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Vagabond short fiction writer. Veteran of many fandom wars. Believer of light in the darkness.


A princess interning as a beautician, a thousand year old author and a dendrologist go cave-diving in the Dragonlands to rescue a Pie from dogs.

For love.

Written for the Season 10 Bingo contest.

Featured 2/11/2020!

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A quick stomp of the hoof, and Mudbriar shattered the chains to free Maud. They embraced; he dipped her backwards; they kissed. And Maud repeated herself. "Swoon."

Picturing this moment is a delight, especially given the matching, unchanging neutral expressions.

Wonderful work. I got a very similar prompt (three characters and two places) and couldn't think of anything worthwhile. Seeing someone pull it together into a wonderful, cohesive whole like this makes it all the more enjoyable. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the judging.

"Still can't believe that you're here." Babs Seed switched out another pair of scissors, checking it for wear.

*squee* Best Filly!!!

Boulder remained stoic in spite of the crisis.


"I cannot let you abuse the mare that I love or that stick."


This was a treat to read. You actually made me enjoy Mudbriar, a feat in and of itself. The whole concept of Maud faking the kidnapping to give him his hero moment was very sweet, and believable. As she says, being in such close proximity to such legendary figures would make one doubt their quality. The execution of the story was also excellent. It told the story as succinctly as it needed to, never overstaying its welcome or dragging. The little bits of backstory made me want to pour over every word.

Great job! :twilightsmile:

Baree #3 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

Well, you did amiably with the challenge, I enjoyed the story enough. Mudbriar and Stygian as friends... It makes sense. Somehow. I'd give you bonus points for throwing Babs in there even. You could say she comes with Manehattan, but you didn't have to use her. And I could totally see Silverscream intern at a barber's.

Nicely done! (Although a dendrologist, strictly speaking, studies woody plants: Mud Briar studies sticks, a subject both wider and narrower, not to mention sillier. :raritywink: )

I wondered how simple chains were supposed to restrain somepony as strong as Maud. Good to find out that I was on to something.

I found this line especially funny: "Stygian paused in slight confusion as the dog felt the need to say the word 'rar' rather than actually roaring."

This fic pisses me off, but not because it’s bad; it’s too good. It’s a perfectly paced, heart-warming romp that is getting almost no attention, but some diaper stain can puke up a barely-literate anime displaced fic and make the recommended list.

... I’m venting. Sorry.

You know how in some cartoon, during certain scenes, they'll change the animation style?

I imagine that with this story. Like, it starts off in typical Friendship is Magic animation, but then Mud Briar tells the dogs to stop, and all of a sudden, all of a sudden, he's in a shonen anime style. The kind with hard lines and scratch black shadows on the face. Then the whole thing continues like that until Maud is freed, at which point it returns to normal.

Quite a romantic ending. And it begs a sequel with Novo!

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