sister's expense.

They certainly had no idea Apple Bloom would respond to Anon-a-Miss' failure by resorting to a Plan B that had all the subtlety of a Plinian eruption and all the precision of a hurricane.

What they do know is that in one night the veil of secrecy around magic at CHS was obliterated when a video of Sunset Shimmer, with full demonic transformation, doing physically impossible things exploded across the internet.

Now they have to prepare for the fallout, even though they have no idea what form that will take.

[Everything that follows is real world stuff about where the story comes from.]
[Definitely not required reading.]

When you become unexpectedly popular for writing a story in a certain genre, you end up being exposed to more and more of what's in that genre, and your imagination runs away with ideas you encounter as a result, and suddenly what was meant to be a topic you touched for one or two stories at most instead becomes a mainstay of your corpus.

I was most definitely not looking for a new Anon-a-Miss fic. I've got two that have already been released and two in the oven, which makes four that I need to finish. I had no particular desire to start number five.

Then I encountered this idea. The idea in short:

Anon-a-Miss falls apart almost immediately with almost no damage done, which you would think is like dodging a bullet given how the genre tends to go, but because the underlying cause isn't dealt with it doesn't avoid the problem at all. It amplifies it by having Apple Bloom resort to releasing the one bombshell secret that was originally so far off the table it wasn't even considered.

Here's why it interested me enough to start up a new story:

The idea of the magic at CHS being exposed to the world presents seemingly infinite possibilities in itself, but there's also the fact that Anon-a-Miss occurs at a key juncture in the timeline. The human Twilight Sparkle is already on the case. If nothing major changes then you get The Friendship Games but changes could result in things that range from full blown apocalypse to her equipment never malfunctioning in the first place.

Credit must be given:

Uria came up with the idea at five AM with the help of fatigue and Pringles. Even now, as we speak I type this, a shadowy group of individuals are operating in a loose coalition in an attempt to bring that idea, kicking and screaming as it may be, into some form of reality and then unleash it upon the world.

This story is emphatically not the fruit of that particular labor. This is just me writing my version. That is, in part, why this isn't called "Your Past Is Here To Stay"; I wanted that title to be reserved for the official version created by the collaborating cabal.

None the less, this is inspired by Uria's idea, the first chapter extremely so, and credit must be given. Also, given my ties to the currently undisclosed syndicate working on the official realization of Uria's idea, there will probably be a fair amount of cross pollination between this story and the eventual "Your Past Is Here To Stay".

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 78 )

in Palpatine's voice Yes, Apple Bloom. Let the Hate flow through you. Give in to the Darkness. DO IT!

this will end badly for everyone!
even applebloom!
if the government see AJ using magic you best believe they will take her and the others away for experimenting
not to mention when twilight finds out Celestia finds out that sunset might be being experimented on.
then Celestia comes and burns us all to death XD
i cannot wait to see this continue.

Welp, this'll surely go to shit in a latrine pit.

I can't wait for the DRAMA that will undoubtedly occur! I wonder who "Cipher" is supposed to be. Discord? Who just spreads information like that in MLP?

Oh boy.

I have made no attempt to make it easy to guess who Cipher is. In particular:

Who just spreads information like that in MLP?

That question will not help you in the least. It's like looking at Sci-Twi and asking "Who's a gadgeteer genius in MLP?" except worse.

Pony-Twilight at least occasionally demonstrates her invention skills, where Cipher's counterpart doesn't actually spread information (that I know of.)

If you're really intent on hunting down Cipher's counterpart, instead of focusing on the spreading, you should focus on the everything else. Who is a recluse that devotes themselves to gaining knowledge in MLP?

The existence of the internet in the human world makes spreading the knowledge gained much easier than it is in Equestria. Cipher never has to physically interact with anyone in order to spread the information, and that difference leads to Cipher spreading information when Cipher's counterpart does not.

Oh Bloom, you just BUCKED up and Bad, if the Government gets to Sunset she will RUN and she will go HOME because of this and guess what, she will take her journal with her and most likely destroy the portal on the other side so you guys won't ever get any more magical help and it will be all Your FAULT!


:ajbemused: smacks Applebloom upside the head

More more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more MORE!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage: please:fluttercry:


Who is a recluse that devotes themselves to gaining knowledge in MLP?

Oh my gosh it's Moondancer :pinkiegasp:

Well now I don't need to read this story! Jokes, I was just curious. I'mma so following this.

Ah, so it's Moondancer then? That individual does seem like the type who would disagree with the "outernet".

Anyhow, I always love stories where "the existence of X" is revealed, wherein X is whatever earth-shattering revelation would constitute the involvement of the government. Granted, I do prefer it when said government is subsequently ran circles around, but I'm sure whatever happens here will be entertaining.

Humans usually process things the easiest way possible, so a video about a girl turning into a demon and terrifying a school could easily be interpreted as a highschool film project or a hint to a new movie coming out rather than taking it as truth. I'd like to see Applebloom just keep trying to give evidence of what Sunset did as a demon and absolutely no one outside of the school believing her.

Congratulations, Apple Bloom, you've gone from cyberbullying to downright CYBERTERRORISM!

Yeah, she should get a callin' card from the Phantom Thieves.

very interesting glad to see a version that dont lead to the rainbooms betraying sunset but instead focusing on the simple fact that apple bloom in that comic was evil (i REALLY hate that comic and hate how many fix fics all fail to fix the core problem that sunsets friends betray her that is the real problem with the story yet no one ever fixes that part)

sure you gave her a reason here but really she is just being evil and trying to justify her actions she is just evil brat with this action

"Hey look at these special effects"
"Yeah, they're obviously fake and easy to see through"
"It makes sense, after all; this was definitely a school project of some kind, judging from the uploader"
"Wasn't this the same girl that uploaded that awful performance a while back? The song there was almost as bad as this awfully-drawn 'demon' girl"
"Yep. Probably had help from those other two girls, the orange one and the white one"
"Eh, want to watch something else?"
"Yeah, sure, anything's better than this sloppily-made mess"

...Something I imagine people saying, since (as you correctly said) humanity is drawn to doubt new ideas unless they're proven to be true beyond all reasonable doubt. Example: spherical Earth, evolution, moon landing, EA's douchebaggery - all of which are true, real and provable, and only the unreasonable believe otherwise.

Still, I'd like to see more than one chapter of this; the premise seems interesting, regardless of whether Real-Life people would immediately believe it or not.

...It'd also make Twilight and Cinch much more curious, though for very different reasons...

Why do I feel the Goverment will get involved in this plot?

So, in a layman's terms: :ajbemused:: APPLE BLOOM, YOU FOOL! YOU'VE DOOMED US ALL!

I'm not quite sure what to make of this story to be honest ??? not sure what the execution of the premise is.

EA's douchebaggery? Why, they are the paragon of the gaming world! :pinkiecrazy::ajsmug::facehoof:
I haven't had a thing to do with them since they killed Earth & Beyond, but they aren't likely to change.
Still, surprised to see mention of them in civilized conversation. :twilightsmile:

So, random grab bag of things:

Absolutely. Presumably why it was so easy to cover up the Fall Formal and the Battle of the Bands to begin with. There's a reason that Apple Bloom isn't sharing the video herself, but instead calling in a favor to get it spread all over the internet, including at places where people will reflexively analyze the video to see what kind of effects went into making it (and come up empty because none did.) A handful of people see it and probably nothing happens, but if you get enough people watching it and someone is going to bite.

Apple Bloom is operating on the theory that those who take notice will either be:
a) the sorts of people who devote their lives to proving that bigfoot is not a hoax, which could make it very hard for Sunset Shimmer to live an ordinary life since all of these people's attention will be focused on her, or
b) people with institutional power that either already know about magic as a result of their power or have a staff that can analyze the video and determine that it shows precisely zero signs of being doctored.

In addition, she figures that even if no one believes it, Sunset will gain a degree of notoriety that she can never escape.


As an aside, people were aware that the earth was round at least as far back as Homer's time. The first recorded measurement of the circumference of the earth was also out of the Greek world (at a time when Egypt was a part of the Greek world) which was done by Eratosthenes of Cyrene who lived in the late third and early second centuries BC(E). It, like his calculation of the axial tilt of the earth, was surprisingly accurate.

The reason people thought Columbus was nuts because he thought the earth was small. Europeans of the time were completely unaware of the Americas (they should have asked the people from Iceland, who did an admirable job of preserving viking knowledge) so they thought the hemisphere was entirely ocean. Given the amount of provisions that could be stored one a ship, trying to cross that would be suicidal. Columbus, for some reason, thought that about half of the world (east to west) didn't exist and probably disbelieved in some of the north to south range too, since otherwise he would have believed the world was shaped like a rugby ball.

That's why he thought he'd hit India on arriving in the Americas when it was common knowledge at the time that it India was a lot farther away than that.


I'm not entirely sure what to make of your comment, to be honest, so I guess we're even.

If you want broad strokes I'd note which tags I didn't use. This isn't dark, tragedy, or comedy, for example. Obviously it could be dark if it ended up with Sunset on the run from people who would stop at nothing to get their hands on her and vivisect her. I'm not going there. Certain characters, having some experience with sci-fi plots, will be afraid that it'll go dark, but I promise a complete lack of vivisection

That's Cypher with a Y, this is Cipher with an I. Totally different.

Two things. First, when will you update?

Second, is this 'Cipher's' first name Bill?

so lets go over the basics, hackers favor only goes to the posting of the video, normally you'd protect a friends stuff, but i'm pretty sure the amount of napalm AB just dropped on that bridge could sterilize a small country, so not likely to have a lot of proxy server, may even be traced to AB just so the hacker can avoid the risk.

posting this movie at CHS where it already happened, not likely to have a big splash, the outside world maybe but there honestly more likely to say CHS has awesome special effects.

and posting sunsets identity online without given permission... thats a felony, that should be fun.

This is very true regarding the general public. But I can guarantee that there are divisions of the government that watch for this kind of thing and will at the very least make a cursory investigation into the matter to see if there is a credible threat or if it is a hoax.

Oh sweet buckets of baley! Well, this is going to erupt like a shipping flame war.

Big mistake. The government and some crazy people are gonna get involved. Yup, Apple Bloom selfishly put everyone including herself at risk.

Damn it, AB! You just fucked not only Sunset, not just your sister and company, but the world of equestria, for fucks sake!

< \...hello? > A glitched out icon appeared next to the message, Apple Bloom still had no idea if it was the actual avatar, being artistically glitched out, or if the glitching was a function of her laptop being constructed from literal garbage.

Just how I get my favorite computers. That, or get a Raspberry Pi with a 64gb card.

I almost want to take over the story. It starts out amazing, and I could EASILY get the ball rolling, so to speak, with this kind of story.


Do you think this story is dead?

I don't think so.

Granted that's just me, but I don't think so.

I mean, I heard the author's depression has been really bad all year, and she had a breakdown a few weeks ago, and there's some family drama going on, and such, but I think she'd say if she were actually going to up and quit.

After all, it's not like she lost her internet connection or anything.

Started talking in third person like Trixie the Great and Powerful, sure, but she hasn't lost her internet connection.

She could totally let everyone know if she were giving up, and she hasn't. So I don't think it's dead.

Life can be difficult sometimes. I'm used to it. Nothing to get Pinkie-sad about.

Because of the things making life difficult, I don't know when I'll have an update here, but it will come.

That's it, Wade kill AB.

Pleasure.*shoots Apple Bloom in the head with a shotgun*

well I could see the humane 6 fleeing to Equestria.. congrats AB you just lost your sister forever.

Apple bloom, I hope you have nine lives.... Your sister is gonna have your hide!

She does realize she could possibly lose her sister by doing this right? The government could either be like "Wow, that is some cool effects. " or be like "There is some shady stuff going on in that school. Better check it. " They could take Applejack and her friends away for research and experimentation. This could make some of those girls like Rainbow Dash snap and unlock their powers even more, and.....well that just won't go over well. Oh yeah and don't forget they will be constantly checking the school statue. She could very definitely get expelled, or even arrested. On top of that, a very angry sister who might not even want to talk to her ever again. What exactly does she even benefit from this anyway?

"What's to do?" Sunset asked. "It's out there. Even if there were some way to get rid of every copy of the video, it's in people's minds. There might be magic capable of making people forget, but if there is it's absurdly evil and should never be used."

And how IS our favorite green-haired gardener reacting to all this?:trollestia:

i dont think it will take the main 7 long to realize apple bloom did this given how soon it seems to be after the anon-a-miss incident, and she is gonna be in a LOT more trouble now. . .

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