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Twilight Sparkle and Timber Spruce have been dating ever since the events of Camp Everfree.

But some time later, Twilight asks Sunset Shimmer to meet her in the school lab. Because Twilight has relationship worries—lots of them, and Sunset's the only person she trusts to help.

Part of the Montage Cinematic Universe.

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Bookish made a new story? Christmas truly has come early, hasn't it?

Majin Syeekoh

You know, reading this story, I identify more with Sunset than Twilight because I used to be the worst person and am sort of working myself out of that groove.

Thank you for writing this.

:fluttershbad: It's so beautiful!

This one was actually pretty good. Well-written, and with some very emotional content in it. I'm making this my headcanon for what happens after 'Legend of Everfree' by the way.

Augh! I was squeeing at so many points here. Really heart-warming too.:raritystarry:


Guess who's back
Back again
Bookie's back!
Tell a friend

Hmm. I'm not at all fond of this pairing, but it's a Bookish story. Let's see where this goes.

For everything else, there's Rarity.

There are some things Sunny can't buy...

Hmm. I think I'm either going to really like this or have my heart broken. Or both.

all in the name of learning every last thing you can about them, so you can grind them beneath your—

" :twilightoops: Yowza. What dark crevice of Sunset's psyche did that crawl out of?

Ah. I see. One of the most graceful and respectful annihilations of the hypotenuse I've ever read. Also, nice use of symbolic chemistry. Excellent work with both characters. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

I admit, the more I think about TImber Spruce the less interesting I find him conceptually. I'm glad he was able to work as an element of an engaging story, even if it was largely by not showing up!

Although I admit, knowing what I do about the author/general fic senses, the chemical reactions had me almost screaming "TOO SUBTLE".

As per usual though, the core interactions of the story are fun, and intimate, and make me feel for both of these characters. Mostly Twilight. Albeit boyfriend-jealousy is not a thing I had so much as obsessive-crush chains.

-Slow clap and nod- yes...yes...yes...genius! All of the thumbs up!:yay:

And Sunset Shimmer nearly fainted from the heat that rushed to the spot where Twilight's lips met her skin.

Twilight looked into her eyes. Her smile was Sunset's... and her next words were soft and inviting.

"Don't be."

There's hope yet!

In all honesty, this was a decent story. I've learnt a but more about romance, thank to you.

Sunset chuckled. "Well, all of those are in his name."

"Yeah, but rocks aren't!" Twilight said, rolling her eyes. "Seriously, if he's not doing the tree thing, he's doing the rock thing. Geodes, jewels, boulders—I guess you could say he's got rocks in his head." She snickered.

And now I'm imagining Timber Spruce shipped with Maud Pie. :twilightsheepish:

On a more serious note, that was a sweet story. I was definitely fond of how Sunset and Twilight's friendship shone through during their discussion, even during times where there was some tension between the two. And as their conversation shows, love is a tricky subject for anyone. Excellent work as usual! :twilightsmile:

Well didn't read this too much in depth but I did speed-read the bulk of it, and I'd like to caution something here. For many, a disparity in fields, level of education, or even intelligence isn't insurmountable. After all, there are colleagues to talk to about that stuff. It is a bit of a struggle, but if you're statistically smarter than 99% (or maybe even 99.9%) of the population, as Twilight seems to be, you're rather limiting yourself if you try to insist on someone as smart as you, or nearly so.

'Course, that's not really the point here, but on a personal level I felt obliged to note that. "Chemistry" or whatever the heck you wanna call it is a tricky business and different people may well want different things in a relationship.

7761158 Plant roots can break rocks down into pieces, which eventually form sediments that can provide nutrients to plants. It's... the circle of life (and non-life).


While your points are absolutely sound (and were indeed taken into amount in the crafting of this tale), I would also highly advise not speed-reading. :raritywink:

7761260 Yeah you do mention it briefly. Skipped over that. See last paragraph in this post.
You didn't make my final point really, though. I kinda messed up on the percentages... if only something like 1 in a million people measures up to you in intelligence you just aren't likely to find someone of the appropriate age, sex, and orientation that measures up. Add in language, religious beliefs, and non-work interests, and it becomes statistically impossible.

Anyway, I felt from earlier bits like that was a major point of contention, and even on more careful reading, it only got a passing mention.

I kinda find it embarrassing to get too invested in these sorts of stories. Hence the speed reading. I might try later. For what it's worth, I adore the episode "Amending Fences," but for similar reasons can't bring myself to re-watch it. That one's more on-the-nose, though.
...Rather not get into a whole thing here.


No worries! I mean we're both coming from the same place on this anyhow, I feel.

Though oh gosh have I got a story you absolutely should never read :3

I love it! Wodnerful wodnerful story!
all that was needed was a violin playing the back ground at the kiss.

7761335 Eh, I'm really not fond of the Moondancer/Twilight, because I don't see their relationship as romantic. Still, bookmarked it.

May not be the right thread for this discussion, but I find it a common thread that many have difficulty understanding how Moondancer's reaction, in particular, can NOT be romantic. But it makes perfect sense to me, though admittedly partly for personal reasons.

...I'd say more but this isn't the thread. I feel kinda like venting so I'll drop yah a PM. XP

Twilight looked into her eyes. Her smile was Sunset's... and her next words were soft and inviting.
"Don't be."


WELL now :ajsmug:

Ah, yes. Been there, done that. Just after high school. Everything seemed perfect, I was incredibly happy, this was going to last forever. Then the relationship cooled down, petered out, went into decline, going through the motions, lasted for months before we finally broke it off by mutual agreement and went our separate ways.

Because we weren't in love with each other. We were in love with the idea of a relationship. The thing you were supposed to have, the thing you couldn't truly be happy without, the thing all the cool kids had. I finally had it and I wasn't going to be alone anymore and someone loved me and my existence was finally validated and complete. All of it having absolutely nothing at all with the person who was the second half of said relationship. I could have had the same thing - the non-loneliness, the socially acceptable "having a relationship" achievement - with just about anyone else.

Of course, it's an easy mistake to make, because I and every other kid gets force-fed fairytales and Hollywood stories about the true love and happy ever after and hitting it off perfectly at the end of the movie (because since when have movies ever been wrong about anything?), and we think that's how it works, and when our parents ask if we're sure we insult them because they don't know. How could they ever understand? They're old and never experienced anything like this because they've never been young, obviously. And so we think that this must be it and we want it to be it as hard as we can even as we go through the motions and ignore the signs. And so heartbreak.

So yeah, excellent capturing that, Bookish. Sandwich points for you. Whether it could work out for Timber and Twilight or not is undecided (regardless of authorial bias), but at least now she'll be able to look at their relationship with a bit more clinical eye and consider if it's what she wants or not, rather than the myopic "must make perfect relationship work at any costs". Good show.

Just one point of negative criticism:

"Spending time with someone else, and enjoying yourselves, all in the name of learning every last thing you can about them, so you can grind them beneath your—"

This came completely out of nowhere, felt massively out of character, achieved nothing, and was immediately forgotten. Textbook BLAM.


This came completely out of nowhere, felt massively out of character, achieved nothing, and was immediately forgotten. Textbook BLAM.

Calculated risk, as always. But yeah, I'll toss it into the "Diend Was Not Amused" Box (next to other gems like Suddenly Twicoat). :3

In all seriousness, though, your analysis is, as usual very much appreciated. (And painfully true. >_<) :rainbowdetermined2:

I found the failure of the relationship between Twilight and Spruce to be quite plausible, because I didn't see from the movie that they ever had very much in common. It seemed entirely a matter of Spruce being drawn to Twilight's obvious good qualities and Twilight simply being glad that a basically nice guy liked her that way. Spruce admired her, but didn't really have that much to attract her beyond being a good looking nice guy. She in turn was very obviously just responding to her first reciprocated sexual attraction.

Not that SciTwi was going to just hop into the sack with him. She's not easy. But she is human. And she both has desire, and the urge to be desired. And Spruce is a good guy. And while he's not as smart as SciTwi -- very few people of either sex are -- he's not an idiot, either. He's even interested in a science, just not the one that Twilight's primarily interested in.

Makes me wonder how poorly things might have gone between me and the woman I married if I hadn't been interested in the biological sciences, just like her.

7761542 This is the problem with both Spruce and Flash Sentry. They don't have any real character of their own or chemistry with the Mane 7. They are just there to be male so the main characters can prove how totally straight they are.

loved this story so much! ^3^


Yeah. They don't seem to want to do any strong male characters on Equestria Girls. I'm not sure why not, because they've had deep male characters on the main show. I think it's because they're trying to stick with the model of teen comedies, in which usually either one sex or the other gets focused on and the other one only exists as a prize for the main characters.

I don't think Equestria girls actually wants to imply that all its main characters are lesbian, but they're having that effect because they don't have any really interesting male characters. I've also noticed that none of the characters not called Sunset Shimmer or Twilight Sparkle seem to have any romantic lives at all. They even avoid some of the obvious romantic subplots from the main show by not having those male characters show up, or having them show up in a form where romance is impossible. Spike's a dog, and there is Nary a Discord or Cheese Sandwich in sight.

7761745 All my fucking this. I could barely tolerate Equestria Girls because of the shoe-horned-in crush between him and Twilight. His role could have been easily replaced by any of the other five girls or another established character, but instead they had to force him in because it's high school and these girls are SO SUPER STRAIGHT AND IN LOVE WITH RANDOM GUYS.

Then came Legend of the Everfree. I was legit excited for this movie, because I LOVED Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games, and the villain looked like she was going to be awesome, and she was, but then it was entirely overshadowed by another forced romance out from left fucking field. No work in, nothing, but bam! Twilight has an immediate crush and it's immediately reciprocated. God I barely made it through that fucking movie, it legit took my roommates telling me i had to suffer through it too like they had to even make me force myself through the last twenty minutes. God, they can have some great fucking story, but can't keep it together without dumb shit. Fuck.

Okay, end rant. Now, I really hope this is a Sunset x Twilight story, because after getting myself riled up about Retard Tree, I could really use something not filled with a piece of garbage. :rainbowlaugh:

7761828 This is the same effect you usually see in reverse, where it's two guys who have good chemistry together and then have a couple meaningless love interests that seem an afterthought. It's writing like that that launched a thousand Spock/Kirk ships.

EQ has definitely followed the same course. If you re-cut Legend of Everfree and removed Timber Spruce's scenes with Twilight it would basically be a movie about Sunset and Twilight falling in love.


If you re-cut Legend of Everfree and removed Timber Spruce's scenes with Twilight it would basically be a movie about Sunset and Twilight falling in love.

And it would be roughly one and a half episodes long. :raritydespair:

Hilariously it would have also allowed the plot to make more sense

7761855 Or it'd be about Flash and Sunset pairing back up again.

7761862 Thank you, as usual Book. This was exactly what i needed after all that venting. Now if you could just skip right on in to the sequel and actual dating, that'd be great. :raritywink:

For real, though. Exactly what I needed.

Yesssss, realistic sciencey romantic angst. If only the series itself would put this much thought into its relationships.

I like the exchange at the end, but the kiss is swinging the pendulum back in the other direction a wee bit fast, I think.

"Some people are just going to go through life single. And for them, that's totally okay too."

Thanks for throwing us aros a bone : p

More on the topic of the fic, I highly enjoyed it! Definitely felt like this would be the best way to set up Sunlight if you had to take Everfree at full canon value.

kul #34 · Dec 1st, 2016 · · 7 ·

Nooo! My headcanon of Timbertwi! What are you doing? Ah, the cracks are now everywhere! Ah the roofs are leaking! Theres gonna be always something miniscully wrong within in! Is this what you guys says as a slow burn thingy, because it felt like it!

Oh and of course according to yall there wont be any good enough male character in this thing.. Why? Because yall just wont let that scenario happened in your head.

Haven't read the story yet, but doesn't choice scientifically not exist? We're just blobs of atoms, bumping along for the ride, and everything that happens to you, you do, feel, and say isn't up to you.

Comment posted by Theophilippus deleted Dec 1st, 2016

Sequel? Please? :duck:

D'aw. Sunlight fluff are always the best.

:raritystarry: Sunlight!


If your headcanon is Timbertwi and you don't like Sunlight, then why do you even read this story? Why can't you just read Timbertwi fanfictions and do not read other fanfictions? Everyone have their own favourite shippings, y'know. Everyone can write whatever they want to write, that's the point of fanfiction.


Why can't you just read Timbertwi fanfictions and do not read other fanfictions?

While at heart I agree with the assertion, I just ran a search. As far as Timberlight fics go, there are... roughly four. Group's a wasteland, too! :rainbowderp:

In a way, I can sympathize with the frustration, even if I hardly share it.


Or it'd be about Flash and Sunset pairing back up again.


Just you wait.


Derpy's wearing him down.

*clears throat*



The first part of my comment were meant to congratulate the writer actually. Bookish Delight is a great writer and always deliver, and I can relate/understand the realistic scenario that were present in this fic, between the relationship of SciTwi and Timber. Hence, I know, whenever I'll try another Timberlight headcanon or story ideas, this issue that Bookish raise about their differing interest will be something that I need to tackle first. Thats all really. Even if I didnt like the shipping, at least I ended up enjoying the ride due to the author's great delivery.

The last part werent directed at the story actually, more towards the naysayers in the comment section that decided to jump on the timberhat / flashhate bandwagon again.


Depends on the level of system under consideration. On the level of the individual, there is most definitely free choice. On the level of subatomic articles, there is quantum semi randomness. On the level of molecules, events are mostly deterministic, but intractably complex.

This story made my heart melt! :twilightsmile:


No worries! I actually had a hunch you were being good-naturedly silly at the top of your comment, but communication through text, you know how it is. :twilightsmile:

(A decent Timberlight actually isn't hard to write, really; it just requires putting in the work that LoE kind of just slept through.)

7762845 Events are deterministic via newtonian physics or truely random, like quantum physics. Considering that these are the fundamental building blocks of the universe, everything is either determined or random. You beinga complex structure of molecules does not give you the ability to decide how these molecules interact.

Dang it, I'm not passionate about SunLight shipping, but I see a story like this and I think...dear heavens it makes so much sense.

Nice as always.


Right, but there are different levels at which you can analyze a system. And often in a complex system there are emergent properties which only appear at the higher levels of scale, and these emergent properties can be more significant to the system as a whole then the precise details of its substrate. Consciousness, and Free Will, are examples of such emergent properties.

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