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Uh... I like writing pony stories... Is that a good enough bio?


This story is a sequel to Friends, Maybe

Okay, so on my birthday last month, Twilight and I kissed. She's a really good kisser. I admit, it felt like heaven was really nice, but she doesn't even remember it. Was it that forgettable for her or is she trying to forget!? And why is she so interested in Flash?!

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The best way to a Ten Year Old’s heart? Get them a puppy. These two seem rather materialistic, but then again they are just little kids with crushes so... Anyway, this was cute, have a like.

Ri2 #2 · May 1st, 2018 · · 1 ·

That was adorable. A shame Sunset didn't need to beat Flash's face in with a baseball hat.

more more must have more

Such a sweet story.

This should have an alternate universe tag. It has nothing to do with the Equestria Girls movies except feature characters looking like the ones in them.

I think this might be human Twi and Sunset, when they were little, and hopefully we get more fics about later in life, with SciTwi reminising.

it was in the folder princess twi though

that would’ve made things interesting/fun

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