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The pursuit of science sometimes requires sacrifice. Other times it involves doing something incredibly risky but very rewarding. This time...is somewhere in the middle.

This story takes place within my FiM/Equestria Girls stories and makes subtle references to them. The basic thing is there will be pairings already paired up so don't be surprised.

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heh good fun story

7783161 Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Witch other FiM/Equestria Girls stories?

7783502 The best thing to do is just go through my stories here and start from the beginning and then work your way up. Sorry I don't have this more organized here.

This was cute. And the Sunlight still shines.:raritystarry:

7786501 Thanks very much! And yes, yes it does!

I would love to see a book club fic.

And your DashLight is adorable.

8000762 I have definitely given it some thought. So perhaps in the future we will see it.

Thank you. I definitely try to make it cute. Glad you enjoyed it!

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